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Ensure the Warriors of Diversity will live on in Eternity

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Ensure the Warriors of Diversity will live on in Eternity

Community - posted by DarkUnderlord on Fri 21 September 2012, 04:16:45

Tags: Codex Eternity Fundraiser; Kickstarter; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity

MAJOR EDIT: Chris Avellone has agreed to draw personal troll avatars/pictures for those who contribute at least $250 to this donation drive! So if you wanted to but couldn't get on board this initiative back when we did the Wasteland 2 fundraiser, now you can do it. -- Crooked Bee

Project: Eternity is the new popamole RPG currently under development by Obsidian Entertainment. Because they're broke and nobody wants to fund them, they're doing a KickStarter - which has already raised their goal of $1.1 Million thanks to the large number of brain-dead idiots who'll throw their money at anything these days.

Well, now is your chance to join those idiots on behalf of the Codex! We should actually be doing a fund-raiser for a new server but fuck that, let's raise money for Obsidian's Project: Eternity instead. So we're aiming for the new community-focused tier goal:

$5,000: NAME AND HELP DESIGN AN ENEMY ADVENTURING COMPANY. What beats the classic RPG challenge of squaring off against a diverse enemy party with skills, abilities, and equipment to match your own? Nothing, that's what! Now you can design a crew of knuckle-cracking skull-crushers to ambush players at the worst possible moment. Ha, HA! You are the devil himself! We will send you six PROJECT ETERNITY NPC character sheets for you to fill out for our design team. We will turn your personalized party design into a lethal wrecking crew to oppose the player in the shipped game (within reason of course). You will also receive The Complete Kickstarter Obsidian Pack ($500 reward tier) + 15 EXTRA DIGITAL DOWNLOADABLE COPIES OF PROJECT ETERNITY to gift your friends and family. You also get the top tier WATCHER FORUM BADGE.​

Once again, silly game developers have allowed fans a chance to ruin a potentially otherwise shitty good game by adding silly in-house references and over-the-top stupidity. Once more, the Codex strides boldly into the fray to prove how much of a bad idea that is. Spectacle has already graciously reserved one of the spots for us - so as long as we raise the dosh, the opportunity for the Warriors of Diversity to rape assault you in-game is ready and waiting.

*** DONATE HERE ***​

I was hoping to have our fancy-schmancy new payment system in place before we ran this but hey, Legend of Grimrock isn't going to play itself. So, to make it simple: You will get nothing. Nothing for your money other than the knowledge that you contributed to the Codex: Eternity fundraiser.

Anything that may and or may happen with copies of the game that may and or may not ever materialise or special ad-free bonuses that my accountant may or may not say we should be offering so that it counts as a "payment" rather than a "donation" and keeps the Australian Taxation Office from asking too many awkward questions, is up for grabs.

The expected release date is April 2014, because that's apparently how long it takes to fuck up perfectly good camera controls... but the KickStarter runs for another 25 days. Actual details of the Codexian NPC Group will be finalised if / when we're successful.

4th Oct Update

Obsidian Entertainment have agreed to provide even more bonus incentives for Codex donors, in the form not only of custom trolls but also personal forum signatures written by Chris Avellone and unique in-game presence within the confines of the Codexian party of adventurers. Also, custom trolls are now a bit more affordable, and Obsidian Entertainment will give us 30 digital copies of the game so we can distribute it among top 30 donors. Aside from that, here's the full list of what you get when you donate:
  • Donate $50 or more: You¹ will be mentioned in a book, scroll or letter that the Codexian party is carrying
  • Donate $100 or more:You¹ will become a part of the backstory (lore description) of an item/piece of equipment belonging to the Codexian party
  • Donate $150 or more: You¹ will become a standard (non-epic) item that a party member is carrying
  • Donate $200 or more: Custom troll by Chris Avellone + You¹ will become a (non-epic) piece of equipment, excluding weapons, that a party member is carrying
  • Donate $250 or more: Custom troll by Chris Avellone + Short humorous forum signature written by Chris Avellone + You¹ will become a (non-epic) weapon that a party member is carrying
  • All donors will receive the
    campaign tag, so that you can be clearly identified as a backer forever! See Jaesun's profile for example
  • One month ad-free Codex browsing for every $5 you contribute (So $15 = 3 months ad-free and so on)
¹ "You" = a fantasy variation on your forum or real name, or any name of your choice suitable for a fantasy game. You can think it up yourself, or just provide Obsidian writers with your forum/real name and let them do their job. Naturally, you'll also be able to voice your wishes and suggestions on the design/description of your item/weapon/equipment.

If we fail to reach $5000, we'll go for one or two NPCs that can still be the locus of your in-game presence, according to the above tiers.

Update 10th October: $3,365.56

Update 11th October: Well it seems threatening to close it works :smug: , having raised about $2k in the last 24 hours and reaching our goal with $5,045.71 raised. Now, originally I'd transfer the funds to my own account (3 - 5 days) and then pay the KickStarter, but as Obsidian have a PayPal option on their website through which we can donate directly from the Codex' PayPal account, I've decided to leave the fundraiser open until the KickStarter officially ends. That gives a chance for those of you who have said you would - but haven't yet due to pay day not being until tomorrow, to donate. It's also your LAST CHANCE to have your name mentioned in the Codex Adventuring Party, which is now guaranteed.

Update 17th October: With a final total of $9,679.60 USD raised, we reached 194% of our original $5,000 target. Due to PayPal fees that was reduced to $9,000 USD and was donated via Obsidian's PayPal donation option:


The full list of final donors is below!

Donor List

>= $250 Reward Tier
  1. denizsi
  2. Temaperacl
  3. Lonerville
  4. skuphundaku
  5. Haba
  6. Spectacle
  7. Sitra Achara
  8. silver crowaxe
  9. Semper
  10. Random Word
  11. maverick
  12. Jaesun
  13. Crooked Bee
  14. centurionofprix
  15. Jarpie
  16. HanoverF
  17. mediocrepoet
  18. DeDawg

    >= $200 Reward Tier
  19. LusciousPear
  20. JagreenLern
  21. Azalin
  22. vaarna_aarne
  23. oldmanpaco

    >= $150 Reward Tier
  24. CrimsonAngel

    >= $100 Reward Tier
  25. LeStryfe79
  26. Rane
  27. Lockkaliber
  28. Michael Ellis

    >= $50 Reward Tier
  29. toro
  30. SuicideBunny
  31. Gakkone
  32. barghest
  33. ogg
  34. 4too
  35. deus101
  36. OldSkoolKamikaze
  37. hakuroshi
  38. Computer Gamer Refugee
  39. commie
  40. Angthoron
  41. Zed
  42. Volrath
  43. Tolknaz
  44. thesisko
  45. thekdawg21
  46. serch
  47. Rivmusique
  48. Pegultagol
  49. mugarod
  50. moraes
  51. MikeHaggar
  52. Kazgar
  53. Hamster
  54. Guar
  55. evdk
  56. Aldebaran
  57. airhead
  58. Rohit_N
  59. Braktash
  60. Fenrir
  61. Marquess Cornwallis
  62. mindx2
  63. Charles-cgr
  64. Atomic

    < $50
  65. wormix
  66. titus
  67. RedScum
  68. ksjav
  69. Harg Harfardarssen
  70. Commissar Draco
  71. asper
  72. Abraxas
  73. DwarvenFood
  74. Palikka
  75. MaskedMan
  76. Gold
  77. ghostdog
  78. felipepepe
  79. Carrion
  80. a bear named spigot
  81. Mangoose
  82. MessiahMan
  83. Szioul
  84. kentable
  85. Matt7895
  86. nihil
  87. nicebrain
  88. Mrowak
  89. Minttunator
  90. LordVector
  91. l3loodAngel
  92. Joff1981
  93. ironyuri
  94. Freelance Henchman
  95. Darklife
  96. Cosmo
  97. CappenVarra
  98. Havoc
  99. Morol
  100. Icewater
  101. [hmuryj]
  102. [hegg]
  103. Yaar Podshipnik
  104. The Great Deceiver
  105. Ion Flux
  106. Jedi Exile
  107. Adelphi
  108. turel69
  109. treave
  110. stony3k
  111. sick
  112. Saber-Scorpion
  113. villain of the story (courtesy of oldmanpaco)
  114. MightyHoax
  115. markec
  116. malko_sundervere
  117. Kthan75
  118. Kime
  119. Jaedar
  120. J_C
  121. Infinitron
  122. good little toastboy
  123. Denim Demon
  124. CrustyBot
  125. clemens
  126. Claw
  127. tuluse
  128. WetWorks
  129. Executer
  130. PrzeSzkoda
  131. G.O.D
  132. Aeschylus
  133. logrus
  134. Helly
  135. kubics
  136. [gola]
  137. OracleX
  138. MicoSelva
  139. majestik12
  140. Dhralei
  141. CSM
  142. barker_s
  143. SG
  144. Donaroriak
  145. Whisky
  146. jiujitsu
  147. Weierstraß
  148. hoverdog
  149. Ismaul
  150. Dryngar
  151. dab
  152. Primordial Soup Nazi
  153. Irxy
  154. Quanti
  155. Frusciante
  156. Elim
  157. Dynimix
  158. Sidmich
  159. Gurkog
  160. glasnost
  161. Strider
  162. JamesBond
  163. FretRider
  164. Brzęczyszczykiewicz
  165. SpinyNorman
  166. Comrade Goby
  167. Executor
  168. Hoaxmetal
  169. Race Traitor
I've listed account usernames where I had them. Where I didn't, I used a portion of your e-mail address within square brackets. If you recognise that as you and would rather your username was listed instead, PM (aka "Start a Conversation with") DarkUnderlord. And give me the E-MAIL address you donated from - all those receipts and reference numbers you get are actually useless.

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