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Dragon Wars Released on GOG

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Dragon Wars Released on GOG

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 28 May 2015, 12:57:09

Tags: Dragon Wars; Interplay

Back in the late 80s, Interplay found themselves unable to receive permission from Electronic Arts to release an additional sequel in their hit The Bard's Tale franchise. So instead they made Dragon Wars, which sought to combine the first person dungeon crawl experience of Bard's Tale and the roleplaying elements of Wasteland, with a unique Sumerian theme. Unfortunately, it sold poorly and today is a very obscure title. Many knowledgable fans, however, consider it to be the true Bard's Tale IV they never got. Which is why it may not be surprising that with inXile's own Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter just days away, Herve Caen's zombie Interplay has decided to release Dragon Wars on GOG. There's no trailer or anything, so I'll just quote the description:

The designers of the Bard's Tale series, Wasteland and Battle Chess pooled their talents to create the ultimate role-playing fantasy. The result was Dragon Wars.

Sailing across uncharted seas, you and your party are in search of a legendary paradise called Dilmun - a place where the streets are paved with gold and no one wants for anything.

However, King Drake of Phoebus has declared all magic illegal - magickers have been slain or fled into exile. In retaliation, enemy islands have threatened to unleash their guardian dragons, the most destructive force in the world. While docked at a harbor in Dilmun, you are arrested on suspicion of spellcasting.

Imprisoned and stripped of everything but your wits, you are sentenced to life in a cesspool called Purgatory. Magic is your only salvation - a worldly possession in a world possessed.
  • Over 60 monsters and 65 spells.
  • A unique combat system: choose complexity of combat resolution, determine spell strength, select tactics of ranged combat.
  • A paragraph book to enhance storytelling.
You can buy Dragon Wars for the standard GOG fee of $6. Meanwhile, Rebecca Heineman's Dragon Wars 2 project, which we wrote about back in February, has mysteriously transformed into something called "Dragons of the Rip". Not sure what's up with that now.

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