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Classic or Oddity

Which XP system do you preffer?

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Jul 16, 2005
Small but great planet of Potatohole
voted oddity.

ps: why is rusty roaming like a creep in each and every underrail thread?
Rusty is in every single thread since 4 years ago.
But is it me or he became even more trollish / butthurt / annoying lately? He used to make some better posts in the past. I think. I might be biased.

Voted oddity, of curse, never even considered playing the other one. We have a game that makes something different, interesting... and, surprisingly, it works well! Why would i choose an afterthought (in this game) system that never worked greatly in any game with any amount of respawning enemies.


Aug 17, 2014
>ubisoft collectathon
Shame on you mainstream gamers. Styg copied curiosities from Haven & Hearth. (Circa 2010, H&H's XP system has considerably evolved since.)

The system never fit Underrail quite the same way it did its original game (linear singleplayer RPG progression vs open-ended MMORPG) but oddities were an excellent problem-solving addition nevertheless at the time Styg introduced them. Now that the game is complete and years have passed, oddity is no longer a major improvement. Still better than kill XP, even with its flaws.


Cis-Het Oppressor
Oct 6, 2012
Roanoke, VA
Grab the Codex by the pussy
Still better than kill XP, even with its flaws.

Poppycock. If kill XP is problematic, then so by extension is Underrail, because the game itself is extremely combat-heavy and combat encounters are one of the primary sources of Underrail's content (exploration, quite fortunately, is another primary source). The vast majority of skills and feats also pertain exclusively or at least primarily to combat; only a small minority do not. Crafting skills indirectly augment your combat capabilities, that's their main draw, and they may as well be considered combat skills themselves.

I have no doubt it's possible to pull off a "minimal kills run," I'm sure, as a challenge; but in actual practice, a good chunk of the fun in this game comes from using your current build to obliterate enemies differently than you did the last time, and that's what people are discussing 99% of the time.

Keep in mind that exploration is extremely important to me, so much so that I'm still salty about the addition of the automap. I like the ability to get lost and confused, and I love to explore.

This game is way, way more about killing shit than it is about not killing shit. Subterfuge skills merely allow you to steal shit to use in combat, and to start combat with the element of surprise on your side. Therefore, I have no idea why people consider combat XP to be sinful when the game itself is so very clearly a combatfag game.

Perhaps Oddity is one big cope from people who are in denial that it's a combatfag game. I fucking love Underrail, but I'm not in denial about what it actually is.


Just like Yves, I chase tales.
May 3, 2018
The land of ice and snow.
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I played with both, and the scaling seems largely similar, but I do enjoy Classic more, because it feels less restrained.

And I feel it feels less dopamine-reliant. Anything less dopamine-reliant is better in my book.


Jan 2, 2020
Oddity sucked when you complete a difficult part only to be rewarded with something you already collected the maximum of earlier. It would be better without those limits I think.

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