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BattleTech Fundraiser

Get our name in the credits and piss twitterers off!

Also, Vaarna_Arne wants to be a dragon Battle Mech.

The guys who brought back Shadowrun, now want to bring back Battle Mechs. Donate here and we'll gib them monies in the name of the Codex. If we hit $1,000 we get our name in the credits. No doubt this will piss someone off on Twitter, and thus is immeasurably worth it.

All donations > $20 will go into a raffle to win anything else we get.

Campaign Started: 6-Oct-2015
Campaign End: 2-Nov-2015

Campaign Target: $1,000.00
Raised: $1,693.78

By donating to this campaign, you will receive 2 potato for every $1 USD you contribute.
You can spend potato to buy goodies on the Codex such as ad-free time.

This campaign has finished!

Donor List

NOTE: Only "completed" payments are listed below. If you are logged in, extra details will be available (shown only to you when you hover over them) for any payments you've made. A + denotes a payment made by someone other than the recipient listed, a * indicates an anonymous donation. Some payments (such as e-cheques) may take a few days before they appear. Donors are sorted by total amount donated (highest first), then by date (oldest first).

# Name Date $$$
1 Nekot-The-Brave 21-Oct-2015
2 Angthoron 18-Oct-2015
3 Daemongar 29-Oct-2015
4 Metal Hurlant 25-Oct-2015
5 kentable 6-Oct-2015
6 Chef_Hathaway 19-Oct-2015
7 4too 18-Oct-2015
8 mindx2 22-Oct-2015
9 LusciousPear 7-Oct-2015
10 TemplarLord 18-Oct-2015
^ 30.00 - Donate more than $30.00 to get your name in the Top #10
11 Grauken 19-Oct-2015
12 Catawampus 26-Oct-2015
13 aratuk 18-Oct-2015
14 Trojan_generic 22-Oct-2015
15 noisenerd 19-Oct-2015
16 thesheeep 18-Oct-2015
17 lightbane 19-Oct-2015
18 Darth Roxor 23-Oct-2015
19 LeStryfe79 23-Oct-2015
20 SausageInYourFace 6-Oct-2015
^ 25.00 - Donate more than $25.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 Crooked Bee 7-Oct-2015
22 TwinkieGorilla 11-Oct-2015
23 veevoir 15-Oct-2015
24 Anonymous 18-Oct-2015
25 Desur 18-Oct-2015
26 Yaar Podshipnik 18-Oct-2015
27 Ogg 18-Oct-2015
28 Jaesun 18-Oct-2015
29 Mychkine 18-Oct-2015
30 aleam iacis 18-Oct-2015
^ 25.00 - Donate more than $25.00 to get your name in the Top #30
31 khavi 19-Oct-2015
32 leferd 20-Oct-2015
33 Muty 20-Oct-2015
34 Saber-Scorpion 21-Oct-2015
35 Azalin 21-Oct-2015
36 Transfiguring Roar 22-Oct-2015
37 Anonymous 22-Oct-2015
38 Marquess Cornwallis 22-Oct-2015
39 Barghest 24-Oct-2015
40 PhantasmaNL 26-Oct-2015
^ 25.00 - Donate more than $25.00 to get your name in the Top #40
41 Plane Escapee 27-Oct-2015
42 MaskedMan 27-Oct-2015
43 Achiman 28-Oct-2015
44 Shadowfang 29-Oct-2015
45 Bumvelcrow 30-Oct-2015
46 Koschey 30-Oct-2015
47 Kalarion 31-Oct-2015
48 Ismaul 31-Oct-2015
49 PocketMine 31-Oct-2015
50 OldSkoolKamikaze 31-Oct-2015
^ 25.00 - Donate more than $25.00 to get your name in the Top #50
51 Duellist_D 1-Nov-2015
52 Dead Spike 19-Oct-2015
53 MurkyShadow 12-Oct-2015
54 DwarvenFood 26-Oct-2015
55 MrRichard999 10-Oct-2015
56 t 18-Oct-2015
57 Infinitron 19-Oct-2015
58 Mangoose 29-Oct-2015
59 groke 18-Oct-2015
60 Zombra 22-Oct-2015
^ 1.00 - Donate more than $1.00 to get your name in the Top #60
TOTAL: $1,775.68
FEES¹: - $81.90
NET: $1,693.78
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

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