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  1. Apostle Hand

    When will shoutbox return?

    Almost every forum, even most shitty one have it. Will it be brought back anytime soon?
  2. puur prutswerk

    Glp Has Video Chat.

    Not trying to instill any feelings or anything I just... I mean, I like you codex, I really do. I love you actually. And I will stay. You will not get rid of me that easily, but I need to chat and I need to do it in and out of the jungle (discord). And Glp has video chat. And even though I am...
  3. Apostle Hand

    Why is shoutbox hidden until you log in?

    Why do you keep stuffing shit under your carpet? Let it loose, for all world to see.
  4. Jonathan "Zee Nekomimi

    Why Hando was banned from the codex AGAIN 2.0

    Just preparing the ground for what's possible to come later this day. :troll:
  5. HeroMarine

    Vapourware Ban Dakasha, Marat, and the rest of shoutbox simps (too many to list)

    No text
  6. Jenkem

    Crispy abusing his mod powers in shoutbox which he shouldn't have per the agreement made.

    He deletes shouts and bans people. This is in direct violation of the agreement made between asfasdf and the staff. He was using his ill-gotten mod powers to harass Watser earlier today. It was painful to watch and many of us are still suffering. He also demands that everyone in the box...
  7. GrafvonMoltke

    Let's Read Let's build a city fit for all codexers - The Wagie Cage

    Prologue 2042: Shoutbox Central. The ruins of codex civilisation dot the landscape, like those annoying crushed pieces of cereal at the end of a box. Strewn throughout the wreckage of a once bustling centre of commerce and culture remains a few lost, exhausted souls. They wander around this...
  8. Gregz

    Incline How to permanently remove Polish from Shoutbox

    1) Install uBlock Origin onto your browser 2) Add the following line to your uBlock filters rpgcodex.net##div>*>li:has-text(/kurwa|polacy|siema|prz|czsz|czy|trw|ą|ć|ę|ł|ń|ś|ż|ź|\bwar\b/i)
  9. grimace

    Official Anthem of the Shoutbox

    Tears For Fears - Shout (Official Music Video) [Chorus: Roland Orzabal & Curt Smith] Shout, shout, let it all out These are the things I can do without Come on I'm talking to you, come on Shout, shout, let it all out These are the things I can do without Come on I'm talking to you, come on...
  10. Kalin

    Incline Shoutbox should be part of General Discussion

    Although nominally "neutral" the Shoutbox has steadily drifted towards the lower planes of General Discussion. GD posting has now generated critical mass; it is only natural for the Shoutbox to be fully absorbed and transformed into a true free-fire idea zone, a gentlemen's chat within the...
  11. Zed

    shoutbox is fucken broken

    it doesnt scroll to the bottom when someone has written something. only sometimes. or i dunno. its fucken broken.

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