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Runemaster cancelled

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Runemaster cancelled

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 4 December 2014, 16:31:21

Tags: Paradox Interactive; Runemaster

We haven't posted much about Paradox Interactive's Norse-themed turn-based sandbox RPG Runemaster since it was announced back in January (although it did make a good impression on Darth Roxor at this year's Gamescom). For that reason, I feel a bit sheepish to report that the game has been abruptly cancelled, as reported in this post on the official Paradox forums.

Hi everyone,

I have some news to share with you today regarding Runemaster. After much internal debate we have made the decision to freeze development of the project until further notice and move the development team working on it to other projects within Paradox Development Studio.

This was not an easy decision to make - Runemaster was a very ambitious project for us, and the team working on it brought all of their passion, dedication, and talent to the table. Despite our best efforts and a couple of re-scopes, Runemaster in its current form was unable to live up to the standards we set for ourselves here at Paradox.

Runemaster was a different type of game for us, and even though we were not able to fully realize our vision for it, we will take the lessons we learned to heart as we move forward with new endeavors. We will also look into how we can re-use the best parts of the game in other ways.

Our aim is to let all the talented developers who worked on the project to remain with Paradox Development Studio and bring their expertise to the other great games currently in development.

Kind regards

Susana Meza Graham
COO Paradox Interactive
Welp. This event is a surprise to me, but it looks like some people on the Paradox forums aren't surprised by it. I guess there's a story here we're not aware of. Oh well, at least Paradox still has Pillars of Eternity for their RPG lineup.

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