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final fantasy

  1. Carpincho Pampeano

    Best games in their respective series that fans hated.

    It's no secret that most gaymers have sub 80IQ so when they can't smash their way through and are required to stop and think they throw a fit on the internet. Name more instances that devs tried to make the best product possible but they forgot that at the end of the day their series was for...
  2. Falksi

    Are the Final Fantasy Series games Beginner RPGs?

    As the topic says, do you think that the Final Fantasy Series of games are beginner RPGs?
  3. Carpincho Pampeano

    Confess in this thread.

    I have never finished a Final Fantasy game, the only one i almost finished was FF X which i dropped at Yunalesca. They always feel very corporate unlike Dragon Quest games which are full of SOVL.
  4. Falksi

    Incline Final Fantasy 6 - New Hack

    I'm not a fan of the game, but there's no doubt many love it. So if you're one of them you may want to check out this new hack for it. Romhacking.net - Hacks - Final Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX (English Translation) This ROM hack retains the existing game and adds a ton of new, creative...
  5. Thac0

    Squeenix Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster - New Remasters of Final Fantasy I-VI

    It is quite impressive how little information they gave with this trailer. In the press release (https://press.na.square-enix.com/THE-FINAL-FANTASY-PIXEL-REMASTER-SERIES-BRINGS-FINAL-FANTASY-I-THROUGH) it says that those games are released individually. From the screenshot it shows that those...
  6. Puukko

    Final Fantasy XVI

  7. Lesser known JRPGs, sci-fi settings, odd themes, experimental subjects, fan-translations, etc...

    I wasn't actually sure whether this topic was better off in the general RPG forum or the JRPG forum. It's rare these days to actually feel like you are exploring a brand new world, experimenting without any guide, not knowing where to go, not knowing what a spell/command even does. Every FF...
  8. Rumors about Final Fantasy X-3

    I read how Square Enix is thinking of doing FF X-3. Interesting but shouldn't be attempted without X's original writers and directors! https://www.vgr.com/square-enix-comments-on-the-possibility-of-final-fantasy-x-3/
  9. Carls Barkley

    Prestigious Battle - FFT or Tactics Ogre

    Don't have time to play both. I already have the original PS1 versions, but am willing to get the PSP remasters if necessary.
  10. luj1

    Can someone summarize to me the appeal of JRPGs?

    Can someone summarize to me the appeal of JRPGs? Personally they're not my cup of tea, I tried a few but I'm genuinely curious thanks
  11. Interstellar

    MMORPGs with the best crafting system

    Being playing WoW for a while and recently started to look into a whole new life with a whole new MMO. Strange as it may sound but I am one of the few who actually enjoyed crafting in WOW. So I started to look up for some popular MMORPGs with a fullfledged crafting system. I made this guide for...
  12. Difference between JRPGs and CRPGs towns... Tolkien/Beowulf

    JRPG towns don't seem to have a lot of interactivity, but are sometimes quite high in purely artistic expression. It might have the feel of being a tourist haven, or a city of high culture, or recently recovering from a war, or have a set-piece calmness to it where people enjoy the finer things...
  13. Squeenix SO3 (PS4) (Galaxy) streams (Come say Hi!)

    Hey everyone. So my brother has been streaming for about 4 months so far. He plays a TON of J-RPGs (and a tiny bit of LoL) and is currently playing star ocean 3 on the ps4 on galaxy mode on his twitch. If you' re looking for a chill, mellow j-rpg stream to hang out at, come give him a hi! He...

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