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Beat Saber


Dec 11, 2018
It is great normie bait but there are much, much better games for the platform.

With all these new headsets coming out, i'm cautiously optimistic for some more good games coming down the pipeline.

Doktor Best

Feb 2, 2015
Ankle weights are a bad idea honestly. Surefire way to fuck up your joints.

I prefer Synth Riders but yeah Beat Saber is fine too. I just got jaded towards Beat Games since they blatantly lied about the Quest store standalone version getting custom songs (which it never did). They also screwed up the optimization so now there are infrequent framespikes causing you to miss hits and of course there is no crossbuy so i can't play it on pc without buying it again.

So yeah fuck them. In Synth Riders you get crossbuy, have more movement variety, get custom song support without mods, and it runs perfectly on standalone.

Pistol Whip is cool too but gets repetitive because there are no custom songs.

If you want to focus on workout i'd personally go with Les Mills Bodycombat (it has annoying coaches though that you can't turn off) or my favorite, Thrill of the Fight.

Nock is also a stellar movement intensive game. Its a shame the playerbase is so small.


Man with forever hair
Jul 22, 2019
RPG Wokedex

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