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  1. Turn-Based Tactics Fight Life: Vanguard - Turn-based tactical game in dark fantasy settings

    Title: Fight Life: Vanguard Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2927700/Fight_Life_Vanguard/ Trailer: https://youtu.be/0ooxNgyfiIg Description: Embark on a journey alongside once mighty and generous, now the forgotten god, whose energy slowly dissipates from the world. Betrayed by his...
  2. NecroLord

    Incline Making an 80s themed RPG

    What ideas do you have for an 80s based rpg? To quote Frank Lopez: "Chicas, champagne, flash." Turn based or real time? What about the morality system? Maybe you get to play as either a dutiful and honorable detective who prefers to arrest and apprehend criminals, or a more morally flexible and...
  3. ind33d

    Which RPGs play well on Steam Deck?

    With no keyboard, I assume anything third-person works and anything top-down is a nightmare. Early Fallouts would be playable with the touch screen, but I doubt you can make Gold Box D&D games function, since even if you get DOSBOX to run, you would have to rebind every single key to a...
  4. Butter

    Incline RPG Codex's Best RPGs - 2024 - VOTING IS CLOSED

    Edit: Vote deadline has been extended by one week to April 27th. It's been 5 years since we did the Top 101 PC RPGs list. A whole lot of RPGs have released since then (a few of them even worth playing!), so it's time for another poll where you can farm brofists tell the Internet how great your...
  5. Tyranicon

    Decline How to promote an AAA RPG in 2024

    Hello RPG enthusiasts and possible lurkers from AAA studios, Today I will be giving some advice on how to properly market big-budget games in the modern year. As we all know, gaming consumers are highly intelligent and have only the most impeccable taste, so you need the proper know-how when it...
  6. OttoQuitmarck

    Why do RPGs, even indie ones, not make use of more immersive sim elements?

    It seems like only Larian actually bothers to have immersive sim elements, and even then larian doesn't utilize it all that much in most of their games yet. You'd think it's not that hard to implement being able to destroy walls, move objects, etc. especially if the game is a 2D rpg? Some...
  7. index.php

    Incline Warlords Battlecry: The Protectors of Etheria v0.9 released - Now also on Steam! - free standalone mod for WBC3and sequel to the Warlords franchise

    edit: It seems that on Steam, you need to own Warlords Battlecry 3 to play it, but if you download it from ModDB, it is completely standalone. https://www.moddb.com/games/the-protectors/news/the-protectors-version-09-full-now-available
  8. Non-Edgy Gamer

    Decline Caves Of Qud Dev Turns Out To Be A Pedophile - Codex Mods Censor The Thread

    https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/caves-of-qud-part-time-contractor-is-a-pedophile.149186/ So this entire discussion got moved from here to what is basically a hidden part of the site. I realize it's not strictly about the game, but what thread here is? The thread is dead most days of the...
  9. Paragrimm

    "Heart of Eternity" - English version?

    Hey, I don't know where I should ask... I recently stumbled upon this rare "Gothic clone" called "Heart of Eternity" by "Ukrainian Development Company". I actually found something on Archive.org and the game runs, but it's in russian language. Can someone maybe help find the english language...
  10. Silva

    Games to challenge conceptions of character?

    What RPGs are there to challenge PCs concepts, convictions, stories, etc and seeing them change?' I'm more interested in mechanics and frameworks than just advice. I've played Pendragon and Dogs in the Vineyard a long time ago and they were great at this. What else is out there?
  11. wideman

    My problem with c-RPG's or what to play

    Hi! To Preface in past 18 years I have quite some experience with RPG's ranging from Baldurs Gate, to DragonAge, to ElderScrolls, to Souls series, to Fallout, to Pilars of Eternity. I have played quite a few of them and quite a few times. I am currently going trough Pathfinder: Kingmaker. And...
  12. Indie Among Vampires - Isometric Medieval Vampire RPG

    Hey fellow RPG enthusiasts! I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to share a little passion project I've been working on for a while now, Among Vampires, and I'm really excited to get your thoughts and feedback on it. In this game, you take on the role of a vampire navigating a world filled...
  13. Sarathiour

    Badur's Gate 3 vs WOTR

    Some discussion are already popping about it , and because neither of those games will ever be finished, now might be a good time as any to discuss this topic. In mind, it's somewhat interesting because they're a clear divide in the gameplay philosophy. Disclaimer : I'm only in act 1 of BG, so...
  14. Becoming Captain, an upcoming sci-fi RPG / Trading card game

    Hello folks! I'm a first-time poster on this website and wanted to share the trailer for our upcoming indie trading card and RPG game. As fans of science-fiction and RPGs, I thought this community would be interested in what we've been working on. I hope you enjoy the trailer and any feedback...
  15. cyborgboy95

    KickStarter Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy - BG1-inspired low fantasy RPG From the ATOM TEAM

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/atomrpg/swordhaven-iron-conspiracy https://swordhavenrpg.com https://af.gog.com/game/swordhaven_iron_conspiracy?as=1649904300
  16. PixelSlop

    Turn By Turn Villain: A Turn-Based Action RPG

    Hi RPGCodex community! I am a solo dev currently making Turn By Turn Villain, a whimsical pixelart game I like to describe as "Turn-Based Action RPG" in which you play as a demon forced to walk the human world to clean up their own darkness. I would be very insterested in hearing your thoughts...
  17. Harthwain

    Indie Quasimorph - dark turn-based extraction RPG - now available on Early Access

    Disclaimer: the game is a procedurally generated turn-based roguelike (with Escape From Tarkov and Stoneshard elements) with RPG elements. It identifies itself as an RPG ("the extraction turn-based RPG"), so I am putting it in this section. What you have above is the game. It isn't out yet...
  18. Sunri

    LonaRPG is now in Early Access!

    ABOUT THIS GAME Help Lona in this cruel and unforgiving world and escape from Noer Island! Control her destiny and decide her fate! LonaRPG is a HARDCORE, survival, action-adventure, role-playing game! Not for the faint of heart!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! https://eccma417.itch.io/lonarpg...
  19. Feyd Rautha

    Sky of Tides - isometric sci-fi narrative game

  20. Ex Natura: Nature Corrupted - A Souls-Like with Rage Mechanic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbUTME6DBm0 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1557180/Ex_Natura_Nature_Corrupted
  21. TenebrisGame

    Tenebris Terra Incognita - coming to Early Access on September 30th

    About the game Tenebris: Terra Incognita is a complex turn-based RPG in a grim science fiction setting. You will face a harsh journey through an uncharted planet teeming with terrifying monsters. The player's task is to rescue the human expedition from the crashed ship Solaris, overcoming...
  22. felipepepe

    Indie Betrayal At Club Low - indie CYOA RPG on acid

    Found this game out this week and really recommend any RPG fan to give it a try: Cosmo D is an indie dev who did a few walking sims / adventure games, for some reason his latest game is a surreal kind of CYOA / Disco Elysium-esque RPG. Basically, you must infiltrate a dance club dressed as a...
  23. The Forgotten Island [v0.3] [Fox Tail Tale Studio]

    Overview: Somewhere in the ocean, there is an island forgotten by everyone. Filled with magic and mythical creatures, it is fenced off from the rest of the world. A mysterious fog protects the island from outside intrusion, but what happens when it begins to weaken? In this RPG you have to take...
  24. NecroLord

    What RPG had the best companions?

    What RPG's had the best companions? Not only in terms of stats and abilities, but also story, voice acting(if applicable) and character development? Arcanum had great companions(Virgil, Magnus, Franklin Payne - the nutty adventurer extraordinaire, Loghaire - if you convince him to return to the...

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