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  • If you have time to worry about making a game, you have to time to go to Church, find a wife, start a family, and become a productive member of your local community. Don't make me warn you again.
    Hey man! Long time, no see. How's everything going? Hope you are well.

    Started my first Mortal Empires campaign with the Empire (The Golden Order) and am having a lot of fun so far. Just about to turn 50 and hoping the AI doesn't come to shit-stomp me right as things are going well.

    Anyway, TW:WH II made me think of you and I wanted to say hello.
    > Are there any games kind of like Commandos/Desperados (tactical stealth with squad) but turn-based?
    Did you ever play Shadow Watch? It's awesome. Not 100% stealth but a great mix of stealth and combat.
    Interesting, thanks!
    Again not all stealth, or TB(RTwP instead), but with a squad, try the overlooked Shadow Company: Left for dead. You can go guns blazing or pick off from distance, steal vehicles etc. It's a shame it never got a look in back in 1999 as the devs clearly had an idea for this type of Commandos in 3D style of game.
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