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Temple of Elemental Evil chat log

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Temple of Elemental Evil chat log

Codex Interview - posted by Kreegle on Fri 2 May 2003, 04:39:35

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil; Troika Games

Temple of Elemental Evil Dev Chat

2nd May, 2003
<Saint_Proverbius> Okay! Troika people, introduce yourselves.
<[troika]hnguyen> huy nguyen, programmer
<TimCain> My name is Tim. I like making games. I work at Troika.
I have a dog.
<[Troika]Steve> Hi everybody! My name is Steve Moret, I'm not a
recovering alcoholic, instead I'm the Lead Programmer on ToEE and am a soon
to be first time homebuyer.
<[troika]lee> I tell the computer what to do...
<[Troika]Smoove_B> Hi, I'm sean I'm doing d20 implementation, help
system and some special effects. I like walks on the beach and sunsets.
<[troika]hnguyen> me too!

* TimCain eats candy and waits for questions
* [Troika]Smoove_B looks for an artist...
<yawa|xilbot> Will there be gory death sequences?
<TimCain> There is blood proportional to your damage, and there
are death anims.
<[Troika]Steve> Not beyond the already gory deaths that there are.
I think there a max of 3 death animations a character can have. I'm not certain
how many the aritsts have animated. Most are reasonably gory, but nothing over
the top like in Fallout.
<[Troika]Steve> There is no specific, "Gory Death" anim
<[Troika]Smoove_B> We are reasonably gory.

<Barry> Will there be holy avengers in ToEE? What type of weapons will
they be if in?

<[Troika]Steve> Pulling out code/docs to make sure I get them all
covered (one sec):
<TimCain> We have the holy enhancement, but I am not sure we have
a holy avenger
<TimCain> If we do, it will be a longsword
<Smoove_B> There are lots of weapons.
<[troika]hnguyen> (aaron is implementing the weapon enhancements
:) )
<[Troika]Steve> I think the following special abilities for weapons
are in: (enhancements 1-3), Bane, Flaming, Frost, Shock, Ghost Touch, Keen,
Mightly Cleaving... there are a bunch more but Aaron would know for sure if
they are implemented.
<TimCain> We do have some special ones, like frost brands and flame
<[Troika]Steve> Additionally I think there are daggers of venom,
a staff of the python or two, and a few other cool items.
<TimCain> Oh yeah, big time on the Daggers of Venom!
<[Troika]Steve> If you see them as +1 or +2 bonuses in the DMG
we're probably implementing it.
<Cath0de> What has been the most satisfying part of making ToEE?

<TimCain> Satisfying part? it has been cool seeing a module that
I played almost 20 years ago come to life.
<[Troika]Steve> Most Satisfying part: watching it all come together
in the end, seeing this thing we've been slaving over for the past year finally
become a game that rocks is great.
<[troika]hnguyen> if you don't set a party member to AI control,
you direct every action in combat
<Smoove_B> For me personally, the most "satisfying" thing
was coding up the particle system. This is the fifth time i've worked on such
a system and every time it gets better.
<[troika]hnguyen> a few things are automated, such as AOO's
<Cath0de> How many styles of jaunty hats are there?
<TimCain> Jaunty hats? Depending on you definition of jaunty, really.
And the artist in charge isnt sure yet how many he will do.
<Cath0de> How involved is your combat system, i.e. is it like NWN, so
that you simply turn on 'modes' of fighting, and sit back?
<[Troika]Steve> Combat system is very D&D oriented. It is turn
based and you indicate the active character's actions nearly 100%. Few things
are automatic, but they are only so that the game doesn't get overly slowed
down in combat. It is a combat heavy game as it is.
<Smoove_B> The combat is very tactical, and your range of options
is huge.
<TimCain> I did a full attack on an ochre jelly. That was bad.
<Smoove_B> You can ready an action for when opponents cast spells,
then try to disrupt the spells.
* [troika]hnguyen yells WOOHOO!
<Smoove_B> You can tumble past opponents to get into flanking position
with your rogue...
<[Troika]Steve> In general its a tactical D&D combat simulation.
With the fun of a troika RPG on top.
<TimCain> And a little cherry of jauntiness on top of that
<[troika]hnguyen> it should feel like a table-top game, is what
i'm hoping :)
<[Troika]Steve> Hehehe...
<Storamin> Ask them what types of Goblins will be in. Ask if there
will be all manners of goblins. We need a goblin revolution! Ask them if goblins
will be thorougly represented correctly!

<Smoove_B> You can bluff opponents out in combat in order to catch
them off gaurd...
<Smoove_B> guard...
<[Troika]Steve> I'm opening up our prototype database right now
to check on the goblin count.
<TimCain> We have goblins alright
<TimCain> They often scout for the bigger humanoids...
<[Troika]Steve> Besides the 4 goblin basetypes and goblin leader
basetypes I think there is a ninja goblin and a samurai goblin hidden somewhere.
I have yet to find them in the game.
<[troika]hnguyen> the goblin animations tickly my fancy, they are
so cute!!
<TimCain> As in, walk around, and if they see you, they go get
the big guns. Then you die.
* Smoove_B gestures in a way that in no way evokes a complex tactical
combat situation and yet is clearly supposed to.

<[Troika]Steve> Plenty of different goblins.
<[troika]Aaron> i just asked craig...
<[troika]Aaron> between all types of goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears...
there are about 40 goblin types

<Executor> How will ability scores be generated? I've read that you
were considering both a point-buy system and rolling. How many points in the
point-buy system?

<[Troika]Steve> The rolling system is in, and as long as you're
not in ironman mode you get as many rolls as you want (but they are kept track
of so you can't brag to your friends). We're also implementing a point buy system
that I think defaults to 25 points.
<Smoove_B> 25 points, as per alternate method in dmg p.
<Smoove_B> 19
<Smoove_B> as in page 19 that is...
<[troika]hnguyen> twenty dollars can buy many peanuts!
<Ghetto_Goose> What kind of customization will me in the Char. Creation

<Smoove_B> you get height, weight, hair color, hair style, name,
portrait, sex,

<MF> Does the game feature set (discrete) distance units like hexagons
(fallout, tabletop wargames, some D&D sessions) or semi-analogue (continuous)
distance. (Tabletop with a measurestick, pixe/sub ased like Arcanum or Geneforge)?
<TimCain> yup
<TimCain> The game uses continuous distance. You can see you exact
path before you move.
<Smoove_B> I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about the
real secrets behind TOEE....
<Smoove_B> This is like an episode of three's company...
<[troika]Aaron> you mean that one with the misunderstanding?
<[troika]Aaron> i've seen that one... it's really good
<Poeta_Assassino> Hi All Good Folks! Are prestige classes in? What
about sub races? Well just this yet, cheers

<TimCain> Prestige classes are not going in. We just dont have
time. Sub races are still on the cool list but it's not looking good.
<[Troika]Steve> Both prestige classes and subraces were decided
to be dropped in order to make sure we get a timely release. We hope to get
it in with either a expansion or sequel but that is if there is one of those.

<EEVIAC> About the gameplay movie that was released - was it released
deliberately, or was it leaked?

<TimCain> no comment

<MetalWyrm> if this makes sense, despite it being d&d, will there
be targetted attacks?

<TimCain> Nope there are no called shots or anything like that.
<[Troika]Steve> Nope there are not called shots. As much as I think
Tim & I both like them, they don't fit into the D20 rules in a way that
made sense, not even as an optional rule. So no targeted shots.
<[troika]Aaron> no targeting body parts
<TimCain> As much as we like body parts...
<Smoove_B> Story of my life, i'm somehow several questions behind.
<Smoove_B> We will not be supporting targeting analog subraces
with dialog skills.
<Smoove_B> now i'm caught up
<Briosafreak> How will the diplomatic characters be treated in a combat
oriented module like ToOE?

<[Troika]Steve> Tim, I think this one is a bit up your alley.
<Smoove_B> You can bluff in combat! as per um, i think it's sound
and silence...
<TimCain> There are several ways to avoid combat if you use Diplomacy.
Otherwise, you will still need to do some combats. It's just the way the D&D
world goes. You can't argue with an ooze
<TimCain> Oh, and Intimidate and Bluff can avoid some stuff too.
<TimCain> Also, just using your noggin can avoid some pretty terrible
<Smoove_B> Because it's a team-based game, not single player like
arcanum, you no longer pick one path
<Smoove_B> so it's not fighter guy vs dialog guy, you have one
of each in your party...
<TimCain> Sorcerers make good dialog guys too.

<Spazmo> The trailer seemed to showcase mainly the combat aspect of
ToEE. While it was indeed impressive (less pain and more donuts for the ToEE
team!), are you worried that this might cause people to think that ToEE is a
combat-oriented game in the vein of Baldur's Gate?
<TimCain> I think it's hard to demonstrate non combat solutions
in a demo or movie.
<TimCain> Don't worry, it's in there. But what can we show in 30
seconds? Spells, monsters, things going zap.
<Smoove_B> I'm working on adding explosions to the dialog system
but it's hard to justify them under D20 rules.
<TimCain> Bluff -> Puff

<Xerophyte> In the past few years the ranks of cRPGs, or at least RPG-hybrids,
have swelled measurably. Have you used any of these as inspiration/stolen from
for the good of ToEE? (Examples required at Yes)
<TimCain> Hmm
<Smoove_B> Ok, you got us. It's really just Morrowwind in a new
<TimCain> We play all of them, but I can't think of an example
of a cross over
<[troika]Aaron> Morrowind... just longer
<Smoove_B> ouch!
<TimCain> Wait, here's one!
<[Troika]Steve> I think that there are a lot of great features
in all genre of games that other games can benefit from. Whether they be interface
ideas, or gameplay features. Immitation is the perfect form of flattery.
<TimCain> We liked NWN and the ability to hold down ALT to see
all usable objects on screen!
<[Troika]Steve> Now I'm not saying we're an immitation game, but
we do item highlighting like in diablo and NWN (as Tim just said).
<[Troika]Steve> Its actually Tab Tim... :)
<TimCain> Tab, Alt, Left Shift Delete. It's all good.
<[troika]Aaron> while your at it... get me a Tab also tim... i'm
<[Troika]Steve> So to borrow great ideas from other sources only
makes the game better.
<Smoove_B> The only reason we can see so far is by standing on
the great shoulders of those before us.
<Spazmo> TriCritical sez: The 3E rules provide the player with some
very tactical combat options. Furthermore, since you are following the rules
to the letter, I was wondering what has been done to keep the combat both tactical
and interesting to all the players that might play the game?
<TimCain> We have made the common things you do (move, use,
attack) simple.
<TimCain> MOre complex actions (full attack, ready, etc) are selected
from a radial menu
<TimCain> Novices can ignore those things
<[Troika]Steve> We kept the game simble by realizing that 90% of
the time you want to do the simple 10% of the actions. These are usually move
and attack. So the default action in most cases will get you thru a combat.
However if you have a full action left and DON'T want to shoot two arrows with
your bow, chose a standard attack rather than a full to make sure you do exactly
what you do.
<[troika]Aaron> there are options to toggle certain functionality
on and off
<TimCain> Advanced players can use them to tactical advantage
<[troika]Aaron> to make things easier for the novice player
<Smoove_B> The game is made up of layers; if you just want to click
on the monster that's all you have to do.
<TimCain> The game is like an onion
<TimCain> It's bitter and makes you cry
<TimCain> I mean, it has layers
<Smoove_B> A wonderful pleasurable onion.
<Smoove_B> Sweet onion of joy.

<Storamin> Are there robes in ToEE?
<TimCain> Yes!
<[Troika]Steve> Yes.
<[troika]Aaron> yes
<TimCain> Wonderful cloth simulated robes!
<[troika]Aaron> and cloaks
<Smoove_B> You can actually see the threadcount. Bed bath and beyond
eat your heart out!
<Smoove_B> well they do look sweet.
<TimCain> They are useful too. In terms of gameplay.
<TimCain> You read that here. <hint>
<Smoo> What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Or
at least,what is the distribution of weapons? Are some morecommon than others?

<TimCain> Yes, some are more common as enemy weapons. But you can
buy almost anything at stores and make your own magic goodies
<Smoove_B> Button assignments are obviously still be wresteled
over. All important disputes such as this one are resolved by the age old technique
of Intern Knife Fight.
<[Troika]Steve> I'm sure you'll see more longswords than halfling
kukri thats for sure.
<TimCain> hehe, he said kukri

<WhitePhosphorus> (sorry if this has already been asked) Can you give
us any information about animal companions?

<TimCain> They're in, and they are namable!
<Smoove_B> You get em. You can name em. They get more powerful
as you gain levels.
<TimCain> I like the chicken.
<Smoove_B> We are including the chicken as an animal companion.
<Smoove_B> Not everyone is a power-gamer.
<[Troika]Steve> I do believe that is a dire chicken.
<TimCain> I name mine Pecker.
<TimCain> :)
<Smoove_B> At tenth level, he's a pretty deadly chicken.
<Smoove_B> Flurry of Poultry.
<Saint_Proverbius> This humor is fowl.
<Executor> Does the balor have a +1 vorpal sword and implosion as
a spell-like ability?

<TimCain> I recommend you take it on and find out
<[Troika]Steve> Only one way to find out.
<TimCain> In fact, I dare you to
<[Troika]Steve> I know there has been talk on the boards about
how a Balor is too high level for a party of level 10s.
<[Troika]Steve> I think they're right.
<Smoove_B> Even Pecker the Dire Chicken cowers at the face of the
<DeviantBoi> Have you had a chance to implement any more spells after
the list was posted a couple of weeks ago? Were you able to include the Wall

<TimCain> Huy! Where is Huy?
<[Troika]Steve> I do not think Wall spells will make it in. Only
time will tell. If Huy has plenty of free time he'll try to get more done, but
I don't think they are going to make it.
<[Troika]Steve> Huy got bunted as part of the netsplit and now
he's listening to music and playing with his chicken.
<TimCain> We have a lot of spells

<chadeo> Are there any "dead ends" in the dialog tree for
an NPC? I.E. if you say the wrong things,they will never talk to you again,
or a quest will never openup? Or can you always go back and talk your way out
ofpast dialog?
<Smoove_B> That's another problem with the whole explosions-in-dialog
<TimCain> Most dialogs can be returned to if you raise your skill
and want to try again. Unless they ended in combat, of course
<TimCain> Keep in mind that just because you have a skill doesn't
mean you should use it
<TimCain> Bluff can get you into trouble as well as out of it
<Smoove_B> That applies to life as well.
<TimCain> How true
<TimCain> ToEE teaches life lessons

<MF> Will there be an 'ask about' feature in the dialogue system?
<TimCain> Nope.
<TimCain> Very Fallouty, don't you think? :)
<Smoove_B> It's a tree system. Less realistic but more fun, IMHO

<Cath0de> How many non-enemy NPC's are there present in the game? What
is one's level ofinteraction with them?

<[troika]Aaron> sean has some info on this one... go ahead sean...
<TimCain> Wow. A lot. More than a hundred, for sure
<TimCain> Many quests go through NPC's that you will never have
combat with, unless you are a CE psycho
<Saint_Proverbius> He means recruitable party members. Blame BioWare for
screwing up the term.
<TimCain> Oh
<TimCain> 35
<TimCain> That was easy. I already counted them.
<Smoove_B> Of course I'm an excellent drive.
<Smoove_B> er..driver.
<TimCain> You see, followers have voice over. So I needed to count
<Smoove_B> Rainman reference.
<TimCain> Followers can have agendas. Some take certain treasures
<TimCain> Some will leave after achieving a goal
<Smoove_B> Some refuse to leave, even if begged to. ;)
<TimCain> Some just want adventure and like tagging along.
<TimCain> Oh yeah, that too
<TimCain> :)

<Pooperscooper> What do they think of most RPGs using the D&D ruleset
nowadays, and if they think it fits as a system better than a game specific

<Smoove_B> I think the new edition D&D system has breathed
a lot of new life into PnP gameing, and that's a great thing.
* TimCain 's fingers are tired. Sean?
<[Troika]Steve> Well, I think there are a lot more games using
the D&D World than are using the D&D ruleset. I think D20 is a great
system but it breaksdown when it becomes changed, so I like the fact lots of
things are using the D&D world, and I'm stoked that we're implementing the
rules so accurately.
<[Troika]Steve> Now if you meant the Pen and Paper, I think D20
is awsome. I'm hoping to start up a D20 modern campaign soon. Its starting to
look really intriguing.
<Smoove_B> I also love the combat system (even after implementing
them in code!)
<Smoove_B> While I still have a soft spot for other PnP games like Paranoia
and Champions, I don't think d20 is stifling creativity at all, more the opposite.
<chrisbeddoes> will combat encounters be relatively small like in
Fallout ONE, as opposed to the boring relentless hordes of foes we faced in
NWN, which essentially cheapened the experience?
<TimCain> Nice unbiased question :)
<Smoove_B> One of the keys to makeing TB combat fun is to make
every combat unique and interesting.
<TimCain> Most combat encounters are small and interesting. However,
if you run around a dungeon level and get everything worked up, you will have
a large combat on your hands
<Smoove_B> No plowing through orc's 2000 to 2010 here.
<TimCain> Most combats will involve 1 or 2 big things or 4-6 lesser

<Killzig> could you avoid having to come into contact with the "ooze"
at all in the game? or is it as inevitable as rats in Fallout ?

<Smoove_B> You will have to come into contact with ooze just opening
the box.
<Smoove_B> It's a bonus extra.
<Smoove_B> Like the Infocom games.
<TimCain> You can avoid a lot of random encounters with a good
Wilderness Lore skill. As for going thru dungeons, it all depends on how you
go through. There are lots of paths.
<[Troika]Steve> If by ooze you mean the weak encounters wilderness
lore helps lots, as for ooze the monster type I'm sure you'll run into at least
<TimCain> The dungeon is non linear, as Gygax intended.
<TimCain> He told me so. Yes, I am such a geek for being excited
at that.
<TimCain> So there. :)

<Flink> Does a party have to have every type of character? Can a party
work well enough to finish the game without say a Mage or a Preist? Also, Is
it possible to solo?

<[Troika]Steve> Right now lots of people are trying the halfing
barbarian squad. I'm thinking the game will be doable (maybe really hard) for
any party.
<TimCain> Yes, it is possible to finish without any particular
type of character
<[Troika]Steve> Solo is another question. Its going to be VERY
hard for solo, but can be done.
<TimCain> I am going to play from start to finish with 5 halfling
female bards, the Spicey Girls
<Smoove_B> This is something we tease tim about.
<TimCain> Solo on Iron Man Mode will be AMAZING
<Smoove_B> LY HARD. but you will have our respect
<Smoove_B> if you make it.
<Sarkus> You've mentioned a demo before, is that still on track before

<TimCain> We will make a demo after we finish the game, but it
will most likely be available before the game is on shelves
<Smoove_B> Through the miracle of the Internet.
<TimCain> The game has to be duped, boxed, distributed, all that.
The demo is sent via magic.
<DeviantBoi> Will you be able to take one character in your party
and travel to a different area,leaving the rest of the party behind (to scout
for enemies,for example)? Or, how far behind can a character leave therest of
the party (if at all possible)?
<TimCain> No, your party travels as a group
<Smoove_B> They have to stay on the same map. Still, the maps are
pretty big.
<TimCain> You can separate as much as you want on one map
<[Troika]Steve> The party transitions from map to map together,
however most map areas are rather large. You can take a guy and scout him out
ahead very far but you must be together to transition maps.
<Smoove_B> Your party could huddle like little girls while the
torchbearer / bait guy runs out.
<TimCain> Rogues are good for that kind of thing. Rangers too,
because of Aaron's fine tracking.
<TimCain> My party IS going to be little girls!

<Spazmo> Since paladins in ToEE can't get a mount (owing to the lack
of riding), have you given the paladin something else to compensate the loss
of their called mount?

<Smoove_B> They get a gift certificate.
<[Troika]Steve> And a free frogurt.... but it too is cursed.
<TimCain> And we let them become fallen paladins if they act up!
<TimCain> See, it all balances.
<Smoove_B> ha ha steve....
<[Troika]Steve> But it comes with your choice of toppings.
<Smoove_B> The path of the rightious is filled with frogurt.
<Smoove_B> yea, st. cuthbert, see me through these sprinkles....

<evilon> <Will it be possible to wear cloaks/robes over armor,
or will you have to choosebetween them?>

<[Troika]Steve> But the toppings... they too are cursed.
<TimCain> Cloaks and robes go on over armor
<TimCain> You can wear both and see both
<TimCain> Pretty neat, huh?
<TimCain> And important too <<------ hint

<Pooperscooper> Has Troika learned anything from Shareware games(i.e.Geneforge,Prelude)
that have helped influenced some of their games.

<TimCain> Spiderweb has reinforced my belief that people care more
for true game play than for high end graphics.
<[Troika]Steve> Geneforge has taught me that PVP Online doesn't
have many other sponsors (that's my Scott Kurtz shoutout for the day).
* TimCain bows to Jeff Vogel
<WhitePhosphorus> How much will the different paths for alignments

<TimCain> The different starting vignettes provide different reasons
for going to Hommlet.
<[Troika]Steve> Well, centrally the main story arch is the same,
but you have different motivations. The alignments and vignettes help you with
that motivation.
<TimCain> Some end soon. Some carry on to almost the end of the
game. One significantly changes the end of the game and the world of Greyhawk
<Smoove_B> The beginning is totally different. The middle is partially
different. The ending is totally different.
<Executor> My first game will be with a lawful evil party. Will I
be able to take control of the town of Hommlet and sacrifice the peons at the
Temple? What wicked acts will be available to evil parties?

<TimCain> LE is cool. That's the one that can change the balance
of power in Greyhawk.
<TimCain> Remember though, you are telling the game that you are
<TimCain> Don't complain when it treats you as such. :)
<TimCain> EVIL
<Smoove_B> Whoa...lets be clear, here. We at troika nether condone
nor advocate evil acts. We just fully support them.
<Hi_C> Will it be an open and shut game? Or will there be a "Legacy"
feature, bonus dungeon, or extra curricular "boss" fights I.e. The
Dragons in Baldurs Gate 2 etc?

<[Troika]Steve> Huy is really in favor of having an arena where
you can take characters to fight. I don't think its going to make it in in time.
<TimCain> Probably open and shut. There is something I want to
try though. I havent told the programmers because they will get nervous.
* TimCain waves to Steve
<[Troika]Steve> If he were here he'd fight for it to the bitter
death, and then I'd hell at him to get his monthly milestone work done.
<Smoove_B> We're a naturally skittish lot.
<Smoove_B> I hate it when mommy and daddy fight.
<MF> Is booze and associated loss of Intelligence in? Can you brew

<TimCain> Hell, I added a whole drinking contest!
<TimCain> How's that for M rating?
<[Troika]Steve> You can brew potions (with the feat). And you can
try and drink an NPC under the table.
<TimCain> Actually several NPC's now.
<Smoove_B> Booze was in before combat or pathing.
<TimCain> We have our priorities
<[Troika]Steve> I think it deals subdual damage rather than intelligence.
<TimCain> Subdual makes you pass out. Go subdual!
<Smoove_B> Rigorous research let to that conclusion.
<Smoove_B> Although table corners do deal real damage.
<TimCain> Empirical research...
<Smoove_B> The cornerstone of the Troika research division.
<Briosafreak> the rules will be 3.5 d&d right? Any problems so
far or were they better to implement than just 3.0?

<TimCain> We are 3.5, yes. I like the newer rules. They clarify
a lot of things.
<[Troika]Steve> I'm impressed with the 3.5 changes, while I can't
go into exactly how/why at this time, the clarifications are great and they've
added more consistancy to an already well done game system.
<Smoove_B> Can I say they're better? They're a lot better imho.
<TimCain> Sean loved implementing them too.
<[Troika]Steve> If anything they are easier to implement than 3.0.

<WhitePhosphorus> Will ChaoticNeutrals have truly insane options? (dialogs
and other stuff)

<Smoove_B> Some things saved me some work. Some heart wrenching
changes i made to 3.0 actually became right with 3.5 (by sheer coincidence)
<[Troika]Steve> I don't think alignment assumes mental state.
<TimCain> I did not subscribe to CN's as crazy, just non-commited.
<TimCain> I remember Tom writing some specific CN dialog though
<TimCain> And Tom is a little crazy....
<[Troika]Steve> Smoove: its not coincidence, you and Ed Stark are
little goody buddies.
<Smoove_B> We play foosball.
<TimCain> And you rub his business card on your dice for luck
<Smoove_B> True, true.
<Pooperscooper> Can you talk to hostile characters, giving the ability
to make them non-hostile?

<Smoove_B> But criticals don't lie.
<[Troika]Steve> There are some creatures who wont be hostile to
you at first giving you the chance to talk to them, yes.
<TimCain> Yes, pooper, there are several characters that you can
do that with. Sometimes you can do that in the middle of combat, in special
circumstances. Do not underestimate the dialog skills!
<[Troika]Steve> But once fighting starts, I with the exception
of fleeing and cowering in a corner begging for their life most NPCs don't go
back into dialog.
<[Troika]Steve> Keyword (most).
* TimCain notes the "most"
<TimCain> "most" <<----------------- hint
<[Troika]Steve> Thats the second hint Tim, why don't you just IRC
a hintbook or something.
<TimCain> :)
* Smoove_B checks notebook: robes and armor, frogurt, most, chicken.

<Wormwood> With the end near (the end is near, right ??) what do you
feel bad about leaving out of the game?

<TimCain> Probably the manual
<TimCain> No, I really wanted subraces. I like variety.
<TimCain> variety <<------------- hint
<[Troika]Steve> Hmmm... I feel bad that subraces didn't get in.
They were a simple change. I also really regret not having subcolor replacement
in our texture engine. I wanted to have customizeable colors but now you have
to pick your clothes to be the right color rather than dynamically change them.
<Sarkus> Is working with an established module easier or harder than
you thought it would be?

<TimCain> Easier to get started, harder to get exact.
<[Troika]Steve> It was easier in most cases, but I think that the
level design in the pen and paper didn't translate as perfectly as we wanted
into cRPG. So some tweaking and redesign has been the hard part.
<TimCain> I think making our own design would have meant more time,
but the end result would have been exactly what we specified

<Pooperscooper> Will any NPCs have music themes when encountered?
<[Troika]Steve> Different maps/areas have music themes, but they
aren't tied to specific NPCs (except on those levels that only have that npc
on them).
* Smoove_B has to go.
<TimCain> oh, I wanted something like that. I wanted to tag some
NPC with dramatic score, so when they said something (Luke I am your father),
you would hear some music.
<Smoove_B> Thanks everyone!
*** Signoff: Smoove_B (Quit)
<TimCain> But we didnt get it
<TimCain> Oh well
<TimCain> I regret that too, along with subraces

<Executor> We know a balor is in. What other powerful monsters are
in the game that are liable to cause TPKs?

<TimCain> Hmm. Demons come in many varieties.
<[Troika]Steve> I don't want to spoil too much, perhaps Tim should
be in charge of this.
<TimCain> Yeah, I don't really want to spoil things. The Balor
is up there though. Top 5.

<WhitePhosphorus> To what extent will the worn equipment affect the
PC avatar?

<[Troika]Steve> Changes textures and adds optional geometry to
the model.
<TimCain> You can see most of what you wear. Boots, robes, armor,
gloves, hats (jaunty and non-jaunty)
<TimCain> I think rings and necklaces are out. Everything else
you wear can be seen though.

<axelgreese> what will be the *mood* of the game (i.e. will it be dark
and scarry?)

<TimCain> Hmm
<TimCain> I think the mood is "heroic"
<TimCain> What are you going to do when faced with danger
<[Troika]Steve> But with plenty of dark undertones, its got that
troika feel where you realize the consequences of your actions. The choices
you make can effect other's lives.
<TimCain> You can do bad things, good things...
<TimCain> And then live with the consequences

<WhitePhosphorus> Will any dialogs be voiced over? If so, how many?
<[Troika]Steve> Yes, many dialogs will. I don't know the exact
count, this is a Tim/Tom thing.
<TimCain> Asking Tom now...
<TimCain> He is thinking...
<TimCain> 40-50
<TimCain> that's the minimum
<TimCain> We may get some more, if we can

<Pooperscooper> Will there be any joinable dogs in the game? If so will
we be able to name it?
<TimCain> You can summon a dog as an animal companion and name
it anything you want
<[Troika]Steve> Hahahahaa... I'm thinking of an e-mail Tim sent
out the other day...
<TimCain> As for a dog you find, still working on it
<evilon> <Will there be a diverse selection of weapons? Only those
from the PHB? Any original Troika designs?>

<TimCain> Mostly PHB. A few unique ones, mostly variations. One
of our artists liked doing swords.
<[Troika]Steve> Okay boys and girls I'm out of here... thanks for
all the great questions. I'll be checking the inn if people have future Steve/Programming
related questions. Tim you're on your own :)
*** [Troika]Steve has left #RPGCodex
* TimCain has to go soon too. Dinner plans.
<Killzig> Tim, what kind of aspirations do you have for Troika in
say ... the next five years, do you ever see yourselves expanding to publishing?

<TimCain> No! I don;t want to expand too much. The bigger we get,
the less I will be able to do hands-on game making
<TimCain> I want to maybe add one more team, so we can three games
at once. But if we hire more people and I don't know their names and personalities,
I will think we are too big
<TimCain> I just us to make good RPG's. Maybe try our hand at some
other genres to see how we do it. That's it.
<Calis> well guys, there's no more questions in my list it seems.
<TimCain> Whew
<Kreegle> Thanks Tim!
<Calis> Thanks for coming man.
<Kreegle> and thanks to the other Troika guys as well!
<TimCain> Ok, I need to flee too. Thank you all for some GREAT
* TimCain waves

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