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It's a turn-based RPG thing on KickStarter. Details here.

Some guys with funny sounding English accents made a turn-based RPG thing called Solasta which has a KickStarter. We are donating to it to get Codex goodies.

Campaign Started: 9-Oct-2019
Campaign End: 8-Nov-2019

Campaign Target: $1,000.00
Raised: $779.67

By donating to this campaign, you will receive 2 potato for every $1 USD you contribute.
You can spend potato to buy goodies on the Codex such as ad-free time.

This campaign has finished!

Donor List

NOTE: Only "completed" payments are listed below. If you are logged in, extra details will be available (shown only to you when you hover over them) for any payments you've made. A + denotes a payment made by someone other than the recipient listed, a * indicates an anonymous donation. Some payments (such as e-cheques) may take a few days before they appear. Donors are sorted by total amount donated (highest first), then by date (oldest first).

# Name Date $$$
1 Ysaye 12-Oct-2019
2 mindx2 9-Oct-2019
3 Chaosdwarft 10-Oct-2019
4 Rpguy 1-Nov-2019
5 Yaar Podshipnik 9-Oct-2019
6 CrustyBot 11-Oct-2019
7 Carole Kind 12-Oct-2019
8 Prime Junta 10-Oct-2019
9 coldcrow 10-Oct-2019
10 Kalarion 16-Oct-2019
^ 30.00 - Donate more than $30.00 to get your name in the Top #10
11 Popiel 18-Oct-2019
12 PulsatingBrain 27-Oct-2019
13 Dreed 20-Oct-2019
14 CyberModuled 9-Oct-2019
15 thesheeep 10-Oct-2019
16 Bumvelcrow 10-Oct-2019
17 Belegarsson 11-Oct-2019
18 DavidBVal 13-Oct-2019
19 Galdred 17-Oct-2019
20 Whispers of Sorrow 7-Nov-2019
^ 28.00 - Donate more than $28.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 Infinitron 9-Oct-2019
22 MurkyShadow 10-Oct-2019
23 Anonymous 11-Oct-2019
24 ERYFKRAD 26-Oct-2019
25 toro 12-Oct-2019
26 Strange Fellow 12-Oct-2019
27 zerosum 15-Oct-2019
28 MicoSelva 10-Oct-2019
TOTAL: $817.00
FEES¹: - $37.33
NET: $779.67
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

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