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Fixed HP vs HP Increases every level

Fixed HP or Increasing HP?

  • Fixed HP

    Votes: 15 38.5%
  • Increasing HP

    Votes: 5 12.8%
  • Slowly Increasing HP

    Votes: 18 46.2%
  • Something else

    Votes: 1 2.6%

  • Total voters


Jan 10, 2007
Searching for my kidnapped sister
Or perk like Tough Old Bird, ensure at least one HP remain, and normal condition despite severe wounds.
In My Safe Space
Dec 11, 2009
Codex 2012
Growing HP is realistic, because changes in organisms of combat veterans make them literally harder to kill than rookies. The problem with cRPGs is that they have too much growth. So, HP growth should be capped at some point.
Besides that there's a problem of critical hits which are often too random and too weak.
In My Safe Space
Dec 11, 2009
Codex 2012
I've been speaking with the dev team about it, and the decision ins't entirely set in stone, but so far we're going to go with optional Fixed HP mode using this formula:

Another alteration, let's call it the High HP Formula:
Base: 20
3*5 = 15
7*5 = 35
35 + 20 +15 = 70 HP (good? Too much?)

Let's try a high-but-not-maximum EN/ST based character:
3*8 = 24
7*8 = 56
100 HP (!)

Let's see the maximum:
3*10 = 30
7*10 = 70
120 HP (!)

This the human/general critter formula, mind. It was thought in a way that allows the normal player to make some mistakes before being destroyed, assuming he's on a area he can take with his current level and gear. I'm still unsure how we're going to do Super Mutants and other absurdly beefy beings (Centaurs, Deathclaw-like monsters, etc) - I'm still undecided between changing the formula for them or just going with beyond 10 SPECIAL stats. Robots will rely on a mix of high DT/DR and high HP, but mostly armor.

Aside from ST/EN, HP can be raised with perks, cybernetics and drugs.
Have you considered messing with crit tables and weapon damages? In my Fo1 mod, I changed critical hits in following ways:
1. Head crits start with 4x damage with damage increasing every two damage table entries up to 6x. Head crit assumes braincase was hit.
2. Arm crits starting at 1x and ending at 1,5x. (2x on the final entry)
3. Torso crits starting with 3x and ending with 6x. (torso crit assumes vitals were hit)
4. Leg crits starting at 1x and ending at 1,5x. (2x on the final entry)
5. Eyes hit starting with 3x and ending with 6x.

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