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CD Projekt post the full 35 minute Witcher 3 gameplay demo

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CD Projekt post the full 35 minute Witcher 3 gameplay demo

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 19 August 2014, 21:08:08

Tags: CD Projekt; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

So, all those Witcher 3 gameplay demos that have been posted lately, that seemed to be part of a larger whole? CD Projekt have finally uploaded the complete, uncut 35 minute demo where they were all taken from. Well, almost all of them - it's actually a continuation of the E3 demo from June. If you've watched all the previously released videos, though, then the new stuff starts at around 29:00, following what we saw in the Downwarren video from last week.

After killing the werewolf, Geralt climbs into a cave where he finds the heart of a twisted "tree spirit". Although it claims to be benevolent, Geralt chooses to kill it. In return, he receives a rather gruesome token from the ealdorman of Downwarren, and on his return to the abode of the Ladies of the Wood, he discovers that they aren't quite as nice as they looked in that tapestry. I'm thinking maybe that wasn't necessarily the right choice to make...

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