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Wasteland Commander Retard's Wasteland 2 Impressions

May 6, 2009
Glass Fields, Ruins of Old Iran
If I had to compare W2's writing to any existing game, I'd say Morrowind. Which means: shit.

no u


Garbageland 2 is a failure no matter what you retards think.Just because some people from Inxile kept in touch with this site ,this game should ignore criticism? Fuck sake,this forum is full of shallow bastards that shun everyone who dares to make fun of their protege.And what's with the bad attitude against new members? As soon as someone new starts criticizing your special games ,every autistic cunt starts ''Niu fag so edggiiiii''

The codex is (in)famous for being a den of raging cunts. When a guy that registered yesterday walks in and starts schooling everyone on how they're going soft on him, he's gonna look like a tryhard faggot even if his points have some merit. Also, you don't get to demand well thought replies when your posts are variations of "it's shit and I hate it".
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Burning Bridges

Enviado de meu SM-G3502T usando Tapatalk
Apr 21, 2006
Tampon Bay
Not that I give a damn about this game anymore but it's Captain Retard's right to say it's shit.

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