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Troika's FAQ of Bloodlines Troubleshooting

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Troika's FAQ of Bloodlines Troubleshooting

Information - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 25 November 2004, 00:20:18

Tags: Leonard Boyarsky; Troika Games; Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Troika's FAQ for common Vampire Bug Fixes:

1. How can I enable the console?

a. Right-click on the shortcut you use the launch the game
b. Select properties
c. Make sure you are on the shortcut tab
d. At the end of the target line add -console, add this outside of the quotes
e. The finished line should look like this if you have the game installed to the default directory:
"C:Program FilesActivisionVampire - Bloodlinesvampire.exe" -console

f. Hit ok, make sure you launch the game using this shortcut

2. When leaving the Society of Leopold and jumping onto the boat to escape, the game crashes to desktop. What can I do?

a. Make sure the console is enabled. (See Question #1 above)
b. Get to the boat and approach it, do not get into the boat, but get as close as you can
c. Open the console using the tilde "~" key
d. Type the following commands in:
If you saved Johansen:

Then to level transition if you're anybody but a Nosferatu:
changelevel2 la_hub_1 taxi_landmark

And if you're a Nosferatu, instead use:
changelevel2 la_hub_1 sewer_map_landmark

e. If you get to the next level and you do not have any items in your inventory reload your previous save (make sure you have a discreet save and are not just using the autosave) and try it again, but stand closer to the boat."

3. I am a Python user and I am having compatibility problems with my vampire_python211.dll.

The workaround for the python problem is un-install your python2.1 interpreter and make sure the following registry key does not exist, manually deleting it if you must:


If you need python interpreter installed, please install python2.3 or 2.4rc1 as they use a different registry variable.

4. I get the following error message on launch: The procedure entry point _AIL_set_redist_directory@4 could not be located in the dynamic link library mss32.dll

An older version of mss32.dll resides in your windowssystem or windowssystem32 folder that is interfering with Vampire. If you delete this file from that folder, the game should work fine. However, whatever application was relying on older version to be there may no longer function.

5. I am having performance problems on my system. Other than options already in the game, what are some things I can try to enhance performance?

a. Before trying any of the below options, there are several audio and video enhancements options within Vampire. Note that some require you to restart your game after making the changes. If you are still unable to achieve acceptable performance after tweaking these options, then proceed to these additional possibilities.

b. It is important to have a large enough swap file. To increase the size of your swap file, here is a link:;en-us;314482#kb1

Note also that there is discussion about this topic at the Dilapidation forums:

c. It is possible that turning off your EAX (environmental audio effects) will help performance. There is a link here about this topic on the Dilapidation forums:

d. Some users have experienced increased performance by insuring that their AGB Aperture Size is no greater that 128MB. This is most likely configured via your motherboards BIOS setup screen. Please consult your motherboard manual for information on how to adjust your AGP Aperture size.

d. Make sure to have the latest video drivers installed. For ATI cards, installing the 4.12b-Catalyst drivers has been known to help. For ATI cards, check:
...and for Nvidia cards, check:

e. Some people have reported that turning off full screen anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering from the video card settings has enhanced performance.

f. Here are some other sites with discussions on enhancing performance:

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