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Adam Heine

Adam Heine

Articles associated with this tag:

22-May-2014 RPG Codex Interview: Torment: Tides of Numenera
17-Mar-2017 Torment: Tides of Numenera Postmortem Interview with Colin McComb and Adam Heine at Eurogamer
9-Sep-2016 Torment Kickstarter Update #58: Legacy & Meaning Trailer, Building the Necropolis
14-Jan-2016 Torment Kickstarter Update #52: New Mark Morgan Track, Circus Minor Screenshot
16-Sep-2015 Torment Kickstarter Update #47: Thomas Beekers on Alpha Progress, Adam Heine on Party Death
9-Sep-2015 Classic RPGs Panel with Adam Heine, Swen Vincke, Josh Sawyer, Mitch Gitelman and Annie Mitsoda
13-Aug-2015 Torment Kickstarter Update #46: Kevin on Sagus Cliffs and UI, Adam on Character Generation
23-Jun-2015 Torment Kickstarter Update #44: Kevin on Production, Adam on Fettles, Colin on Lore
26-Feb-2015 Torment Kickstarter Update #39: Adam Heine Explains Effort
21-Feb-2015 Torment Interview at Urban Gaming Elite
9-Dec-2014 Torment Kickstarter Update #37: New hires, alpha systems testing, and the Oasis of M'ra Jolios
18-Oct-2014 Torment Kickstarter Update #35: Stretch goal funding period extended, Adam Heine novella released
10-Oct-2014 Torment Kickstarter Update #34: Kevin on the Stretch Goal, Adam on Advancement, Colin on Ossiphagan
19-Jul-2014 Torment: Tides of Numenera Interview at GRY-Online
17-Jun-2014 "Ultimate Torment Interview" at Rock Paper Shotgun, Part One
13-Jun-2014 Torment Kickstarter Update #31: Game delayed to Q4 2015 + Preproduction, technology and lore updates
27-Mar-2014 Torment Kickstarter Update #29: Cliffs of Decadence
3-Mar-2014 Italian Torment Interview: Adam Heine's Massive Mechanics Infodump
28-Jan-2014 Torment Kickstarter Update #28: Pillars of Eternity Tech, Inventory & Loot Mechanics
21-Dec-2013 Torment Kickstarter Update #27: Pre-Holidays Report from the Torment Triumvirate
26-Sep-2013 Torment Kickstarter Update #22: On Companions, Crafting, Crises and more
23-Jul-2013 Torment Kickstarter Update #21: Writer's Meet, 2D Backgrounds and Dialogue Design
25-Jun-2013 Interview with the Torment Triumvirate at
13-Jun-2013 "How to make a Torment game" - Mega-Interview with Kevin Saunders and Adam Heine at Iron Tower
30-May-2013 Torment Kickstarter Update #20: Progress Report from the Torment Triumvirate
24-Apr-2013 Torment Kickstarter Update #19: Pre-pre-production, Shanna Germain on Numenera, and other stuff
21-Apr-2013 Torment Q&A: Adam Heine on Level and Skill Progression
16-Mar-2013 Torment Kickstarter Update #7: Adam Heine explains more about the Tides, and other sundry updates
24-Aug-2012 Planescape: Torment Postmortem Podcast with Chris Avellone and Others at Eurogamer

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