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adventure game

  1. S.torch

    THE VOYAGE SINISTER - Gothic Anime Vampire jRPG (With Original Art and Cute Girls!)

    TRAGEDY IN THE SNOW! A HUNTER HAS WENT ASTRAY! After embarking on a journey from his (barely civilised) homeland, the young Demon Hunter, Valdrich Wolfranov, has gone lost in the deeps of the untamed Roswickan Tundra! Where the best that can happen to a man is be eaten alive. All kind of...
  2. Dodo1610

    KickStarter Born Punk - cyberpunk point & click adventure game

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/insertdisk22/born-punk-a-cyberpunky-classic-point-and-click-adv https://insertdisk22.com https://af.gog.com/game/born_punk?as=1649904300
  3. asper

    Just finished Mission Critical and was impressed (a review)

    I just finished Mission Critical and was surprised by how well this game has aged. Mission Critical is a point & click adventure made by Legend, released in 1995. It uses a first person perspective with pre-rendered and 2d art backgrounds, and has FMV sequences, starring Michael Dorn, aka. Lt...
  4. WallaceChambers

    The Night is Grey - A Dark Thriller About Escaping A Strange Forest Full Of Wolves

    Finally got a chance to play a bit of this game since there's a demo currently available during the "Steam Next Fest," which lasts until the 22nd. It nails the traditionally animated 2D look, which is a style I love, so I've been keeping an eye on it. Now, having played the demo, I'm even more...
  5. Kalin

    Incline Nephi's Quest

    Hey, didn't see a thread about this old gem so here it is. I won't pretend it's an excellent game, but it's definitely rare to see Mormon adventures. Not a whole lot of action, mostly talking to the right people to advance the story (with plenty of lovely quotes from the scriptures). Freely...
  6. CryptRat

    VirtuaVerse - cyberpunk pixel point & click adventure

    http://www.thetadivision.com https://af.gog.com/game/virtuaverse?as=1649904300
  7. Pero_Gamechuck

    Trip the Ark Fantastic | The Hermitage of Pride

    Hey y'all! I'm Pero from Gamechuck; a Croatian (indie) game development team. We're currently working on several projects, but our flagship game is an adventure RPG Trip the Ark Fantastic. Trip the Ark Fantastic is a story-driven role-playing adventure set in the Animal Kingdom on the verge of...
  8. 3 Minutes to Midnight - A Comedy Graphic Adventure

    3 Minutes to Midnight is an adventure game brought to life by Scarecrow Studio—a small, passionate team—and is unlike any you have ever seen before. Most fans of point-and click-games would assume this is a pretty straightforward adventure game with a beginning and an end. But... what if that...
  9. Jaesun

    KickStarter Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders - PnC Incline

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1114977637/detective-di-the-silk-rose-murders Steam Greenlight: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=394367676 http://detectivedi.com/home_en.html
  10. Nekot-The-Brave

    KickStarter Backbone — pixel art detective adventure inspired by noir

  11. May I present, Dungeon Guild, The Sci Fi Dungeon Adventure Game. FREE To Play!

    Welcome Aboard Cadet, My name is Commander Brody and I am the sole creator of Dungeon Guild, the retro sci-fi dungeon adventure game. I wanted to let you know the game is officially released and FREE to play. Please visit DungeonTreasure.com to view the trailer and download the game! I would...
  12. Machineboy

    Milkmaid of the Milky Way - indie adventure game

    Hi guys, I'm an indie developer who's been working on a passion project for close to two years, and wonder if it's ok to share it with you here (if not, just remove this post, mods). Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a 90s style point and click adventure game where you play Ruth, a lone milkmaid on...
  13. an Administrator

    Parvaneh: Legacy of the Light's Guardians

    A cute indie adventure game made by bunch of Iranians. It has puzzles, some crafting, interesting story and it's really cheap. It's mostly inspired by Zelda. Somme little bugs here and there but overall it's a nice game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/353990/
  14. GreyViper


    While browsing youtube I came across this game and the 2001 vibe I got from it really impressed me. I think it has potential, depending how other episodes turn out. http://store.steampowered.com/app/351940/
  15. Jaesun

    Myst Anamedia - A Myst-like adventure

    NAMEDIA is a 2D explorative adventure full of logical puzzles that you’ll find quite various in typology and difficulty. You can explore every location proceeding by fixed screens, as a typical point-and-click interaction, using the mouse only. We hope that our undeniable passion for classic...
  16. lightbane

    Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion

    BROTHERS!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S MISSING FROM THE CONSTANTLY INCREASING WH40K GAME LIBRARY? THAT'S RIGHT! MORE GAMES ABOUT SPACE MARINES!! BATTLE-BROTHERS, REJOICE YOURSELVES: http://store.steampowered.com/app/389850 Thankfully, you don't play as an Ultrasmurf nor a Bloody Magpie, but as a...
  17. Astral Rag

    Decline The Dark Knight derps: Telltale's QTE Interactive Batman Movie

    edit: I originally posted this thread in GG :rpgcodex:

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