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Campaign Started: 8-May-2023
Campaign End: 9-May-2035

Campaign Target: $100.00
Raised: $167.18

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# Name Date $$$
1 Anonymous 21-Jul-2023
2 lolzo 14-Jun-2023
3 ds 9-May-2023
4 Bastardchops 1-Jun-2023
5 kaisergeddon 19-Aug-2023
6 Anonymous 24-Jan-2024
7 DwarvenFood 9-May-2023
8 Dreed 26-Jul-2023
9 DavidBVal 23-Oct-2023
10 koyota 13-Jun-2023
^ 5.01 - Donate more than $5.01 to get your name in the Top #10
11 PulsatingBrain 9-May-2023
12 Zombra 9-May-2023
13 Tacgnol 9-May-2023
14 Kalarion 9-May-2023
15 MaskedMan 9-May-2023
16 toro 30-May-2023
17 Jonathan "Zee Nekomimi 19-Jun-2023
18 Lady Error 3-Jul-2023
19 kyosuke 27-Jul-2023
20 Pyrite Pachyderm 28-Jul-2023
^ 5.00 - Donate more than $5.00 to get your name in the Top #20
21 Twiglard 1-Aug-2023
22 Raeyn 1-Aug-2023
23 Ippolit 8-Aug-2023
24 Doc Sportello 2-Sep-2023
25 Darkwind 15-Sep-2023
26 Anonymous 2-Jan-2024
TOTAL: $181.48
FEES¹: - $14.30
NET: $167.18
¹Fees are as reported by PayPal.

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