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Diablo Immortal - MMO ARPG for mobile platforms - massive butthurt at Blizzcon


Nov 1, 2018
Meh! My dopamine is virtully dead all the time. As soon as I buy a gog game or pdf or anything I'm just BLECK! I can complete a weeks worth of work in the hills and feel like it was a damn waste. I bike for 4 hours and meh.. like a zombie.

The color in life is night colorless, smell is gone, taste is stunted, the spirit and awe ...GONE! Glad i got my d2 refund... I guess.

The good.... I'll never spend a dime on blizzard again

You're late to the party then.

After the complete and utter disaster of Warcraft 3 Refunded I haven't given a dime to Activision Blizzard, and I don't plan on ever doing it again. Diablo 4 looks like a soulless Frankenstein of what they THINK is popular about the Diablo franchise, but have no real idea because everybody that actually made the games that made Blizzard famous is long gone.


RPG Codex Boomer
Nov 23, 2016
Before this hiccup, my last purchase in the LOD days was a second D2 ultimate chest. It had 1-2 & Lod And the common clue books. I don't think it had hellfire but i had two copies already. In those days my Pa wasn't as insane and activrly gamed and we were testing out LAN connections. Had some good Doom, Diablo 1-2, and a few other games played (a good year i guess), then he fell into his old routines and life went to mega mega shit after.

I wanted to see these D2R floors and effects but not the char models. I am betting the damn time i tried to dl after purchase they were doing maintenance. Oh well. If i really get the itch I'll play mods.

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