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witcher 3

  1. Why the fuck is Witcher 3 #15 on the Codex top 101?

    Lets pretend I'm retarded for a New York minute here. Explain to me why the fuck is Witcher 3 number fucking 15 on the list? How the fuck did that happen? What the fuck guys... it's fucking above Underrail... WITCHER 3... ABOVE UNDERRAIL! HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Is this reddit? Am I on...
  2. Falksi

    What Makes Games Wank - Gaming Contradictions

    Good game, bad game & everything in-between is obviously pretty subjective to a fair degree. But these debates seem to center around the same aspects such as gameplay, writing, RPG elements & their implementation etc. What I've noticed over the years, and something which I feel doesn't get...
  3. Blizzard Hires Sebastian Stępień

    He's the creative director for Witcher 3, Witcher 2, and their new Cyberpunk game. Figured this should go in MMO, since that tends to be Blizzard's thing.
  4. Dedicated_Dark

    The enchanced edition mod makes all the right changes to stats.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt_cPLr0Ic8 I find the overall changes just incredible. CD Projekt is unable to balance their game, I'm over that. This mod makes all the right changes to most of the systems. Kudos to the maker. I most certainly will be using this when playing the GOTY edition...
  5. MicoSelva

    Incline Digital Dragons 2016 videos

    Digital Dragons have released three videos from this year's event, and two of them are pretty interesting for gaming history followers (David Brevik talks about Diablo; John Romero tells of id Software's early days), while the third is a trendy Witcher Wild Hunt evironment art talk. ---...

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