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Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter Update #13: Colin McComb and Chris Avellone Stretch Goals

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Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter Update #13: Colin McComb and Chris Avellone Stretch Goals

Game News - posted by Zed on Mon 29 June 2015, 17:16:39

Tags: Brian Fargo; Chris Avellone; Colin McComb; inXile Entertainment; The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

The latest update from the Bard's Tale IV campaign brings us news about two additional stretch goals:

Chris Avellone will be designing a dungeon at 1.9 million USD.


Chris’ involvement will be locked in the moment we pass the $1.9 million mark on the Kickstarter, where he’ll be designing the Cairn of Horrors, an all new dungeon built from the worst things that live in the imagination of Chris Avellone. The Cairn has one purpose, and that purpose is to kill you.

Additionally, at that funding level we’ll also make representations of your characters in your inventory screen and you’ll be able to see the gear, clothing and equipment they’re wearing, rather than a paper doll.​

I have always favored the paper doll inventory, but perhaps that's just me...

The other stretch-goal comes with Colin McComb at 1.7 million USD.

Along with Chris, we’re also bringing back the second Designer of Planescape: Torment and Creative Lead of Torment: Tides of Numenera, the inestimable Colin McComb! He will join our team at $1.7 million, designing a dungeon set in the Realm of the Elves, because we all know no one has mastered the craft of the Elves as Colin has.

We’ll also be expanding the game further by adding another new wilderness area, the Wilds of Lestras.​

This does not mean that Chris is joining inXile for any permanent position. Come to think of it, nor is Colin. They're both just professional stretch-goal consultants, who just happens to be working on every game inXile makes.

The update also comes with some additional info on the new areas included in the stretch-goals:

About the Realm of Elves (Coill)

The elves do not live in the world of men, and generally only come to it for sport, to toy with humans and sometimes to kidnap them. This is youthful shenanigans. Older, wiser elves leave the humans alone, for they remember a time, at the dawn of things, when elves and men lived in harmony until the men fell under the maddening influence of the Famhairaen and tried to slaughter as many elves as they could. The elves don't blame humans for their madness, but they remain wary of them, afraid that they could once again fall prey to insanity. While the elves can pass freely from their realm into the land of men, men can only enter Coill by elven invitation.

About the Wilds of Lestras

Caith's neighbor to the south and often its enemy, the Kingdom of Lestras is the home of the Lestradae, a culturally homogenous people, united under one religion and one king, but strongly divided by class. The border between Caith and Lestras is wild country. It is home to outcasts from both countries as well as those who still worship the memory of the most famous of the Lestradae, the Archmage Lagoth Zanta.​

And finally, you can annoy your neighbors with the new $5000 reward, the Bard's Tale branded floor speaker.


One of our high-level reward for $2,000 and $5,000 backers was a unique one: the Xounts Up speaker with The Bard’s Tale IV Style. If you never heard of Xounts, their Xounts Up is an All In One sound system plus light tower. It is one central audio system that covers your entire room with deep, high-quality sound (they sent us a prototype and we were impressed!), while the customizable style lets you make the right fit for your living room. Here’s a look at the The Bard’s Tale IV style:


That's the ugliest floor speaker I have seen in my life.

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