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Torment Kickstarter Update #35: Stretch goal funding period extended, Adam Heine novella released

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Torment Kickstarter Update #35: Stretch goal funding period extended, Adam Heine novella released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 18 October 2014, 01:46:46

Tags: Adam Heine; inXile Entertainment; Thomas Beekers; Torment: Tides of Numenera

As you've probably heard, the fundraiser for the Gullet stretch goal in Torment: Tides of Numenera failed to reach its target on time. Although it seemed at first that it was gone for good, a surprise Kickstarter update today has announced that funding will be extended until the end of October. In addition to that, the update reports that Adam Heine's From the Depths: Gold, the first of Torment's five novellas based on the metaphysical Tides, has been released and is available now. I quote:

Hi, Thomas here. I'd like to start out today's update with a huge "thank you!" for the immense outpouring of support we received for our stretch goal to add the Gullet into the game. We received some incredibly generous pledges from many backers, including an anonymous donor ($1665), Pookie ($1271), Najiok ($900), Hiro Protagonist ($750) and even a pair of $750 pledges from our very own Colin McComb and Kevin Saunders.

Unfortunately, we fell somewhat short of our goal (about 15%, or $35,000) to see the Gullet added to the final game. However, we did not want to see this great effort of yours go for naught, and we also realized based on comments about this stretch goal as it closed that awareness had not spread widely enough. Some people suggested extending the deadline, in part to allow word to spread to where it didn't before.

So, we're moving the stretch goal deadline for the Gullet to the end of Friday, October 31. Just over $30,000 to go!

Coincidentally this is also when we will be closing a number of add-ons from our Kickstarter period. So while new backers are more than welcome you may also want to consider some of our add-on options! And to remind everyone: please specify your add-ons by Friday, October 31!

From the Depths: Gold Released

We've released the first of our From the Depths novellas. If you need a refresher: the From the Depths stories are a series of novellas being written by people involved in Torment: Tides of Numenera and Numenera itself. While not required reading to play, they provide a richer understanding of the Torment world and characters as well as the Tides.

If the Digital Novella Compilation was part of your Tier, or if you pledged for the $15 add-on, then you can retrieve Adam's novella it RIGHT NOW at our site. It's available DRM-free in all the most common eBook formats (epub, mobi, azw3, and PDF).

The first one we're releasing is written by our Design Lead Adam Heine, and set in Ossiphagan – which was the subject of the lore piece in update 34. It is one of the five From the Depths novellas that give specific insights into the nature of the Tides, with Adam's focusing on the Gold Tide.
Check out the full update for an excerpt from the novella. I guess the idea is that if people like what they see, they'll go ahead and buy it right now.

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