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Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Update #75: Dragonfall DC details, release date is September 18th

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Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Update #75: Dragonfall DC details, release date is September 18th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 15 August 2014, 21:27:01

Tags: Harebrained Schemes; Shadowrun Returns; Shadowrun: Dragonfall

The latest Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter update has new details on the recently announced Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut version. Actually, it's more like an announcement that they're going to reveal more details in the coming weeks; it looks like Harebrained Schemes is putting more effort into marketing this thing this time around. The update does, however, come with a few screenshots demonstrating the Director's Cut's new features, which include a new armor system, new missions, and GORE! Check it out:

Hello from GenCon! As promised a couple weeks ago, we’re ready to tell you more about Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut. In fact, Mitch and Jordan will be talking about the game at their Shadowrun “What’s Next” panel tomorrow at the Crowne Plaza. If you’re at GenCon, come check out the panel! You can also drop by Booth 2343 to chat more with members of the Harebrained team, play some Golem Arcana, or catch a sneak peek of the new Dragonfall trailer.

But if you’re not here at GenCon, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here’s the scoop on the Director’s Cut:

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut will be released for Windows, OSX & Linux on September 18th, 2014 for $14.99. It will be available on Steam, GoG, and the Humble Store. And - in case you missed our previous update: as a continued “thank you” for your support, the Director’s Cut will be FREE to all Backers and owners of the original Dragonfall release.

To tell you more about what’s in the Director’s Cut, we’ll be posting a new developer diary each Thursday between now and launch, looking at a different aspect of what we’ve been working on.
  • Week 1 (8/21): Andrew McIntosh discusses the new missions and other kinds of content we’ve added to Dragonfall.
  • Week 2 (8/28): Jon Everist talks about his experience composing music for Dragonfall and expanding the game’s soundtrack for the Director’s Cut.
  • Week 3 (9/4): Trevor King-Yost explains the major improvements we’ve made to Dragonfall’s combat systems.
  • Week 4 (9/10): Mike McCain shows the new in-game interface and talks about how it makes combat more fun and intuitive.
In the meantime - here are a few teaser screenshots of the new stuff!

We’re really excited to share the Director’s Cut with all of you and to bring a whole new set of players into the world of Shadowrun. We believe that with all of the new content and improvements, and with your support, Dragonfall can be the definitive Shadowrun PC gaming experience.​

There's also a FAQ, which doesn't really contain any super-interesting information. It does reveal however, that contrary to what some people have assumed, there is no third Shadowrun Returns campaign currently in development. Too bad.

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