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  • Do you actually check your email? I changed it and sent you a password reset on Friday.
    It worked! Much appreciated. I am ready to spread bile and hatred once more.
    Fight me IRL for my drow wife's honor.
    Afghani arn't Drow. You're making the same mistake ze Germans and Swedes made. They have no honour. Mostly.
    I don't know what Afghanis have to do with this.
    Oh, that's ok then. Still, my Viconia isn't gonna be tainted by the wrong hands pleb. There's heritage there.
    You were the only to say no to the Afghani girl
    Yep. Mediterranean family came from Tunisia. Arabs are trouble, and you don't even want the one night stand. Only way I'd make an exception is for an Arab like Brigette Gabriel.
    I know we're going by looks/pictures alone, but I'm autistic like that. Just nuke it from orbit.
    I will stick my finger up my bum, after all, how else would I taste the cuisine?
    This is some kind of internet/millenial trend that I'm unaware of right? Like Maxie below, you go on a person's profile and start trolling them and expect some kind of response.
    Hold on a moment, I'll come up with a suitable one.
    I expect you to take the role of Father and Mother!
    Somebody...help. I'm having flashbacks of that time I was a child and that man in a long coat offered to take me for an ice cream.
    What are you going to do now that you've finally won your fight, Chippy?
    Push for evidence that Josh Sawyer is a hidden agent and has been trying to demoralise us all along. Stealth was iffy in IWD1 as well.
    If you don't pick an avatar it means you are a fag.
    Pick up that avatar
    I'm a stealth character: you're both asking me to break/fail @ stealth, like in IWD2. I'll think about it. I run the risk of calling myself something like boobio and looking like a gay hobbit.
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