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Game News Colony Ship Early Access Update: New Content & Second System Update


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio

The Colony Ship Early Access build was supposed to have received an update in late October adding new Chapter 3 content to its starting location, the Pit. It ended up taking far longer than expected to finalize due to Iron Tower's decision to pair it with a second major systems overhaul, which seems to have become the centerpiece of the update. In addition to balance changes, new weapons and improved visuals, the update also adds a "death timer" mechanic which allows characters to survive being knocked out in combat if the battle is ended quickly enough. The rather brief update announcement has more details:

You can finally return to the Pit to continue the story and deal with new problems, while enjoying new system improvements, most notably:

- A death timer. Now when a party member goes down in combat, you have 3 turns to end the fight to save the fallen comrade. There are minor side effects that slowly add up, so don't take the dirt nap too often,

- Improved combat AI

- Extensive balance changes (feats, implants, attacks, weapons, gadgets, grenades, enemies)

- Improved looting mechanics

- New weapons, improved icons

- Improved visuals

To see the full changelog, click here

While we're very happy with the overall state (grazes work all throughout the game, critical chance and damage depend more on your builds, evasion works as we envisioned, reactions work better, item progression and feats are improved, etc), the numbers will still need some work and we'll continue monitoring your feedback.

Since it's already December, we'd like to use this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your support.​

Due to the late release, the game's entire Early Access roadmap has been pushed back by one month. The next location update (featuring the hometown of the ship's mutant population) is supposed to be out next month and the final update is scheduled for late July.


Feb 8, 2020
down under
Rather surprised to see no comments on this. Going by Age of Decadence, this will be the RPG of the decade!


A Memory of Eternity
Oct 7, 2019
My only complaint so far is the scars/debuffs:

- Still Alive: Fell in combat 1 time, HP -1.
- Not My Time Yet: Fell in combat 3 times, HP -2, Evasion -1.
- Hard To Kill: Fell in combat 5 times, HP -3, Evasion -2, Initiative -1.
- Back From The Dead: Fell in combat 7 times, HP -5, Evasion -3, Initiative -2.
- Revenant: Fell in combat 10 times or more, HP -5, Evasion -5, Initiative -5.

They have such cool-sounding names, but they're debuffs. I think after downing enough times (10+?), you should tack on buffs to them.

Because they're too badass for death, obviously.

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