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  1. cyborgboy95

    Dreadhunter - Intense Fast Paced Space Bug Hunt Top-Down Shooter RPG

  2. luj1

    What would Grimoire's flaws be? Genuinely curious

    balance? poor accessibility (if you consider that a flaw in a retro blobber) Obviously bugs What else? Any fundamental design flaws? I'm honestly trying here
  3. Gordon Shumway

    The most redicolous moments in gaming

    Hello codexians, lately I recalled some of my really funny screenshots. Some of them might be funny for other gamers too, but I don't like the idea of spamming all those longplays and discussions, which might have been completed/ closed years ago. I also dislike the idea of dissolving those...
  4. Sitra Achara

    Temple+ Support

    Download Temple Plus v1.0 Changelog Instructions Download & Run the setup From the link above, get TemplePlusSetup.exe and run it. This installs Temple+ and the Configuration utility, including Start Menu shortcuts. Once the installation finishes, it will automatically run the...

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