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Darkest Dungeon II - now available on Early Access - coming February


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Staff member
Jan 28, 2011
RPG Wokedex Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Darkest Dungeon II - Hero Paths: The Jester

The Jester.
"Unchained melodies, played feverishly with lute and blade."


Virtuoso or Soloist?

The Virtuoso Path utilizes the Jester’s musical acumen to soothe the party and keep meltdowns at bay. The Virtuoso boasts improved stress healing and resistance, higher speed, and larger health pool. The price is a reduced Bleed, Blight, and Burn resistance, however.

Virtuoso Jesters have a chance to negate Stress damage to their allies, further amplifying their usual Stress control capabilities and occasionally sparing them a turn of maintenance work. The Path’s increased Speed is useful for first strike tactics but the HP buff, while helpful, is somewhat offset by the Jester’s extreme vulnerability to DOTs.

Since the Virtuoso Path penalizes neither Bleeds nor damage, this path can support any Jester playstyle you normally enjoy. Like Bleeding monsters dry? Grab a Corrupted Bile Gland. Prefer to dance through the lines while you deal damage? Try the Grim Mask to strengthen your blade. Prefer to use your Jester as support? Clenching Claws will keep him in his place while he buffs the party.

No amount of Trinketing is really going to offset the lost resistances across the board, so keeping Dodge up with Razor’s Wit or keeping enemies Taunted with a Hellion or Leper can go a long way towards keeping your Jester safe. If you’re lucky, you can offset the penalties on a Biome-by-Biome basis – e.g. using the Kitchen Knives in the Foetor – or rely on a Plague Doctor’s Ounce of prevention to counter the majority of the loss. A little luck with the Sneaker’s Standard can do as well.

The Jester is likely too fast for anybody to assist him with Combo in the first round of battle but Finale can still make for a solid first strike to remove low-health targets like Livestock. Less monsters on the field means less chance he’s eating DOTs!


The Soloist Path focuses on the Jester’s cutting performance to inflict damage on the enemies, giving him increased damage, bleed chance, and crit on bleed skills. Even though the Soloist’s Max HP and SPD is diminished, having a Jester with strong offensive power to take down enemies makes it worthwhile.

Soloist Jesters are glass cannons, capable of dealing out Bleeds and respectable direct damage at a severe cost to their already limited HP. Razor’s Wit and Fade to Black don’t gain much damage from the buffs but they still provide useful Dodge and Blind Tokens. Slice Off and Harvest shine for dishing out the DOTs and Finale’s damage output, particularly when Combo is involved, is staggeringly high.

The Speed debuff can actually work to the Jester’s advantage, giving a chance for a faster Hero – a Highwayman with Tracking Shot, for instance – to Combo mark a target before the Jester’s Finale.

The Soloist Path grants enough of a buff to Bleed that you can probably forgo Bleed Chance Trinkets unless you really want to hedge your bets, in which case the Corrupted Bile Gland can close the remaining distance.

The usual damager boosters – Gnarly Knuckles or Sharpness Charms – will serve well if Finale is your Jester’s focus. The Busker’s Haul gives you a great chance of following up with an additional action after Finale scores a kill but it’s less useful if you’re focusing on the DOT end of this Path as monsters slain by DOTs won’t trigger it.

Pairing the Jester with somebody who can tank, like the Man-at-Arms, will help keep him alive long enough to do his job if you don’t want to use Trinket slots to offset his HP penalty. Lean into that glass cannon life and Bleed all that stand before you!


Community Impression
The community’s preferred path was Virtuoso for both Twitter and Discord. On Twitter Virtuoso had 61.6% votes versus 38.4% for Soloist, and on Discord Virtuoso had 92 votes and Soloist had 33.


"Virtuoso leans into his unique abilities more, which I like especially after stress healing abilities became a little less accessible with plague doctor losing hers.
Virtuoso can allow me to prioritize other things besides stress healing with combat items and the like."
- @crowboyo

"Virtuoso has saved me from many a meltdown.
Mostly because I'm terrible at managing stress.
But let's just ignore that and call it a planned event."
- @Britishbrat

"Virtuoso, I have him in the 4th rank as full support
No attack capability but he's back there pulling the strings
I use Encore and Battle Ballad to give the heavy hitters more turns and damage, and I shuffle teammates around while giving stress healing if necessary
Loving paths."
- @AcidSeth


"100% Stress Resist goes a long way in this game. Love when it proccs on multiple allies also, it's just beautiful seeing them resist crit stress, especially against bosses" - Koffee

"Virtuoso seems almost like bulwark in that it’s a complete upgrade to jesters base kit with minimal drawback for the amazing upsides. The stress resist buff is amazing, even more so for infernal players since stress gained from being crit is semi random. However, I can’t help but vote for soloist just because of how great having a slow jester with extra finale damage is, bleed skill crit is just a bonus. Virtuoso might be better but soloist has my heart." - Halltaker

"Virtuoso is the better of the 2 imo. The bonus HP really helps to mitigate the dot resist penalty, and jester still has all the build freedom of the stock set. It's a straight upgrade in every way, easier to use than soloist, and more flexible." - ShuffleFM

"Virtuoso's increase stat of Max HP and SPD is really great benefit.
While his penalty of 'dot resist' is really insignificant one when considering 'infectious' condition.
Soloist is worse than wanderer jester
33% damage increase is really trivial while bleeding skill crit 10% is 'somehow' adorable with using harvest.
However, main threat of soloist is 21 Health. In order to cope with the penalty, jester need to use solo for increasing his survaiality but -3 speed also interferes it.
Shortly) Virtuoso >> Wanderer >>>>> Soloist"
- Karyuen

"Virtuoso Is just a lot of good stuff. It makes the Jester a solid support character. The extra speed makes it so you often act before other characters letting you set up combos. The extra HP means you can stay in position 1-2 a bit safer. The Stress resist adds up over the long game in better relationships." - kilerM

If you would like to vote on which hero we write about next, come over to our Discord server!

We would also love to hear your thoughts on the Leper’s paths, how it’s changed your playstyle, what trinkets you use, and any suggestions you may have. The best way of providing feedback is to join our Discord server where we have a dedicated feedback channel.

To join our Discord server follow the link below:


Thank you everyone for being a part of the community and taking a part of this ride through the crumbling chaos of the world.


Jun 7, 2020
I think it's pretty clear who's the target for this game is considering the only recurring discord emoticon.:hmmm:

Also putting the opinion of your average discord user and his retarded talk in your news feed is a disgrace.


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Staff member
Jan 28, 2011
RPG Wokedex Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Darkest Dungeon II - Hero Paths: The Grave Robber

The Grave Robber.
"Agile, graceful, and singularly surreptitious."


Deadeye or Nightsworn?
The Deadeye Path hones in on Grave Robber’s keen eyes to enhance her ranged precision. This allows her to keep her distance while still effectively taking down enemies, but it comes at a great cost to her melee damage and resistances.

If you enjoy running a Grave Robber’s ranged kit, then this is the Path for you. While the damage penalty to Melee skills is severe, the ranged bonus enhances many of her options. The Path’s CRIT bonus, coupled with the Combo bonus on skills like Thrown Dagger+, can put the Grave Robber close to a 100% CRIT rate!

The extra ranged damage makes Pirouette an excellent opener, makes Thrown Dagger+ CRITs all the more crushing, and makes it easier for Glint in the Dark to score kills that bypass Death’s Door.

Did You Know: Her relationship joint/retaliation attacks are considered melee, so they are also subject to this Path’s penalty.

With Lunge’s efficacy reduced, the Grave Robber will be doing less intentional rank dancing of her own but the Deadeye Path leaves her susceptible to being moved by enemy skills. Fortunately, Pirouette can quickly get her back to a proper Ranged strike position.

The Raven’s Reach line of Trinkets are obvious picks for supporting the Grave Robber’s ranged damage output, while the Heartseeker line can close what little gap there is to the 100% CRIT mark on her Combo hits. The Foreclosure Notice can then use that high CRIT rate to grant bonus turns.

Alternatively, Trinkets like the Sneaker’s Standard or Covert Cloak can grant the Grave Robber bonus Stealth, further enhancing her Glint in the Dark and Thrown Dagger skills or enabling fast access to Repartee.

With The Nightsworn path, the Grave Robber disappears into the shadows until the opportune moment. Her stealthiness increases her Lunge and Pirouette damage, allowing her to quickly strike down unsuspecting enemies. Additionally, concealment allows her to still avoid damage despite her Max HP being reduced.

The Nightsworn Path is for Grave Robbers who love to dance between the ranks, retreating with a Pirouette or Shadow Fade before punching forward again with a powerful Lunge.

While all of her skills gain bonus damage under Stealth – making skills with inherent Stealth bonuses such as Thrown Dagger or Glint in the Dark even better – both Pirouette and Lunge gain significant additional damage bonuses of their own. With the buffs stacked, these two skills gain a crushing +100% damage!

However, the significant HP penalty can make it dangerous for the Grave Robber to operate near the front ranks. If you have nobody to cover her or aren’t comfortable putting her at that risk, a Nightsworn Grave Robber can still remain in the back rows and focus on the Stealth damage bonus alone.

It’s also difficult for Pirouette to gain the Stealth damage bonus without Trinket assistance, as Shadow Fade moves her too far back to use it. You can try pairing her with a Jester, whose Battle Ballad can move her back to Pirouette position after Shadow Fade while also granting a Strength Token for a total +150% damage bonus!

Did You Know: From Stealth, Glint in the Dark can kill monsters with Death’s Door before they even reach 0 HP. It is currently the only skill in the game capable of doing so.

With the Grave Robber’s damage bonuses affecting both melee and ranged alike, the Sharpness Charm Trinkets can be good picks for an all around boost. If you’re staying back and relying on the Stealth bonus alone to fuel your damage, then the Raven’s Reach Trinkets are slightly better options.

However, with so many damage bonuses involved in the Path already, you can really get away with doing other things for her Trinkets. If you use Pirouette often, Trinkets that apply bonus negative effects such as the Disarming Dagger can assist the rest of the party. The Sneaker’s Standard or His Rings can help net the Stealth bonus without expending a turn. The Foreclosure Notice is a solid pick if your Grave Robber is paired with a Hero that can set her up for Combo hits.

For the cautious, the Hag’s Hoard will almost entirely offset the HP penalty.


Community Impression

The community’s preferred path was split between Twitter and Discord. On Twitter, it was a close call with Deadeye at 55.5% votes and 44.5% for Soloist. On Discord however, Nightsworn won by a landslide with 147 votes versus 67 votes for Deadeye.

Nightsworn is very fun with a mobile party. Using grave robber with highwayman to have the revolving door style constant high-damage output just feel so good (as long as you have someone protecting her). Probably my best run to date was carried by constant 40+ damage lunge crits. - @crowboyo

Love nightsworn for the fun more than anything. Built with a team that can run things from any position and suddenly no matter the shuffle you're dealing heavy damage and feeling free - @Britishbrat

Nightsworn Graverobber with the Dreaming General Trophy that locks everyone into place is so much fun.. - @AcidSeth

I think both paths are really good, but deadeye is easier to use. The game doesn't have many dedicated backline heroes so deadeye helps with that. Nightsworn also requires hero shrine unlocks which means it doesn't do much for you until you play GR a lot. Otherwise both are good and fun to use. - ShuffleFM

I personally find Nightsworn to be a little awkward, and not at the fault of the stats itself mostly; Lunge and Pirouette are already fun to use (other than 4 damage Lunges) and this build encourages their use, which also lets players build around the rank 4/2 Grave Robber who will be pushing at least two other heroes into new positions…
Deadeye is what makes me think of DD1. Crit, Damage, big bold numbers make me happy. It's very simple, it's very effective, and with Glint in the Dark it's also not awkward for her when she's forced to rank 1 or has to target a rank 1 enemy. I actually feel like Deadeye is just a natural buff to her normal playstyle, although for people who like to use Lunge and Pick to the Face, it is not for them. I personally don't mind the melee nerf, it makes hardly a difference to me. - Koffee

Deadeye encourages range attack with bonus dmg and crit in exchange of melee dmg. Surely adorable paths bc 5% crit up is surely good.
Nightsworn paths sacrifice her health and get her dmg buff when stealthed or lunge, pirouette.
Unlike soloist, warlock and alchemist, GR can survive well with absinthe, eating tombstone or shadow fade. This can help her survivality.
Currently, deadeye is more attractive than nightsworn. - Karyuen

Nightsworn OOZES style and that's the sole reason it gets my vote.
But I think Deadeye is generally more consistent because GR lacks consistent stealth abuse. - Chibi

If you would like to vote on which hero we write about next, come over to our Discord server!
We would also love to hear your thoughts on the Leper’s paths, how it’s changed your playstyle, what trinkets you use, and any suggestions you may have. The best way of providing feedback is to join our Discord server where we have a dedicated feedback channel.

To join our Discord server follow the link below:


Thank you everyone for being a part of the community and taking a part of this ride through the crumbling chaos of the world.


Aug 23, 2015
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
The last I played the Russian version, the relationship is kinda a failure spiral kind of thing that's insanely annoying. To the point that 100% you want to always pick plague doctor to artificially boost your morale early and then avoid all and any combat

Most combat reward resources and trinket, but the upgrade you gain from trinket is not worth taking morale and relation damage. You get stronger on paper but when you lose half of your turns in combat due to bickering, the weaker but high morale party will essentially perform the same or plain better. So player ended up avoiding all combat just to beeline as much as possible to final objective. Resources can also be gained from non-combat node so no reason at all to take combat.


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Staff member
Jan 28, 2011
RPG Wokedex Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Darkest Dungeon II - Hero Paths: The Occultist

The Occultist.
"Witness the infernal and blasphemous power of the void!"


Warlock or Ritualist?

The Warlock path takes advantage of the Occultist’s ability to wield occult energies, allowing him to keep his distance from enemies while dealing increased damage. However, he must be wary of any incoming ranged attacks, as his focus on conjurations tax his health.

Warlock Occultists lean into the glass cannon role, having significantly reduced HP and an excellent boost to their ranged – Abyssal Artillery, Daemon’s Pull, The Burning Stars – attacks. Their curses count as ranged attacks as well but 50% of nothing (or nearly nothing) is still nothing.

The 33% chance to gain Unchecked Power at the start of each turn presents an opportunity to make frequent, repeated use of The Burning Stars, particularly if you feed the Combo token it generates to Sacrificial Stab or Binding Shadows, though the latter may move you out of the safer back ranks. With a little luck, you can roll out The Burning Stars on every other turn. If you add Chaotic Offering to the mix, there’s a chance you can use it several turns in a row!

If you haven’t unlocked The Burning Stars, Abyssal Artillery still gains a reasonable back row damage boost on this path and it can use the Unchecked Power to become a double Stun.

Did You Know: The Burn DOT associated with Unchecked Power cannot be resisted, so letting unused Unchecked Power accrue can become a serious issue! Try to keep at least one skill equipped that can easily consume it before your already limited HP pool goes up in self-inflicted flames.

Raven’s Reach Trinkets are an obvious pick if you want to focus on maximizing damage but that low HP and chance of self-immolation means you might want to consider something like the Hint of Home or Befuddling Sundial to reduce the odds of your Occultist’s life reaching a sudden and fiery conclusion instead. The Buttressing Band will help him weather some attacks if you don’t have a Hero who can Guard him. Sparkleball is a solid pick if you’re focused on Abyssal Artillery, while Adrenalizing Ash can drive that first strike of the fight (turn 2 Burning Stars?) to even greater heights.


With The Ritualist path, the Occultist turns to incantations, simultaneously increasing curse damage and healing skills. The Ritualist Occultist's flexibility makes him a valuable addition to the team, but unfortunately this also makes him more vulnerable to oncoming attacks.

Whereas the Warlock Path focused on ranged attacks, the Ritualist Path is all about the strength of your blade at first glance. Sacrificial Stab gains a staggeringly large enhancement, making it all the easier to generate Unchecked Power off of kills, which conveniently feeds into Wyrd Reconstruction’s buffed healing.

If you’re the type that likes to run your Occultist as a primary debuffer, his curses – Weakening Curse and Vulnerability Hex – can provide useful Tokens. While Strength will only have value if you’re weaving in damage skills, CRIT Tokens will allow his debuffs to penetrate resistance and Dodge+ Tokens are excellent for keeping him out of trouble, particularly if he’s further forward in the ranks to make use of skills like Anamnesis.

Did You Know:Effects that further buff the damage of Sacrificial Stab, such as Strength Tokens, will provide their buffed damage based on the original base value of the skill. This means that a Strength Token on base Sacrificial Stab has 8-15 DMG (3-6 [base] + 3-6 [100% Path buff] + 2-3 [50% Strength Token]) rather than the 9-18 (6-12 + 3-6 [50% for Strength Token]) that you might have expected. This is currently applicable to all similar buffs.

Vulnerability and Block Tokens like to cancel each other out, so the negative side of the Ritualist Path can potentially be avoided through use of Trinkets like the Bouncer’s Belt. If your Occultist is a debuffer, Wolfsblood Trinkets will keep him in prime initiative order.

Gnarly Knuckles Trinkets are clear picks if you just want to land Sacrificial Stab damage but the Unchecked Power you produce can also fuel Anamnesis, which is an excellent skill to use in conjunction with any Trinket that applies additional effects – the Dead Ringer would get 4 chances to roll Stun!

Community Impression

The community agreed that the Warlock path spoke to them the most. On Twitter, Warlock had 55.8% votes and 44.2% for Ritualist. On Discord, Warlock was favored with 108 votes versus 49 votes for Ritualist.


Warlock is really fun, but I find him to be unreliable and quite the liability if there's no one to protect him. 33% HP is a LOT. Ritualist just fits my preferred playstyle of doing more healing and better debuffing. And if I have to panic sacrificial stab, double damage is nice. - @crowboyo

Both here I think are very unique and fun play styles. - @Friendlybot9000

I love both of the paths but I love Ritualist even more; the idea of his cursing skills granting tokens is super interesting and fun. The Sacrificial damage is wacky (in the good way) and presents him viability in rank 2, which I have been taking advantage of whenever possible, although I wish it also translated somehow to Binding Shadows as it is a somewhat underwhelming skill (or at least to me it is)
Warlock just kinda puts him in rank 4 and makes him the Anti-Backline. Not really a bad thing because it's so fun to hit so hard, though.
I think Ritualist could probably have some interaction with Chaotic Offering, but that's just extra. - Koffee

Occ has two fun, almost balanced paths. Ritualist is very strong and has an honestly very minimal downside. Having an attack that does leper damage that can hit rank 3 is extremely powerful and the healing skills are just the cherry on top. Warlock is... interesting, you could say, since -33% max hp on a character that requires him to damage himself to get the value from ranged damage buffs is pretty crippling, and I honestly have no idea how they looked at ravager and then back at warlock and said "yeah this is balanced." but I digress, +50% damage on burning stars - also very powerful, up generation is very good. If you get even one power passively generated on round 1-3 it allows you to stars twice in a row if you offering round 1. Overall, ritualist fun, warlock more interesting in a game flooded with op paths, since it has an actual downside. - Halltaker
I feel like, with +dmg on Melee attack and +healing, Ritualist is too close to Surgeon PD. - Exurciel

Ritualist offers a lot of flexibility in what you want an Occultist to do - Sac Stab's an effective and flexible damage option (and when upgraded can even enable Untapped Power abilities with one lethal stab on a marked target), his already useful debuffs can get you additional value in positive token generation, and even Wyrd can heal more if you performed the proper rites before you booted the game up today. - BeardBroken

Two heroes are left! If you would like to vote on which hero we write about next, come over to our Discord server!


We would also love to hear your thoughts on the Occultist’s paths, how it’s changed your playstyle, what trinkets you use, and any suggestions you may have. The best way of providing feedback is to join our Discord server where we have a dedicated feedback channel.

To join our Discord server follow the link below:


Thank you everyone for being a part of the community and taking a part of this ride through the crumbling chaos of the world.


In My Safe Space
Jan 1, 2011

While I enjoy the updates I have to admit that I don't think they can finish the game by October.
They add act bosses at a much slower pace than I had anticipated.


Jul 16, 2005
Small but great planet of Potatohole
Hopefully not for awhile if they don't fix that hyper gay relationship system.

Guarantee that shit was suggested by some bitch. I smell the bitch from here. Yes I do.
Spiders have a sense of smell?


I post news
Staff member
Jan 28, 2011
RPG Wokedex Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Darkest Dungeon II: The Shroud of the Deep Update

“Propriety floats listless on the tide, brined in noxious degradation.”

We are excited to release the next update to Darkest Dungeon II!

"The Shroud of the Deep" will be available on the Experimental Branch Wednesday May 18th. It will be moved to the Live Branch after we have verified there are no critical issues. Patch notes below:

The Shroud
Your coach will find no easy purchase on the rotted, salt-soaked planks and jetties that connect the waterlogged homes of the Fisherfolk. Driven to a debased worship of the sea, the denizens of the coastal regions have taken to the water…and been changed by it.

The Shroud is a new full-sized region packed with a complete faction of amphibious horrors and a terrible threat from the lowest depths of the sea floor.

  • 7 new monsters, from the gestating Cabin Boy to the imposing Docker

  • A New Lair Boss lurks just beneath the tideline

  • 2 New Lair Boss trophies

  • 6 New region-specific trinkets

  • All new combat score by the inimitable Stuart Chatwood

  • New narration - the Academic (Wayne June) reflects on the decline of the coastal population
New Confession: Resentment
Redemption demands an acknowledgement of failures past. Sign your confession anew, and face the personification of your second sin.

This milestone introduces the next Confession/Act 2, with new story content and a new final boss.

Narrative presentation has also had an overhaul:

  • Main story narration has been moved from the Valley to the Void

  • Each Confession now has an intro, repeatable lines, and an outro that tells the game story at run start and upon successful final boss kill

  • Art panels have been added to support the main narrative

  • Reformatted the Denial narration to match the new presentation

  • Added the Resentment narration and artwork
Ordained Monsters
Monsters now have a chance to spawn as “Ordained”, which means that they are blessed with extra power by the end boss for that Confession/Act. The blessing increases the monster’s damage, health, speed, and some other stats. These powers vary based upon which Confession you signed at the outset of your journey.

The chance of a monster being Ordained increases as you approach the Mountain.

  • When in the first full region past the valley, 10% of monsters will spawn as Ordained

  • When in the second full region past the valley, 40% of monsters will spawn as Ordained

  • When in the third full region past the valley, 80% of monsters will spawn as Ordained

  • Lair bosses and corpses will never be Ordained
Related: we’ve lowered base monster HP and damage by 20%. Thus, monsters should be a little easier than before when you are in the first region. By the third full region, they should be mostly harder than before.

The goal of this feature is to establish power scaling and threat escalation as you approach the Mountain, while also slightly lowering region 1 difficulty so it’s easier to get your expedition started.

Food Redesign
The function of food has been redesigned. Before, food was used primarily to heal HP at the Inn. Now, HP is always fully healed when arriving at the Inn. Food is instead used to buff Max HP and also buff other stats. Those buffs will last for the entire next region.

Each hero can only eat one meal (consume one food item) in each Inn. So choose your best food item to feed them. The exception being the Roast Pig. You can always add a Roast Pig feast on top of everything else.

Hero base HP has been lowered by 10% across the board, to adjust for food being used to buff HP. (The worst food item buffs 10%.)

A comprehensive look at Stagecoach experience/driving/route selection/preparation will be the focus of an upcoming milestone. Meanwhile:

  • Crack the Whip! Stagecoach speed now increases once you are clear of intersections and nodes, reducing travel time between nodes!

  • Visual improvements to many nodes

  • Adjusted road object loot table (slightly bigger chance overall; more relic than anything else)

  • Infernal Torch can no longer be swapped between open stagecoach slots. Once equipped in a slot it is locked until the run is over.
Resist Encounters
  • Resist Encounters will give parties with less than 4 Heroes new options for buffed Engage and Avoid choices.

  • Fixed several small errors related to effects and glyphs.
Assistance Encounters
  • Assist Encounters are now split into 3 variants and have new loot tables as appropriate:
    • Standard: The party receives Flame primarily

    • Combat: The party receives combat-related supplies

    • Provisions: The party receives Inn items and other useful non-combat items
  • [COMMUNITY] Robbery variant Assistance Encounters de-emphasize food in exchange for more supplies/items.

  • Fixed several small errors related to effects and glyphs.
Academic Study Encounters
  • [COMMUNITY]New Avoid options for stressed Heroes

  • New Low Relic/Low Inventory Interact options for greedy Heroes

  • [COMMUNITY]Fixed Shambler Altar issues

  • Fixed several small errors related to effects and glyphs

  • Fixed party torch misapplication as rewards for Caged Creature and Thing in Corner variants
  • [Community] Skill Upgrade ALT view now available on Character Sheet

  • [Community] Disease indicator on driving portraits

  • [Community] Affinity preview on encounter choices

  • [Community] Show equipped skills on mastery

  • [Community] Space bar to enter nodes

  • [Community] Patch Notes viewable in options menu

  • [Community] Combat Skills tab now default on Character Sheet

  • [Community] Added Random Party button to the Crossroads.

  • [Community] Hero Story recap tab at Cross roads

  • [Community] Slide out panels (map, character sheet, inventory, etc) can now be closed by right-click and ESC

  • [Community] Show discounted prices in stores

  • [Community] Double click to auto drive Stagecoach

  • [Community] New Cinematic section on main page

  • [Community] Autosave indicator

  • [Community] Feedback on quirk removal when using a rest item or an inn effect.

  • Updated all instances of RED being used as enemy target indicators to now be BLUE, to match the game’s general color scheme

  • Inn tooltips now anchor more consistently to the placard

  • Enter Node text sheen is now less boxy

  • When a character's name is changed in combat, the portrait tooltip should update correctly

  • Fixed the ability to open UI elements before the game was finished loading

  • Extended health bar on driving rosters to match stress bar width

  • Max health modifiers from Inn items and quirks are no longer incorrectly combining under the Conditions tab in the Character Sheet

  • Corrected The Good Doctor tooltip to correctly state it heals a disease and not a quirk

  • Fix for Restorative Herbs tooltip incorrectly listing its two effects. It should now correctly list +10% healing from traveling & the +20% healing from skills.

  • Raised the Inn select receipt banner to not block hero bark bubbles

  • Users can no longer open the Stagecoach screen when making a choice at an encounter

  • Minimap scout ping correctly waits for the encounter screen to close first before animating

  • Stealth token icon color is no longer gold and now better matches its effect text color of purple

  • Newly added items now get added to the bottom of your Inventory

  • "Discard items for Hope" message is now more visible on the screen
  • Hero base HP reduced by 10% to account for new Food Design

  • Fixed an issue where the effects of Quirks like Thanatophobia were applied when a Hero corpse “dies”

  • Fixed an issue where Heroes could receive stress damage when a Hero corpse was CRIT
  • Fixed an issue where Bloodlust could be blocked by Denial of Reason
  • Reduced the base health, damage, and speed of most monsters to account for Ordainment (see earlier)

  • Several types of Quirk/Trinket effects are no longer applicable when striking/killing an enemy corpse

  • Champions now have a low chance of spawning in Guardian fights

  • Champions now have a low chance of spawning in Lair fights

  • Adjusted the pool of Diseases available to several monster skills
Creature Den
  • Webber and Spitter Bite attacks can now inflict the Tarantism Disease

  • Spitter Spit attacks can now inflict the Tarantism Disease

  • Fixed erroneous glyphs related to food costs

  • Fixed incorrect effects on certain choices
  • Fixed an issue where the Cultist Deacon did not receive the Cultist Cardinal’s passive RES Buff

  • Removed the ability to retreat from Cultist Node Choices, except with the appropriate quirks
Dreaming General
  • Dreaming General now spawns with a permanent Immobilize Token

  • Tap Root now spawns with a permanent Immobilize Token

  • Rewards now drop proper region trinkets
  • The fidelity of Librarian’s books better matches the characters
Harvest Child
  • Rewards now drop proper region currency and trinkets
  • [Community] Improved rewards and are now guaranteed
  • Combo Tokens now last for an additional round; this change affects Heroes and monsters alike

  • The permanent version of the Immobilize Token has an updated color and description to differentiate it from the standard version

  • Fixed an issue where Start Round skills (e.g. Denial of Reason) were subject to Daze/Stun

  • Fixed an issue where Start Round skills were unintentionally triggering Extra Action effects

  • Character movement in general has had a polish pass and should now be cleaner and snappier

  • Combat Consumables now fire all vfx, tokens and numbers simultaneously, making them more responsive to use

  • Guard tokens are removed when a guarding actor is captured.

  • Added Combo Token to poptext when it's consumed

  • Changed CRIT poptext to now read Critical!

  • Heroes now only say their Move barks when affected by non friendly skills.

  • Shuffles shuffle better now. Algorithm gremlins were exorcised

  • Fix for Dreaming General hit reaction delay

  • Fix for exploit with Riposte that would reveal kills via token highlights
  • Sunny Disposition and Curmudgeon quirks now affect affinity ticks for the party (pos and neg respectively)

  • New Heavy Handed quirk: 5% chance of moving an opponent via melee attack

  • Punch Drunk's Stun can no longer trigger off of DOT damage

  • Cowardice quirk update: Take 1 stress damage when hit (5%), Move to back when in the front rank (15%)

  • Pyromaniac and Field Surgeon now have token-driven bonus item skills for Fire Bomb and Healing Salve

  • Various Fisherfolk and Shroud-related quirks added to reflect the existing other Biome/Faction quirks

  • The Runs is now a disease, not a quirk

  • Added Disarmer quirk, 10% chance of giving a weakness token to the enemy that hit the Hero

  • Tarantism Disease added (chance for forced Move), exclusive to Spiders

  • Algal Bloom Disease added (chance of proc’ing Barnacle or small damage per turn), exclusive to Leviathan boss

  • Slugger quirk now has a chance to add Stun, which replaces the damage bonus

  • Removed Strength token possibility from Vicious quirk

  • Various quirk corrections and adjustments for balance and bugs

  • [Community] Fixed an issue with The Jinx consuming CRIT tokens when the Hero was hit
  • [Community] Sneaker's Standard: Trigger change from Turn Start to Round Start and Stealth chance increased from 10% to 33%

  • [Community] Covert Cloak: Trigger change from Turn Start to Round Start

  • Faceless Visage: Taunt chance increased from 20% to 33%

  • Annotated Textbook and Early Experiment names properly assigned

  • New Stagecoach Upgrade Almanac: The Shroud
Misc Gameplay
  • Added “Heat Wave” region modifier. (Reduced Burn resistance)

  • HALE battle modifier bonuses reduced from 25% to 10%

  • FRENZIED battle modifier bonus damage reduced from 25% to 20%

  • Adjusted food-related Stagecoach upgrades due to new food design

  • Tea Service now properly reduces negative banter instead of increases it

  • Battle configurations were adjusted to use multiple conditions where relevant (e.g. shambler has increased chance of spawning when torch is low AND region is closer to the mountain). Also adjusted all region # conditions for full-length region # instead of raw region #. This ensures that taking the SLUICE doesn’t mess up power scaling.

  • Added new region goals for “Visit Oasis” and “Visit Creature Den”. Adjusted chances of other region goals.

  • Retune of Triage Kit and Healing Salve: stacking limits reduced; prices increased. Increased heal value of Triage Kit

  • Added many new hero Barks (Food consumption, leaving Shrines of Reflection, and many more!)

  • Tuned down all relationship act out frequency some

  • Revised the “Block partner from moving” relationship Act Out to only block moves where the partner themself is moving (now won't block situations where the partner tries to move someone else)

  • Note: we will be revising Relationships significantly in a future update
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Stagecoach not loading properly after changing the livery

  • Fixed an error caused by toggling the Inn Provision screen too quickly

  • Fixed missing gender for localization of hero death to quirk strings

  • Fixed an issue with combat sorting

  • Fix for resolution dropdown sometimes not updating properly after monitor switch

  • Fix for meltdowns not logging in the players run log when occurring outside of combat

  • Fix for being able to drive the coach while over-encumbered if you quit to the main menu and reloaded

  • Fixed a softlock caused by the same hero having multiple meltdowns

  • Fix for healing poptext at the Inn to be consistent with other poptext locations

  • Fixed an issue when encounter choice lock-in continues through other screens

  • Fixed a display issue with various quirks and effects applying before the poptext appears

  • Fix to biome modifiers being rolled without biome goals

  • Fix for barks overlapping with combat and affinity zoom ins

  • Fixed an issue where the character sheet would become inactive if toggled too quickly

  • Fixed an issue where the relationships tab on the character sheet would break when only one hero remained in the party.

  • Fix to CRIT strikethrough to show CRIT value when striking through

  • Various UI fixes for non-english localization

  • Inn store inventory saves
Note: The narrative sequence redesign was extra work added to this milestone, just as Hero Paths were packed into M1 despite not being on the roadmap. We are always looking for ways of adding value and richness to the game. Consequently, however, “Permanent Hero Upgrades” have been moved to a subsequent milestone and will be part of our massive progression system overhaul. More info to come!


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Sep 10, 2014
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Those things have to be astroturfed. Every game sub have them. Skyrim cured my aids, Counter Strike reduced my brain tumor, etc etc.


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Jan 1, 2011
I played the update.
Some cool ui improvements which make life easier.
But being forced to clear lairs is something I do not understand.
They made this piece of content and nobody wants to complete it, so they make it obligatory to progress instead of actually improving it.
Some bad luck during the second wave of a lair encounter and your run is over.
Maybe this is for the best of course, if your party is not good enough to clear a lair, the boss will kill you for sure.
Still it took them seven months to add a boss, at this point the game will be in early access for three years.


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Jan 1, 2011
I can't pick the second boss, anyone else has the same issue?
The game has some weird rng. Enemy resistance to death may be 50 and they can stay at death's door for four consecutive hits.
My resistance to stun can be 60 and I am constantly stunned.
It's either rigged or extremely bugged.


Jun 7, 2020
On such small number, it's entirely within the realm of rng, and we're always biased toward those things.

Better question would be what kind of retard thought that putting death's door on enemy was a good idea, but I think we're already been over this.

Not touching this before it release, and then probably going to sail the high sea and finish it out of spite to write something assassine.


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Oct 19, 2009
Feb 11, 2018
Every fantasy game ever.

The real terror and madness is DD's fucking loony toons fanbase ackackackackack

i mean i'm with you spideyman but perhaps being on the codex one should be mindful of accusing other userbases of mental afflictions

What do you mean are you saying we all have somesotrtpofofujfmentalafflictionHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Edit: sorry bathsalts kicked in


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Jan 28, 2011
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Darkest Dungeon II: Community Update

We hope you are all enjoying the barnacle bleeds, ordained enemies, and rolling fog!

Our most recent update, “The Shroud of the Deep”, contained a massive amount of new content, mechanics, and quality-of-life improvements. The Red Hook team had a lot of fun creating it.

With the Shroud now live, the team is catching the last bugs and introducing a few final improvements. We’re also looking ahead to subsequent updates, and wanted to communicate some adjustments to our production plan.

We have heard from you that more frequent updates are preferable, and we agree! Going forward you can expect more frequent, smaller-scoped milestone releases. Consequently, our previous roadmap is no longer reflective of our production plan.

We have been following the discussions on Reddit and Discord keenly, and auditing the game ourselves. In our assessment there are three main areas of the game that require work and dedicated focus.

We are assigning additional time and talent to three areas we believe are essential to creating a great game.

The current xp/unlock system is quite minimal and lacks enough meaningful choices. We have heard the community’s desire for something more evocative of Hamlet-style upgrades and decisions, and this dovetails with our own internal vision.

We’re currently working on a complete overhaul of the progression system and look forward to sharing that with you. The new system provides a much stronger and compelling link between expeditions, and is focused around an interesting hub through which you will increase your capabilities and unlock new items.

Relationships are currently not as engaging as afflictions in DD1. Knowing a relationship is headed in a positive or negative direction robs the reveal of its impact, and the amount of passive banter and frequent interruptions stemming from relationships can clog up the combat experience.

Our goals with the next pass on the relationship system are to:

  • Bring back some tension and surprise

  • Add more meaningful choice into the system

  • Make the benefits (and drawbacks) of relationships more active and tactical (less of a spectator sport)

  • Remove some of the combat clutter and interruptions
We believe that the central thesis of relationships evolving and impacting a party’s capacity to survive the journey remains highly compelling. We are excited to revise the system to make the experience more active and engaging.
Darkest Dungeon II is not a reflex-oriented driving game.

The stagecoach sequences mirror the walking in DD1, but we recognize that the tension of stumbling on a trap, or the possibility of a blockage, ambush, etc, is missing from the current roadways. While we will not seek to directly emulate the DD1 experience, there is definitely room for growth here.

We are looking to add new decision-making layers to the driving sequences, which in turn open up new avenues to enhance the preparatory aspects of journeying.

Our overall content scope remains largely unchanged. But as we noted on the previous roadmap, “we will pivot as needed for the health of the game”.

In order to properly support the initiatives above and create the richest possible experience, we are re-prioritizing our content teams away from creating a new region/faction. The number of people and working hours going into Darkest Dungeon II remains identical, but we are focusing on producing content that has the maximum possible run-to-run impact on the quality of the game.

Environment Art:
Instead of creating a new region’s worth of world content, we are focusing the environment team on enriching our current set of regions with new horrific sights and route variation. Adding to existing regions will make repeated runs more interesting, more often.

Character Scope:
Monsters shared across multiple regions bring more value to run diversity, and as such, we have opted to refocus the character team away from another region-specific faction and towards new minibosses that can appear any/everywhere. You can look forward to a massive, 3-slot Cultist Exemplar, the return of the Collector, and a third, secret threat.

Larger mini-bosses take longer to create, and, in the case of the Collector, require additional supporting characters. The totality of this effort matches a faction of 6-7 normal units, and will add more value to the game proper. TLDR; The number of playable characters, final bosses, and overall character scope/production effort remains unchanged.

What’s Next?
Our next milestone will be a Trinket overhaul. Trinkets are vital to so many parts of the game, and we recently dedicated extra resources towards improving them based upon the excellent feedback we’ve received from the community and also based upon our own learnings from observing the game over these last months.

After trinkets, we will be reinforcing the Cultist faction with new units and a new home! The Altar, Herald, and Exemplar mini-boss will grow the Cultist faction to its full size, and we’ll give the Guardian location a facelift to match.

Following that, our progression overhaul will be rolled out - this is a big one, and the team is really excited about it!

Also, as the series of Hero Path blog posts wraps up, we will be providing regular updates with commentary and behind-the-scenes development insights!

Please note: anything not explicitly mentioned here can be assumed to be in production - heroes, final bosses, story content, playable skins, paths, pets, balance/tuning etc.

1.0 Launch: Feb, 2023
This revised roadmap favours more frequent updates, and is in service of reaching a complete 1.0 in February 2023 on EGS and Steam. Console releases will follow.

Coming Next:
  • Trinket Improvements & 3rd Hero Path
Coming Next Next:
  • Cultist Reinforcements

  • New Progression System + New Hero 1

  • Act 3 Confession/Boss
Coming After That:
  • Act 4 Confession/Boss

  • Relationship Rework

  • New Hero 2

  • The Collector miniboss

  • Driving Improvements

  • New Hero 3

  • Secret Miniboss

  • Pets

  • Hero Origin Skins playable

  • Act 5 Confession/Boss

  • …and more!(™)
Feb 11, 2018
Every fantasy game ever.
Instead of creating a new region’s worth of world content, we are focusing the environment team on enriching our current set of regions with new horrific sights and route variation. Adding to existing regions will make repeated runs more interesting, more often.

Who actually wants this lmao


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Jan 1, 2011
Abandoning the roadmap means that they won't release the game after a year, cool.

Finally reached the second boss.
It's ridiculously overtuned and I don't think that it's worth it to beat it when it's almost certain that it will be nerfed.
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