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First person roguelikes?


You're all shills
Jan 2, 2016
Eastern block
Never played any but seems like an interesting subgenre. Any fans here?

Which is better for a 1st person roguelike, realtime or turn based?

Party based or a single character?

What are some elements not exploited enough?

What do YOU want to see in such a game?

How important is level design?

Is diablo-like itemization the only way to do items?



Mar 18, 2017
Look up Tower of Guns and Ziggurat. They're shooters though so i expect a fair amount of people here to hate them.

I think turn based would be interesting, mainly because I'm shit at real time.

Single character definitely, how would party based first person rogue like even work? I feel like it would be an absolute clusterfuck without being able to zoom out.

Level design i'd argue is not only unimportant in a rogue-like but almost impossible, you have to make it ...*shudders*... procedurally generated to keep it interesting and a challenge, otherwise whats the point if you know everything about a level before going in?!
Is diablo-like itemization the only way to do items?
Its definitely the easiest, theres plenty of already existing rogue-likes that do a far better job though.

edit: even diablo is trying to escape its itemization formula with all the new legendary and set items they keep adding to the game.


Oct 9, 2016
Barony isn't too terrible. It's a bit on the easy side though. It's also multiplayer, but I haven't messed around with that too much as of yet. Itemization is more like what you'd expect from games like ADOM and NetHack etc. Reminds me a little of Ultima Underworld, which is alright in my book.

Edit: It's real-time.

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