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DOOM 64 official PC rerelease from Nightdive Studios

Jan 14, 2018
Codex Year of the Donut
doom was never good
why are you obsessed with me, chen?

I'm not but I always see you saying dumb shit about video games (I guess you post a lot because I am not looking) that I feel the need to call out so people know you should be ignored.
His PoE avatar performs that function with perfect consistency.
nobody dislikes eder


uooh afficionado
Feb 6, 2016
Just beat the Lost Levels.
Contrary to how I was used to playing (pistol start), this time I went with pistol start plus no saves. It really makes for a dramatically different experience, as you start getting more and more jumpy knowing the wrong rocket launch or the stray Lost Soul can totally fuck up your run.

At least the very last level doesn't pull any punches on the player, with only Cyberdemons spawning as you pick up demon keys. But other than that, it is very straight forward. PLUS, I managed to keep a spare Invulnerability and save enough ammo to BFG that demon bitch into oblivion.




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