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Divinity Original Sin Raffle Goodies

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Divinity Original Sin Raffle Goodies

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 5 September 2014, 09:44:09

Tags: Codex Original Sin KickStarter Campaign; Divinity: Original Sin

Not all that long ago, we raised $11,327.70 for the Divinity: Original Sin KickStarter. As a result of that, we got some physical stuff. I'm not sure if all of it's arrived yet (it's all been arriving in single packages) but here are some blurry low-res images of what has!

Exciting packets of stuff!

Mysterious Triangle!

This strange, rather hefty and solid thing-o came pretty well packed. I'm not sure what it is, but we have one now!

2x Signed Concept Art

You've all seen the gorilla thing by now I'm sure but have you seen it SIGNED?

You can actually see the signatures for the two images are different on the back, so it's all 100% legit.

Plain D:OS Box

An all original (and sadly, slightly dented) D:OS Boxed copy:

Decks of Cards, T-Shirt and Art Books

A pack of playing cards and some... other... cards. Someone who's actually been paying attention can fill you in as to what these are.

The XL (because you're fat) T-shirt is unsigned and as yet unworn (It's ok, I'll only wear it once before we send it to the winner). All art books are still in their original cling-wrap.

2x KickStarter Backer Editions of D:OS

First up is the still sealed KickStarter Edition boxed copy of D:OS.

If you want to know what's inside, you'll have to look at the unsealed copy:

As you can see, some kids have defaced the back of that version with some squiggles. These same squiggles also appear on the double-sided Larian / D:OS poster:

Once I've confirmed we have everything, there will be another raffle video. As per our original conditions:

There is also a tonne of stuff we will be raffling:
  • Signed Divinity Original Sin Kickstarter Box Copy with Printed Manual
  • Soundtrack CD(?), Artbook and Cloth Map(?)
  • Physical Signed Concept Art (We have x2)
  • Limited Edition Zandalor's Cards (Assuming that's the decks)
  • Divinity Fan (all games for the next 10 years)
  • Limited Edition Bellegar's Dice (???)
  • Hand Sculpted Teleporters (Mysterious Triangle thingo?)
It's $20 a ticket for the raffle. So your donation / 20 = the total number of raffle tickets you'll have in the draw - and to be fair, you can only win one thing. Angthoron is the poor son of a bitch who volunteered to organise this, so for claiming / forfeiting your rewards, please PM Angthoron. He'll manage a spreadsheet of who's opted in / out of what.​

We'll sort out what we actually offered vs what we've actually got vs what the hell's going on i dunno and get back to you.

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