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Pillars of Eternity reviewed at RPGWatch

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Pillars of Eternity reviewed at RPGWatch

Review - posted by Zed on Thu 23 April 2015, 19:05:57

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

It's the review we have all been waiting for. After the Codex' penultimate review, it is time for RPGWatch to lay down the final verdict on Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity. Finally!
The review is mostly positive, and stands in stark contrast to Darth Roxor's review of the game.

Some of my comments on this game may seem overly harsh, however, the bottom line is that I really liked and enjoyed this game. It accomplished what it set out to do, was relatively bug free, and hopefully showed the ‘Big Time Developers/Publishers’ that there is still a market for these Old School games. It may not be perfect and there are definitely a number of design decisions I did not care for, but the overall package was greater than the sum of its parts. Bring on the sequel.​

Let's not forget about RPGWatch's Pro-Con-Ratings summary.


Great story and writing
Excellent character creation
Fabulous quests
Based on the old IE games


Combat can be a mess
Little or no XP for combat
Some good ideas poorly implemented
Last part of game gets tedious​


Chalk that down as an 80%-er, Metacritic.

There are 105 comments on Pillars of Eternity reviewed at RPGWatch

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