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Lionheart - Wielder Faction

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Lionheart - Wielder Faction

Codex Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 6 June 2003, 21:13:31

Tags: Eric Dallaire; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Reflexive Entertainment

Spotlight on the Wielders

Faction Backgrounds

The factions in Lionheart make up a critical piece of the overall plot of the game. The Knights Templar and the Inquisition are both playable factions and are the major power brokers in our version of Europe. Though they share some similarities to their real historical counterparts, we've also changed them significantly to fit the story. For one, the Inquisition's zealous work left a bitter and bloody mark in the pages of history. In Lionheart, the Inquisition faces real magical creatures and real evil monsters. Exorcisms actually do get rid of demons. Therefore, their harsh ways can be rationally explained as protecting the populace for the greater good.

Even today, some conspiracy theorists believe that the Knights Templar protected many holy relics, like the Arc and the Grail, in secret crypts around the world. While history has yet to prove these theories, in Lionheart the Knights are the stewards of these powerful relics. Allied with the Inquisition, the Knights Templar are the stalwart defenders of the light against a world beset by darkness.

Now, that's fine for people that like to roleplay clerical monks with an attitude problem, or noble knights on a crusade. But what about people that actually want to play dirty, spell-casting, heretical wizards? If you are looking to master the powers of magic, you have little recourse but to seek out the outlawed Wielders hiding in the legendary magic haven, La Calle Perdida. Also known as The Lost Street, the haven of the Wielders has been a closely guarded secret for many years, one that the Inquisitors tirelessly try to pry from the minds of captured heretics in their interrogation chambers.

Wielders' Background - Past and Present​

Long before the Inquisition assumed total control of Europe, the Wielders shared power with the Knights Templar and King Richard the Lionhearted. Their potent magic helped keep the dark forces from the civilized cities. However, a small group of scheming Wielders, unable to resist the temptations of power, took control of a large swath of Spain. Afraid of their growing influence, the Inquisition gathered their own forces and moved against the Wielders, initiating the bloody Reconquista. The battle lasted many years, but by 1275 the Wielders were driven underground. Defeated and hated, the Wielders never recovered their lost power.

In the present time of 1588, the Wielders still hide in the shadows from the Inquisition. Though most of his brethren rarely leave La Calle Perdida, Galileo Galilei refused to hide his powers from the public and instead embraced the applications of magic for science. For openly using magic to further his study of the cosmos, Galileo faced imprisonment and interrogation at the hands of the Inquisition. Few know of Galileo's fate but it is believed that he is being held in the dank chambers holding the very worst of the Inquisition's prisoners.

Wielder Quests

Before you can begin the path of becoming a Wielder, you'll have to find La Calle Perdida, which is not necessarily an easy chore. Using magic, the Wielders have gone to great lengths to conceal the entrance to their haven.

If you can find La Calle Perdida, you will encounter Cedric, the leader of the Wielders. An understandably cautious soul, he will put you to the test before you will be accepted by his order. The quests you will have to do vary in length and difficulty. Without spoiling any details, one of the quests involves the creation of a magic item that will prove useful to your journeys, but you will need to seek out the imprisoned Galileo to help you construct it. There will also be side quests within the Wielders' area that you can choose to pursue or not. Once allied with the Wielders, you will discover that in addition to the Inquisition, the Wielders have many enemies, including an exiled member of their group that dabbles in... questionable sources of magic.

Above all else, the Wielders primary agenda is survival amidst a hostile world. Despite their hardships, the Wielders still seek to use their powers to help humankind overcome the forces of darkness, even if the 'pureblood' humans don't want their help.

Wielder Perks​

Depending on the faction you choose to join, you will gain faction-specific perks upon the completion of special quests. We call these the uber faction perks and they're definitely a welcome reward after a long day of adventuring. The Wielders faction perks tend to grant additional magic prowess among other physical bonuses. There are three ranks of these faction perks. The first two can be earned by completing the faction quests. The third... well...

Apprentice Wielder

Description: You have been accepted into the secret society of the Wielders, a group of heretical outcasts who embrace the taint of magic. To prepare you for the hardships and prejudices the Wielders must endure, your master has cast a permanent enchantment that grants you additional powers. Your Cold, Electrical and Fire Damage Percentages are increased by 4, and you receive +5 Hit Points (increasing your maximum hit point total).

Requirements: Accept Invitation to join the Wielders


Description: Your master has exposed you to the unpredictable magic currents of La Calle Perdida. The experience has changed you and augmented some of your abilities. Your Cold, Electrical and Fire Damage Percentages are increased by 8, you receive +10 Hit Points (increasing your maximum hit point total), your Armor Class increases by +4, and your Intelligence is increased by +1.

Requirements: Must complete the faction quests of the Wielders.

High Wielder

Description: (The real description would reveal the way to get this perk, so I'll just say that it involves a world spanning quest)

Requirements: Unknown!

Big thanks to Eric Dallaire of Reflexive, lead writer on Lionheart, for taking the time to write this.

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