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  1. Socrates

    Struggling to deal with Sentry Bots

    I recently got into Depot A....didn't find the mutants too troublesome. Blasted them with psi from range and whack them with machete when they close the distance. I am however very annoyed with Sentry Bots. I cannot find an efficient way to kill them. I know EMP grenades will be the go-to but I...
  2. darkfader

    If I really enjoy Underrail, which games should I look into?

    For some odd reason I am unable to enjoy party based RPGs (cRPGs?) due to the party mechnics, so I picked up Underrail and highly enjoying it. I like the fact that nothing is handed to me on a silver platter, and with some patience, I am able to progress (solving/thinking). With this in mind...
  3. agris

    Underrail: Infusion pre-release megathread

    Not an expansion, it’s a standalone game. You will not be able to import your character from Underrail. Infusion has a separate protagonist. Release date TBD. ************************** I'm correcting an error that the editors at this prestigious magazine overlooked for too long: the lack of...
  4. damager

    Tranulity vs Psychosis

    What will you choose and why? Pure Psy build is the context.
  5. Ghulgothas

    Underrail Custom Portrait Thread

    In the interest of keeping the primary thread focused, please post any and all custom portraits and packs for this game there are here. I know a few of the older ones have had broken links for some time. Here's the one I made to start with. .ZIP
  6. Tygrende

    Underrail - Ironman

    I think it's about time to share my endeavor with the Codex - I'm currently in the process of trying and documenting my attempts at beating Underrail on DOMINATING without reloading/dying - currently on my 2nd attempt, pretty close to Depot A, going smoothly so far. I wouldn't exactly call this...
  7. Yaz

    Underrail Ironman

    Or playing Underrail without dying. During the years I've played Underrail I've noticed a lot of people under the impression that one cannot play this game with deterministic 100 % success. There have been folks who've went flawless before the recent Psi changes(and possibly even after...
  8. How is the hit chance of grenades calculated?

    So it happened again in Underrail. I'm pretty sure it's the same in AoD, Wasteland 2 and Arcanum. Even though i haven't skilled throwing at all the grenades hit the enemies far more often than 23%. The 23% must be the chance to throw at the targeted tile. But how great is the chance that i...
  9. Gregz

    I want to sort my inventory by weight

    Underrail has a very punishing encumbrance system, can we please have a filter so we can better manage our carried weight?
  10. Fyodor Dostoevsky

    Found a fallout rip off called "Underrail"

    Somedays ago, I found this weird game called "Underrail", and I will tell you why this is the worst thing since Hitler (although Hitler is actually someone I do admire). The game is isometric, its a rpg, its post-apocalyptic, and the ennemies are mutants. Sounds similar ? Not only that, but its...
  11. Leechmonger

    About to finish the Foundry, the tedium is getting to me. Guide me to the fun parts

    I just killed The Beast, that quest was boring as fuck (even with looking stuff up online). All the problems I have with the game are getting amplified the longer I play it: 1. Game doesn't respect the player's time. Respawning trash mobs, slow walking speed, inconveniently placed shops, timed...
  12. I'm Big Into Anal

    Underrail screenshot thread

    put 'em in here
  13. Diggfinger

    Underrail works on Mac (Wineskin)

    Good news! I managed to the final (GOG.com) version of Underrail on my Mac. I used this empty wrapper https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5044101/Underrail%20%28Empty%29.zip uploaded by cplr on the Underrail forum (our Good Lord and Savior bless his soul). It includes all the necessary...
  14. Blaine

    Underrail: The Incline Awakens

    http://www.underrail.com/ https://af.gog.com/game/underrail?as=1649904300 https://af.gog.com/game/underrail_expedition?as=1649904300 [/spoiler]
  15. Kem0sabe

    Underrail - Serbian pillow talk, turning Tricks, taking tips

    In interest of creating a space where our collective mental breakdown over how awesome Underrail is, doesnt hamper our discussion of gameplay mechanics, quest solutions and general crafting dumbfuckery, this here info was shamefully pulled from magnificently thorough Underrail Wiki The wiki is...

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