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Codex is sending a representative to visit inXile


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Jun 18, 2002
The RPG Codex doth duly let it be known that we will be sending one (1) uno representative to inXile to ask them questions on anything and everything inXile, including their latest release.

Those who would like to submit questions may do so here, and we will endeavour to ask them.


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Nov 17, 2012
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Who is the sacrificial lamb? InXile get a juicy Codex soul to feast on - what do we get out of the deal? Yes, you can use that as a question.

Now that the Kickstarter boom that reinitialised InXile is over, and the result has been a series of diminishing returns, what does Fargo see as InXile's future direction? Are they content to continue working with old IP, relying on the fading nostalgia factor, or do they have new ideas under wraps.

The Wasteland 2 campaign was fuelled by mocking big publishers. Now that InXile is working with publishers, has that relationship been awkward given their previous schtick? Does Fargo see InXile has remaining relatively small and catering to a niche market, or does he want them to become nu-Interplay, competing with the big boys?

If it's the latter, then how does he imagine he's going to compete without going mainstream, and thus alienating the faithful who funded his renaissance?


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Nov 8, 2008
I have a few:


How have PS4 sales been?

Why did they make the pirate an actual butt pirate?

Did they start over from scratch after they fired Saunders?

Game is called Torment: Tides of Numeria but I only recall using the tides once or twice all game even though this is apparently what pisses Sorrow off.

Game is called Torment: Tides of Numeria but the castoff is basically an innocent being with no real torments.

Why is the game is called Torment: Tides of Numenera when we only use the tides once or twice all game even though this is apparently what pisses Sorrow off? Were the tides more cut content?

Why is the game called Torment: Tides of Numenera but the castoff is basically an innocent being with no real torments?


Is Cochise AI going to be the villain in Wasteland 3?

edit: Made sure all questions were in a form of a question.
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Jun 4, 2010
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Ask them what exactly do they mean with the vague statements about trimming down party management and making the TB combat "faster" and "snappier" for Wasteland 3. It all sounds suspiciously like dumbing down.


Oct 26, 2012
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Is this the work of their new Community Manager (if they hired one yet) or did someone there finally realize what they've done?

Reaching out again does nothing for me, I still won't pledge to a crowdfunding campaign or buy one of their games ever again. Especially if Brother None and sea are still at the company.

Prime Junta

How big was the T:ToN budget?

How was it spent -- breakdown on programming, asset creation, writing, scripting, console porting?

Who made the decisions to cut the promised content (base and stretch goals?)


Who made the decision to attempt to keep it quiet until release?

Why? Is it because it didn't occur to you that anyone would notice or care, or because it did occur to you but you decided to go with it anyway?

Can you describe your editorial/critical process? What steps did a piece of text, a piece of art, a map, or a model go through to make it into the game?

Who was in charge of the aesthetics, or was anyone? What standards did you have for them? Was he/she the same person who was in charge of the aesthetics for the Kickstarter campaign?

If not, when and why did this change?

Who designed the Crises? How did you take into account feedback from the beta with regards to them?

Did you playtest the unavoidable ones with continuously-spawning creatures? If so, what was the feedback, and how did you take it into account?

How did your team communicate, being spread over half the globe? How frequently did you meet face to face? What did you do in these meetings?

Tides were originally supposed to be central to the game. They were supposed to be something that hurts your companions while helping you. I didn't notice anything of the sort mechanically, although it was referenced in the story. Did you ever have an idea for how this was supposed to work mechanically?


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Aug 22, 2016
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What can change the nature of a man? :argh:
When should we expect Choplifter 2 kickstarter campaign? :obviously:
Who is the new community manager and why is it Infinitron? :dance:
T:ToN definitive edition: when and why it won't happen.:shittydog:
If you could go back in time, would you still spend all kickstarter money on hookers? :salute:


Apr 21, 2013
How much of the stretch gold cash (numenera) was used to create the console version of the game?

Do you feel you owe the backers something back for cutting half the stretch goals?


May 18, 2015
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I would ask them how do they rate the (underwhelming) reception of T:TON and if they insist on supporting consoles even when their products do not succeed there and it only leads to simplifying systems that PC users like


Apr 18, 2008
Especially if Brother None and sea are still at the company.

I wouldn't put them as a main problem, but these two faggots certainly helped to make inXile look even worse in my eyes.

All that self-importance, lying, dodging and corporate behavior is absolutely disgusting.


I have a few:


Game is called Torment: Tides of Numeria but I only recall using the tides once or twice all game even though this is apparently what pisses Sorrow off.

Game is called Torment: Tides of Numeria but the castoff is basically an innocent being with no real torments.

These two aren't really questions are they? Seem like just statements to me. Random.


..when you think of questions to ask..

And realize not a one of them would even be considered for a reply.

And speaking of which? Boss? Whom are we sending?


Jun 15, 2009
Why are they developing it for console ? Who thought the average joe after a day of work would take his controller, sit in the couch, and read big walls of text on his TV instead of playing horizon dawn ?Will they fire the guy ?

Why make it turn based when there's very little strategic options ?

After torment critical success and sales, the codex is considered tier 1 again...Does that means they want us to send them some foodstamps? Would MRE military surplus do ?

Years of developement many years late, yet 20 hours only for a playthrough , bugs and battles hardlocking the pc, why ?

Will they plan a torment 2 kickstarter or the IP is dead and buried now ?

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