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Giving Caesar 3 a whirl, amusing n00b mistakes


Aug 28, 2008
Nirvana for mice

A handful of people who work in their spare time release high quality updates that add brand new features to the game and everything works perfectly!

Now compare this to Paracucks DLC's. They have a full studio of allegedly profeshunel developers who work full time and they can't even release a DLC without fucking the whole game up. They're such a fucking joke like wow :lol:
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Jul 5, 2013
It's out! :incline::incline::incline:
Augustus v3.0.1



  • Added tavern, a new entertainment building. Requires wine to work, provides extra entertainment with meat.
  • Added arena, a smaller version of colosseum.
  • Added unused bird chirping ambient sound.
  • Added a cheat to unlock all buildings.
  • Added rotated small statues.
  • Added horse statue.
  • Added two types of hedges. They adjust their graphics based on adjacent hedges.
  • Added an option to disallow roamers from skipping corners.
  • Added colonnade.
  • Added tooltips to roadblock controls.
  • Added lararium, a small shrine to lares and ancestor spirits. It functions as a tiny oracle, providing coverage for 20 people to every god and providing positive desirability.
  • Added nymphaeum, a building dedicated to the nymphs. It functions as a large oracle, providing coverage for 750 people to every god and providing a positive desirability.
  • Added small and large mausoleums, functioning the same way as oracles and nymphaeum, except providing negative desirability.
  • Added watchtower, a small building that shoots enemies with arrows and sends out two sentry walkers to patrol the streets against the enemies.
  • Trade advisor will now display whether a resource is importable or exportable.
  • Certain buildings now have graphical variants, available for selection when building them by pressing the rotation key. Buildings with variants available will provide a notification.
  • Added a "go to the monument" button when a monument is completed.
  • Added a decorative column.
  • Added a blue roadblock variant.
  • Allow cycling of some buildings - switching between the related types by pressing the rotation key. Works for paths, trees, small and large temples.
  • Add option to allow exporting food from granaries.
  • Monument screen will now display a warning if it's not properly connected.
  • Add an option to have wolves respawn even if the whole pack is killed.
  • Added a button to stop monument construction.
  • Added roadblock permissions for missionaries and watchmen.
  • Added tooltips for problems overlay, explaining what the problem is.
  • Sidebar will now display emperor requests, gods' status and invasion information.
  • Added Caravanserai, a building that allows setting a land trade policy and shortens duration of land trade disruptions.
  • Lighthouse allows you to pick sea trade policy. They can also be selected from trade advisor screen.
  • Added games, big events that require colosseum, resources, personal money and preparation time in exchange for bonuses. Naval battles increase soldier movement speed for 12 months and improve victory chances in the next distant battle. Executions prevent criminals from spawning, improve sentiment, prevent gladiator revolts and cause colosseum to spawn lion walkers who defend the town for 12 months. Imperial games increase sentiment and Caesar's favour for 12 months.
  • Added a rotated small statue variant.
  • Added undo hotkey.
  • Added a new option, which lets you see the highest prosperity achievable with the current state of the city.
  • Added garden walls.
  • You can now stockpile goods for requests from the sidebar.
  • When dispatching a good that is being stockpiled, you'll be asked if you wish to keep stockpiling the good when confirming the dispatch.
  • Added sentiment overlay.
  • Chief advisor now has a new message explaining about poor overall housing having a negative impact on migration.
  • Added a “clear text” button for input boxes.
  • Added garden wall gates.
  • Added new cursor icons.
  • Added a hotkey for previous rotation.
  • Buildings which can be rotated now have rotation icon in the build menu.
  • Monuments now have a monument icon in the build menu.
  • Added rotation button when using touch controls.

  • Mods folder is renamed to Assets. The assets are bundled with every build except for Windows.
  • Sentiment rework, fill in details.
  • “Hunger Halt Migration” no longer a thing due to sentiment rework
  • Colosseum and Hippodrome are now monuments. Colosseum now provides a global +5 entertainment bonus when built.
  • Mars module 1 allows the priest to go off road to the supply post.
  • Oracles and large temples are now mini-monuments - require the resources to be carried by a workcamp and built by an architects guild.
  • Various save elements have been made dynamically sized - reducing the savefile size and improving performance in small cities. Limits on number of buildings and walkers removed.
  • Improved warnings and errors when assets are improperly installed and when loading new save games in outdated builds.
  • Buildings that can't be built will be displayed with a red footprint.
  • When using undo, the houses will have their population restored.
  • Large statue is now animated if it has water access.
  • Changed import behaviour - the default setting when setting a good as importing will now be unlimited imports.
  • When changing the acceptance status of resources in warehouse/granary, the buildings will now remember their selected quantity.
  • Warehousemen won't show up until they find themselves a task - preventing their sprite flickering when they have no available task.
  • Building ghosts are now transparent instead of green.
  • Docks behaviour completely reworked and made more intuitive - can now select which cities a dock will trade with. A dock can now trade only some of the goods instead of all of them. Ships can visit multiple docks if necessary.
  • Engineer guild renamed to Architect guild, to avoid confusion with engineer post.
  • Adjusted the destination targeting, will no longer take the difference in road to Rome into account in its calculations, resulting in more predictable behaviour.
  • Cart pushers, dockers, market ladies and prefects will now occasionally change their target mid route, to make their behaviour more intelligent.
  • Special orders button will now only display available resources.
  • Requested food can now be sent from the granaries.
  • You can now import and export the same resource.
  • Trade advisor window reworked.
  • Trade advisor now allows mothballing of wharves.
  • Different pavilions are now a variant of one building type instead of separate building types.
  • Some entertainment/education buildings can now be upgraded with high desirability. Upgraded buildings provide more city-wide coverage, reducing the need for culture farms in well-designed cities.
  • When adding a resource to the warehouse, partially filled bays will be used before a new bay is claimed for the resource.
  • Allow importing food directly to granaries.
  • Change how the maximum number of traders from a city is calculated. Instead of being based on the average number of 'trade shields', it's now based on the total volume of tradable goods.
  • Adjust how favour changes from the player's salary is calculated. Instead of being based on the salary in January, it takes account of all the funds paid during the previous year.
  • Garden paths now adjust their graphics based on adjacent garden paths.
  • Crime changes, fill in details.
  • Large temples, large mausoleums, and nymphaeums now require 4 marble.
  • Rebalance the cost of monuments.
  • Rebalance of levies.
  • Right clicking on a monument hauler will now show which resource they are carrying.
  • Some epithet names for Grand Temples have been changed.
  • Adjusted entertainer destination walker building selection. Will now prefer buildings without shows a bit more.
  • Adjusted entertainment values, fill in details.
  • Blessing points are now slowly lost when the respective god is unhappy, instead of being lost all at once.
  • Text in the health advisor panel is now shown in white font, to match other advisors.
  • Added border to main menu.
  • Changed main menu image.
  • Added tooltips to the housing advisor.
  • Added warning about road access with monuments.
  • Dead protestors now have corpses.
  • Venues will no longer send labour seekers when they have employment but no shows.
  • Added borders to advisor windows.
  • Change the way farms convey productions - now they will slowly grow each field in cycle, instead of growing one to full before moving to the next one.
  • Improve Prefect target seeking - will now try to go for the closest criminal.
  • Prefects move slightly faster when chasing enemies.
  • Venus' blessing now reduces the unhappiness caused by unemployment.
  • Default difficulty is now normal.
  • Meat is now named as fish when appropriate.
  • Holding festivals moved to religion advisor.
  • Changed columns in some overlays, to have them show the severity of the issue through the use of colors.
  • Changed mounted auxilia death sound to a horse death sound.
  • Option to have monuments give extra culture rating removed, now integrated as permanently on. Culture given by a monument changed to +6. It now counts all monuments instead of only grand temples and the pantheon.
  • Changed the message when trying to build close to the wolves with the option selected. The range where the player is not allowed to build has been reduced to 6 tiles for wolves.
  • Temples and markets set to not accepting certain goods will no longer distribute them.
  • Added a new Housing Advisor icon.
  • Added Housing Advisor into the lineup of the advisor menu.
  • Game can now be exited from the Map Editor.
  • Removed prosperity cap from "society" graphs info in population advisor.
  • Auxiliary cavalry now makes a horse sound when killed.
  • Added colored cursor support.
  • Mars Grand Temple first epithet now discounts fort levies.
    -Watch towers now need barracks in order to be staffed.
  • Large temples now provide coverage for 3000 people. Their desirability has been increased to match large statues.
  • Lighthouse now requires timber to operate.
  • Levies adjusted, forts 10->8, Grand Temples 48->44, Lighthouse 20->8, Large Temples 4->8.
  • Aligned texts of some buildings.
  • Changed the exit panel button in the military sidebar.
  • Ghosts of monuments now display the complete monuments.

  • Fixed various bugs on big endian systems
  • Warehouses will now send food to granaries if there's any empty space in there, instead of needing to be half-empty.
  • Fixed various bugs with Venus temples providing wine.
  • Mars grand temple no longer grants +2 attack bonus to all soldiers.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to build more than 2 grand temples.
  • Roads now properly turn into the pantheon.
  • Neptune reservoir module now gives symmetrical water access.
  • Monuments no longer accept diagonal connection to access points.
  • Fix luxury palaces devolving when kept upgraded with the pantheon module.
  • Fix building orientations now showing up properly when having a rotated hippodrome in the city.
  • Fix supply post not being detected sometimes when loading a save.
  • Mars great temple will now send its priest to the pantheon, if the pantheon has the right module.
  • Disable undo option when certain houses change, preventing 'black hole glitch'.
  • Mess hall will no longer display employment access warning when global employment is turned on.
  • Sentries will now be properly assigned when some towers don't have road access.
  • Fix a bug allowing multiple supply posts to be built.
  • Supply posts will now be properly detected when building a fort.
  • Prevent building multiple unique buildings with the undo.
  • Prevent split housing from losing all coverage.
  • Multibyte fonts will no longer display as transparent.
  • Fix entertainer figures corrupting buildings memory.
  • Selected Mars grand temple recruitment priority button will now be properly highlighted.
  • Rioters can no longer destroy native buildings.
  • Removed ICC profiles from PNG files.
  • Trading ships will now play proper phrase when leaving the docks.
  • Docks no longer ignore Mercury monument bonuses.
  • Hauler animation no longer plays at double the speed.
  • Houses will not display a warning that it's devolving because it needs food, if the model file has been modified to not need food.
  • Augustus-added buildings with climate specific variants will now display proper ghosts based on the climate.
  • Fixed a bug where dead lion tamers would turn into tax collectors.
  • Fixed a bug where gardens' city sound would not play.
  • Fixed population graphs on large populations.
  • Fixed killall cheat removing fishing spots, fort standards, and military banners.
  • Fixed bugs where workcamps would stop getting resources if the closest monument's construction is halted.
  • Fixed entry/exit points changing their position when they have water access when the map is rotated.
  • Fixed a bug where forts could sometimes get additional soldiers.
  • Fixed mess halls fetching food even when not staffed by workers.
  • Fixed various graphical bugs with a military sidebar.
  • Fixed issues with “finish monuments” cheat.
  • Fixed problems when zoom is disabled in a city that’s zoomed in/out.
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Jul 5, 2013
Julius 1.7.0

General improvements
  • Touch devices: added the ability to pause the game using an on-screen button
  • The game looks more crisp when using scaling on high DPI screens
  • File dialog: when typing a name, the list automatically scrolls to the first matching file
  • File dialog: input textbox now only suggests 'My Rome' when saving, not when loading a game
  • Added support for new platforms: Haiku and Emscripten
  • Population graph on the populator advisor is now usable for populations larger than 51200
  • Bridges are now shown on the minimap
  • Joystick support for Vita and Switch
  • Ships now play the proper phrase when leaving the docks
  • Configuration: new option to disable scrolling when the mouse is near the window's edge
  • Configuration: hotkey config now gives a warning when you try to assign a hotkey that's already in use
Language improvements
  • Better font rendering for Korean and Chinese. This requires new font files for those languages, which are included in the Patches. Please (re-)download the patch file for your language and extract into your Caesar 3 installation.
  • Korean: fix money being drawn as "100 Funds" instead of "100 Dn"
  • Fixed possible corruption and linked storages when an earthquake destroys a warehouse
  • Fixed the game self-destructing the entire city when a wall/aqueduct blocked the road to Rome
  • Fixed build images in the sidebar not showing the correct image when a building was selected for construction
  • Fixed being able to construct a building that's been disabled in the menu using the "clone building" hotkey
  • Fixed interest on financial advisor showing last year instead of this year
  • Fixed incorrect house devolve text related to food types
  • Fixed going back in help jumping to random scroll position
  • Fixed static in sound from videos played on low sound volume
  • Fixed alternative hotkeys for arrow firing on modifiers
  • Fixed corrupt dialog text when language fails to load on configuration screen
  • Fixed potential crash on Vita and Switch when creating a new file
  • Fixed not being able to type text when using SDL 2.0.16 with the Wayland video driver for Linux
  • Fixed Android not saving the Julius configuration options when using the home button to exit the game
  • Mac: fixed MP3 playback not working due to missing mpg123 framework
  • Switch: fixed mouse cursor not being able to move beyond 960x540 when playing on external screen
Technical improvements
  • Upgraded SDL to 2.0.16
  • Android: upgraded build tools and SDK version
  • Vita: updated toolchain


Jul 5, 2013
Caesar 3 - Restored Cinematics v1.0


This is a pack of fan-restored cinematics for Caesar 3. The point of this project was to do a light-touch restoration of the cinematics to try to reverse the effect of poor 90s video compression, while keeping the output as faithful as possible to what those cinematics would have looked like in reality at that point in time, instead of trying to produce something super clean and over the top with AI upscaling tools, as I don't think the source material would benefit from that treatment (the original videos are in very low quality and those 3D animations were not that great to begin with, so an AI upscaling at 60fps would look terribly artificial).

To do the restoration I used AI-powered tools to (a) clean up the artifacts caused by the video compression (thanks to Kim2091's DeBink v6 model), and to (b) double the framerate via frame interpolation (thanks to DAIN). I have also cleaned up the audio in a couple of places. The result is in the exact same resolution as the originals so as to maintain the compatibility of the in-game videos and the feel of the full screen cinematics.

Unfortunately, the game only accepts SMK2 (Smacker 2) videos (a pretty terrible mid-90s video compression format), so despite using the best quality options in the re-encoding process there is still an appreciable loss of quality compared to the restored masters. This is primarily because SMK2 relies on the use of 256 color palettes - I have done my best to minimise the effect of this by introducing a new palette every second, but poor gradient effects can still be seen occasionally. Perhaps one day Julius/Augustus will support other video formats, which would allow for lighter, better quality cinematics.


Simply unzip and replace all the .SMK files in the "smk" folder, which you will find in your Caesar 3 installation folder.

The videos work seamlessly with the original C3 executable, but I would recommend everyone to use one of the excellent reimplementation projects Julius (for a 1:1 original C3 experience) or Augustus (for extended gameplay options).

WARNING: This pack contains only the English language cinematics.


There are a couple of wrinkles I may want to revisit in the future:

- The first scene in the Neptune curse cinematic was originally rendered at 6fps (by mistake I guess, given that the rest of the video, and all other videos, are rendered at 12fps). I have upped the framerate to 24fps to match the rest of the video, but DAIN does not handle that 4x jump all that well. It's just a few seconds, but I may try other interpolation options in the future to see if I can get a better result.

- The credits cinematic is still rendered at the original 12fps. This is simply because it's at a higher resolution that the rest of videos and sadly my GPU cannot handle the frame interpolation. Luckily this is just a glorified slideshow, so the effect is not that visible, and I have still cleaned it up so it looks smoother than the original.


Jul 5, 2013
Augustus v3.1.0 released


  • Added video volume slider.
  • Resource settings window can now be accessed by right-clicking on the requested resource.
  • Added hotkeys for copying and pasting settings of select buildings, allowing to quickly set the same settings to buildings of the same type. Buildings supported: roadblocks, garden gates, docks, granaries, warehouses and markets.
  • Added a difficulty option to adjust the max number of allowed grand temples per city.
  • Added information to log if an asset can't be found.
  • Added squalor as an explanation of why people are unhappy.
  • Added lararium count to religion advisor.
  • Added Hippodrome betting system.
  • Added roofed garden walls.
  • Added garden wall gates. By dragging roofed or looped garden walls over the road tiles, you can create garden wall gates, which function like roadblocks.
  • Added palisades, which function as cheaper walls.
  • Added generic phrases to lighthouse/caravanserai collectors.
  • Added resource stockpiling as an option to production buildings and warehouses. Production buildings with it set on will deliver their goods straight to the warehouse. Warehouses with that option on won't deliver their goods to workshops/granaries.
  • Added mothball, enemies, and warehouse overlays.
  • Many old buildings show their previously unused descriptions now.
  • Unfinished monuments now have a city sound.
  • Added an option to have number separators for larger numbers.

  • Increase the number of traders visiting the town, which was unintentionally too low in 3.0.1.
  • Trade Center mechanic removed from the warehouses.
  • Changed the Caravanserai supplier image.
  • Assets can now be loaded from Augustus directory instead of C3 directory.
  • Lower the cost of Larariums.
  • Aqueducts may now no longer be built along the road.
  • Reduced Lararium desirability.
  • Image ids are now recalculated on city load.
  • Mausoleums and Nymphaeums count as oracles now on the religion advisor screen.
  • Monuments now require full labour to get bonuses.
  • Mothball button now has its own icon.
  • Granaries' capacity increased to 3200.
  • When turning off stockpiling, the export settings is reverted to what it was before stockpiling.
  • Changed the graphics in storage permission from 'x' to a checkmark.
  • Touch zoom will now stick to 100% when close to it.
  • Warehouses now have flags that show the warehouse permission.
  • Houses can now stock and eat more food types than necessary by their evolution level. (Only applies to houses which require food).
  • Most of the new Augustus buildings are now unavailable in the first career mission.
  • Venus temples will now not distribute the wine by default when the appropriate Grand Temple module is built.
  • Cartpushers won't deliver excess resources to workshops if there is an undersupplied workshop in a different road network.
  • Farms will now display ghosts with proper crops and rotation depending on the city orientation.
  • Neptune Grand Temple with the reservoir epithet now shows on water overlay.
  • Large insulas will now devolve into a merged medium insula instead of 4 1x1 insulas, if the merging was allowed there.
  • Arenas and Colosseum now count their shows separately for the purposes of the entertainment advisor.
  • Changed the promotion popup window.
  • Increased the bonus coverage for upgraded cultural venues. (Upgraded buildings now: Theater 1200, School 225, Library 1700, Academy 200).

  • Fixed incorrect Grand Temple module being selected when some modules are unavailable
  • Fixed incorrect arena messages.
  • Fixed picking of the venues by entertainers from the schools.
  • Fixed Supply Post displaying incorrect ghosts.
  • Fixed building variants being reset to default one when saving/reloading.
  • Fixed the bug that stopped the progress of building a rotated hippodrome.
  • Unfinished oracles no longer appease the gods.
  • Unfinished monuments no longer consume levies.
  • Arenas and taverns no longer provide permanent entertainment.
  • Rotated small mausoleums no longer become incomplete on reloading.
  • Fixed a condition causing market suppliers to return before picking up food at a granary.
  • Fixed some large temples becoming finished/unfinished on reloading.
  • Mars module now properly reduces fort levies.
  • Dockers inherited by wharf will now properly be removed.
  • Fixed audio distortion when volume is set too low.
  • Fixed rotated legionary statues glitching out on reloading.
  • Fixed multibyte character transparency.
  • Fixed trade route type tooltip position on the empire map.
  • Fixed crash when there are errors loading xml files.
  • Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck.
  • Mercury's Grand Temple modules now properly reduce consumption by 20%.
  • Mercury's Grand Temple modules now reduce the consumption of the proper goods.
  • Monuments under construction will no longer play the finished monument city sound.
  • Assignment editor will now display the correct help and about messages.
  • Fixed Tavern text when not adjacent to a road.
  • Fixed architect monument builder images not showing.
  • Levy overlay will now display the proper levies.
  • Fixed Celtic swordsmen walking animation.
  • Warehouses and granaries now properly indicate their cartpusher’s status.
  • Caravanserai walkers now use proper sound files.
  • Fixed religion overlay columns.
  • Zoom now works independent of FPS.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented touch zoom.
  • When selecting games from the Colosseum, the proper advisor will be marked as selected.
  • Fixed issues with the touch pause button.
  • Fixed mouse input bug with numerical ranges in the config window.
  • Large temples will now properly display the warning about the lack of road access.
  • Unfinished Venus and Ceres large temples with certain grand temple bonuses will no longer display special orders.
  • Venus and Ceres large temples will now save and load their state properly.
  • Fixed gladiator fighting animation.
  • Fountain employment will now be properly displayed when the city has the Grand Neptune temple.
  • Additional food types will now grant a proper bonus to sentiment.
  • Fixed population color on top menu on 640x480 resolution.
  • Fixed settings sometimes not saving on android.
  • Fixed work camps sometimes taking unnecessary resources to monuments.
  • Fixed work camps and architect guilds not needing labour access.
  • Fixed mothballed buildings being immune to collapse from enemies.
  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Fixed some issues with rotated warehouses.


Jan 27, 2021
Not here
Augustus is the shit. It's truly like a new expansion of the game. I just hope they add something like the possibility of invading and conquering cities like they did in the later Impressions Games.


Jan 1, 2018
Grab the Codex by the pussy
I kinda forgot I had an account here... but yeah Augustus is the shittius maximus. I always lost interest after three or so missions due to the ridiculousness of managing market ladies, the addition of roadblocks itself transformed this game, let alone all the new stuff and quality of life additions. Some stuff still sucks mind you, like having to maintain an ungodly amount of markets when you start to provide houses with luxury goods, but it's much much better than the original game.


Jul 5, 2013

Augustus 3.2.0 released​

Health management was one of the lacking features in Caesar 3. Having access to a single clinic was enough for a house to get a 100 health rating. Bathhouses, barbers and hospitals were only needed to evolve houses to greater ranks. As of version 3.2.0, Augustus implements a whole new health calculation, and adds a new threat for your city: sickness.

  • A warning is displayed when the game can't be saved.
  • Added a yearly autosave option.
  • Fulfilling the emperor's requests will now spawn cartpushers heading to Rome with the resources.
  • Added walkers who deliver food from the supply post to forts.
  • Added inverse direction option to right mouse click dragging.
  • Added relevant advisor buttons to many message types.
  • Added hotkeys for setting the map orientation to north.
  • Added the option to display messages as alerts on top of the screen.
  • Added the option to display the building grid.
  • Farms, raw materials buildings, workshops and wharves now display the efficiency of the building.
  • Added support for MPG video files. Create a “mpg” folder in your Caesar 3 install directory and place the MPG video files inside, to use them in-game instead of the SMK video files.
  • Added play/pause button to sidebar.
  • Added hedge/palisade gates. They are created by building hedges/palisades over the roads.
  • Added purple variants of columns and pavilions.
  • Added watchtower variants.
  • Added medium statue rotation.
  • Added gladiator statue.
  • Added support for assets relative path to the executable.
  • Added a support for saving high-res screenshots of the minimap.
  • Added a tooltip with the resource requirements for monuments in the build menu.
  • Added large mausoleum variants.
  • Added new plaza tiles and new assets for default garden paths. Original garden paths are still available in “Paths”.
  • Added regional fort variations, better reflecting the surrounding terrain.
  • Academies are now expanded when enough attraction surrounds them.
  • Added mission posts count in the Education advisor window.
  • Added a proper Options menu to the map editor and a map preview in the load/save dialog.
  • Added the name of the currently selected decoration/ornament building on top of the screen, dynamically updated when cycling variants with the rotation key.
  • Added an option to always show rotation buttons for mouse-only/touch controls.
  • Added entertainment buildings on Problems overlay if missing any performers.
  • Added an asset previewer interface for developers (“./augustus.exe --asset-previewer” to run from a shortcut target or terminal window)
  • Added hotkeys for “Education”, “Hospital”, “Desirability”, “Sentiment”, “Mothballed”, and “Levies” overlays.
  • Added tooltips in the Dock panel when hovering city names, showing which goods a city sells/buys.
  • Added a button to show current trade prices on the empire map.
  • Added a hotkey to mothball/unmothball a building, when hovering over it.
  • Added a hotkey to show building special orders, when hovering over a building which can receive instructions.
  • Added an option to set whether harmless animals are killed automatically or not.
  • Buildings without laborers are now shown on the Problems overlay.
  • Updated granary cartpusher text so it now properly mentions granaries.
  • Cartpushers will no longer disappear with food/goods if the destination building is full.
  • Buildings and cartpushers will no longer flicker on problems overlay.
  • Changed the launch icons for Android, Switch, Vita builds.
  • Changed the priority of problems displayed on problems overlay tooltips.
  • Multipart buildings are now properly displayed on problem overlay.
  • Walkers will now say their lines if right clicked on near the vacant lot.
  • Fixed some instances of fish being called meat.
  • Native meeting huts now need to be visited by missionaries before sending out traders.
  • Lowered cost of nymphaeums and mausoleums.
  • Increased the cost and reduced the coverage of larariums.
  • Copying/pasting settings now displays a feedback message.
  • Rotate now has "r" as a default hotkey. Clone now has "q" as a default hotkey.
  • Arena and colosseum overlays now display the correct walkers.
  • Added hardware rendering. This greatly speeds up the game, especially on older hardware. Allows unlimited zoom. Zoom should now affect performance less significantly.
  • Improved rendering performance on Android version.
  • Line up the figures on the financial advisor screen.
  • Added tooltips to population advisor graphs.
  • Improved the colosseum/hippodrome right click windows.
  • Garden gates can now be cloned.
  • Optimized many of the assets.
  • Adjusted granary - roadblock interaction. Roaming walkers can use part of the granary network road cross blocked off by a roadblock if these walkers are allowed to pass that roadblock.
  • Added music to custom scenario victory debriefing.
  • Mouse cursor won't be displayed during full screen videos.
  • Tents can no longer gain positive desirability thanks to the Venus Grand Temple.
  • “Show briefing” button moved to the “View messages” window.
  • Show the "game paused" banner on touch devices when the sidebar's "Play/pause" button is used.
  • Game speed is now reduced to its default value when loading cities and when the invasion starts.
  • Improved window scrolling touch devices.
  • Improved grayscale image conversion.
  • Improved file dialog behavior. The autofill will now remember the save extension.
  • Changed Caesar's legionaries behavior: Earning some favor will now only pause the legions for up to a year. Turning the legion away now requires a higher favor value. The specific values depend on the difficulty. Adjusted the messages to make this more understandable.
  • Improved the centering of money/population/date at the top bar.
  • Changed the assets license to CC-BY-SA 3.0
  • Natives will no longer target fort grounds, which they can't destroy.
  • Entry/exit flags are no longer valid mining spots.
  • Changed the morale penalty from soldier loss: corpses no longer count as living soldiers for this purpose. Decrease of morale reduced to compensate.
  • Added more distinct building types to the minimap.
  • Elevations ending at the map edge are no longer forced to be cliffs.
  • Animals now move from the terrain you are trying to build over.
  • Ruins can now be cloned.
  • Changed the message for unsuccessful Mars curse in the early career maps.
  • New statues/gardens are no longer available on the maps with statues/gardens disabled.
  • Health system rework and new sickness mechanic (cf. manual).
  • Load/save file dialog has been improved with additional data and map preview.
  • Remove scroll decay when using the right mouse button to drag the map.
  • Colosseum games cost has been reduced.
  • Better info message for Colosseum and Hippodrome in the Entertainment advisor window.
  • The building rotation/variants message is now more detailed, showing the building name and the number of rotation/variants available.
  • Enemies now retreat if they have no more buildings to destroy, a new message window informing the player.
  • Improved calculation for the amount of food being fetched by getting granaries.
  • Right-click can now be used to exit the imperial request window.
  • Warning banners in the top of the screen are now more logically sorted and displayed.
  • Current zoom level is now displayed when zooming in/out.
  • Zoom can now be more precisely set by single percent steps with shift key + mouse scroll.
  • Legion morale penalty is reduced when another legion’s unit routs. To compensate, legion morale boost is also reduced when an enemy unit routs.
  • Warehouses now prioritize their loading bay as an access point. If it's not possible, it falls back to the old behavior.
  • Reduced the severity of the "Contaminated water" random event, for a better balance with the new health calculation.
  • Rebalanced random event frequency based on difficulty level (c.f. manual for details).
  • “Contaminated water”, “Iron mine collapsed” and “Clay pit flooded” random events will not happen anymore if a Pantheon is active and all gods are happy.
  • Tooltips with Ratings Advisor advices are displayed when hovering over city ratings in the sidepanel.
  • The empire map can now be dragged with a right-click.
  • Improved save file compression, making autosaves faster and less disruptive in-game.
  • The city can now be dragged with a right-click while placing a building or when a legion is selected.
  • The range of existing wells and fountains are now displayed when placing a new one. A new option allows to enable the same visual feedback when placing houses.
  • By default, peaceful animals (sheeps and zebras) are now not killed automatically by armed citizens or towers, but can be killed by sending a legion though. A new option allows to enable the original behaviour.
  • Improved performance and AI behaviour when the city is attacked by large armies.
  • Improved performance and logic for enemy formations and wandering herds on the map.
  • Fixed a variety of issues with the assets.
  • Looters now display the correct phrase when right clicked.
  • Trees will no longer change their graphics on reload.
  • Fixed some issues when cartpushers could become stuck.
  • Fixed some buildings not rotating with city orientation.
  • Fixed some walkers occasionally disappearing.
  • Fixed shading on labor priority and festival advisor windows.
  • Buildings that don't require workers now no longer have workers set.
  • Fixed a bug where sentries would sometimes teleport to a watchtower.
  • Fixed suppliers targeting rotated warehouses.
  • Fixed warehousemen sometimes removing extra resources.
  • Fixed tooltips on modified trade routes.
  • Fixed when prefects sometimes get stuck.
  • Fixed the bug where ships would permanently lock docks and not reroute away.
  • Fixed date in the history graphics tooltip.
  • Fixed the bug where cartpushers would sometimes transport incompatible goods to a building.
  • Fixed when tax collectors, engineers and entertainers sometimes walk in a straight line through the terrain when returning.
  • Fixed flickering animation on upgraded desert fountains.
  • Fixed upgraded bathhouse animation drawing over other buildings.
  • Empire map hotkey will now not work if the empire map is not available.
  • Fix Caesar's legion attack animation when they are attacking the buildings.
  • Fixed main menu panel background disappearing when quitting the game.
  • Fixed cartpushers getting stuck on forts and granaries.
  • Non-blue pavilions from old saves can now be cloned.
  • Fixed when sentries sometimes get stuck when the wall is deleted.
  • Fixed a warning being incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed a random walker occasionally getting a soldier action.
  • Mothball button no longer works on buildings that have no mothball button.
  • Fixed mouse warping to wrong coordinates when right-click dragging.
  • Fixed water buildings fires causing corruption and crashes.
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the empire map.
  • Fixed many bugs related to touch controls.
  • Fixed a bug where oracles and mausoleums were counting as inactive farms.
  • Fixed a misaligned line in the Entertainment advisor screen.
  • Fixed a crash that can happen in the Entertainment advisor screen.
  • Fixed a bug occurring when loading a city after opening the map editor.
  • Fixed city entry/exit flags not showing on meadows tiles and incorrectly displayed on the Water overlay.
  • Fixed Caesar rank missing as initial rank assignment in the map editor.
  • Fixed a potential memory corruption.
  • Fixed granaries getting more food than their allowed maximum, causing the food to be lost.
  • Fixed touch pause button showing on non-touch devices.
  • Fixed trading ships not appearing at all sometimes.
  • Fixed a rare issue where savefiles could fail to load.
  • Fixed a bug corrupting cities by disabling map rotation via hotkeys when dragging constructions.
  • Fixed small graphics artifacts when zooming out.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Visit trade advisor” button tooltip to sometimes display the wrong text.
  • Fixed the “Return to fort” button being available when right-clicking a legion, whereas the legion is leaving for a distant battle, and the incorrect thumbnail being highlighted in the Military advisor screen.
  • Fixed sentries sometimes being preemptively deleted, when they were heading to a watchtower while another building was destroyed by enemies.
  • Fixed dockers sometimes not recognizing rotated warehouses.
  • Fixed the victory window showing a wrong rank in custom missions.
  • Fixed a bug where lighthouse and caravanserai suppliers were unable to reach their destination.
  • Fixed a bug where ships would queue up for docks after trading all possible goods at an adjacent dock.
  • Fixed legions on bridges not being highlighted when hovering over with the mouse.
  • Fixed a potential bug when saving and loading data of enemy armies.
  • Fixed watchtowers always spawning labor seekers when global labor pool is off.
  • Fixed a bug where watchtowers would not get sentries.
  • Fixed a visual bug occurring when clearing a building being on meadows and hidden by a wall.
  • Fixed a bug when an enemy army would retreat immediately when loading a save.
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Jul 5, 2013
https://github.com/Keriew/augustus/releases/tag/v4.0.0 :dance::dance::bounce::bounce::bounce:

Augustus 4.0.0 has been released! Bringing new resources, logistics options, greatly expanding the scenario editor and much, much more!​



  • Added Highways, 2x2 roads that provide a significant speed boost but are only usable by destination walkers.
  • Added Custom Empires, a feature to allow map creators to create their own empire maps. Consult the documentation for details and examples. (#734)
  • Added new icons for large quotas on the empire map
  • Added an option to display the projected movement path of walkers when placing new buildings
  • Added an option to display the area from which markets get their supplies
  • New resources: the engine has been reworked to allow more resources than C3 originally came with.
  • Added resource: Stone. Stone is gathered in stone quarries near rocks and used to construct monuments.
  • Added resource: Sand. Sand is gathered in sand pits placeable near water and can be processed into bricks and concrete.
  • Added resource: Bricks. Bricks are made in brickworks from clay and sand. Bricks are used to construct select monuments.
  • Added resource: Concrete. Concrete is made in concrete makers from sand. Concrete makers require water access from either well, fountain or reservoir. Access to water from reservoir speeds up concrete production. Concrete has to be made as needed and cannot be stored.
  • Added resource: Gold. Gold is slowly mined in gold mines placeable near rocks. Gold is used to build select monuments and can be converted into denarii in City Mint.
  • Added a new building - City Mint. City mint can convert gold into denarii or denarii into gold.
  • Expanded map editor functionality. You can now set what the favor loss is for late delivery, ignoring the request and the allowed time for late delivery.
  • Added: Scenario events. Expansion of scenario creating functionality.Scenario events are a set of actions that can be triggered if a set of conditions are met. Consult the documentation for details. (https://github.com/Keriew/augustus/blob/master/res/manual/README_map_editor_scenario_events.md)
  • Added an option to draw cloud shadows over the city.
  • Added a new building - Cart Depot. Cart depot allows for additional logistics and moving of goods based on conditions. User can set target resource, source and destination, and conditions for movement of goods. Works with both granaries and warehouses.
  • Added panelled and looped garden gates.
  • Added a setting to control the default permissions of garden gates
  • Meow
  • Added altars - desirable buildings that also provide a bit of support to their chosen god
  • Added additional garden variant
  • Obstructing the road to Rome will now pause the game and give a warning, to give an opportunity of fixing the problem before destroying the player's city.
  • Added the reservoir range projection when building Neptune Grand Temple
  • Increased the favor penalties when player tries to pay themselves a salary above their rank
  • Adjusted the calculations of granaries/warehouses for markets
  • Removed the 10 dock limit
  • Newly built docks, taverns and non-Venus temples now accept all goods by default
  • Changed the sentiment overlay: Now the upper parts of the homes are also coloured accorded to the sentiment
  • Herd animals will now try to move out of the way when placing buildings
  • Vanilla scenarios and campaign maps are adjusted to include the new resources as appropriate
  • Meat and fish are now separate food types
  • Monument resource costs and number of phases have been adjusted to require the new resources
  • Adjusted the order of special orders in warehouses/granaries. The new order is Accepting->Getting->Not Accepting
  • Buildings that require resources not available on the map will no longer show in the build menu
  • Angry natives can now destroy walls, aqueducts and gardens
  • Removed the minarets from Hagia Sophia ornament
  • Copy/paste building data can now be used on all roadblock-like buildings
  • Mothballed buildings now display a warning on their building information panel
  • Aligned the text in the building menu and title screen menu
  • Granaries now display the flags showing their permissions, similarly to warehouses
  • Distributing market ladies will no longer return early if they have no resources to distribute
  • Reservoirs can now connect directly to each other. Improved the projection when building reservoirs
  • Oracles, Large Temples and Nymphaeums no longer burn or collapse
  • Improved error/crash logging
  • Cartpushers emptying the warehouse can go offroad
  • Improved the UI of load/save dialog
  • Improved the UI building information of monument that are being constructed
  • Added roadblock controls to gatehouses and arches
  • Added hotkeys for many of features
  • Removed shipyards from maps with no fish
  • Adjusted cartpusher and market ladies pathfinding
  • Market boys now stay closer to the market lady
  • Increased trader spawn rate
  • Wolves now fight against enemy soldiers
  • Granary cart pushers now show on food supply overlay
  • Boxing in your city will now automatically pause the game to allow the player to fix the problem without all housing getting destroyed
  • Replaced the "all temple" option with an auto cycle toggle
  • The market buyer lady now wears a dress with a different color.
  • Improved graphic model for the Architects’ Guild.
  • Warehouse info panel now shows stored goods and free space values in cartloads.
  • Zebras now use their pasturing animation.
  • Changed the loading screen to PS Vita
  • Fixed potential crashes with wrongly formatted XML files
  • Fixed efficiency being calculated improperly
  • Fixed android builds not loading properly
  • Fixed some bugs which would stop monuments from being completed
  • Fixed the entertainment advisor displaying the wrong count of hippodromes
  • Fixed some improper behaviour of herd animals
  • Fixed a bug where having too many sprites on the same tile would result in them drawing in random locations
  • Fixed a bug where ranged units on fort grounds could not fire
  • Fixed a bug when the trade is stopped if a dock is replaced by a shipyard while the game is paused
  • Fixed a potential problem with message lists
  • Fixed a bug where buildings would get deleted even if you cancel deletion
  • Fixed problems with invasions created by using cheats
  • Fixed out of bounds problem with invasions
  • Fixed out of bounds problem with the water access projection
  • Fixed monuments sometimes not being drawn correctly
  • Fixed potential memory corruption issues
  • Fixed a bug where rioters could destroy only a part of the hippodrome
  • Fixed a bug where a city preview would improperly display the map size
  • Fixed a potential crash caused by looters
  • Fixed improper ghosts being drawn by waterside buildings
  • Fixed potential crashes caused by waterside buildings
  • Earthquake can no longer hit a ramp
  • Fixed a bunch of typos and adjusted some messages for clarity
  • Fixed a bug where rotating a map could prevent placing more buildings
  • Fixed bathhouse ghost
  • Fixed a situation where luxury palaces would display requirements for evolving
  • Fixed caravans not appearing sometimes when they should
  • Fixed farm progress being undone after deleting and then undoing the deletion
  • Fixed the crash when the map is rotated briefly after gatehouse destruction
  • Fixed some savegames refusing to load
  • Fixed being able to place multiple wharves on top of each other in some situations
  • Fixed clone building being able to build buildings that are not allowed to be built
  • Fixed Venus Grand Temple not working on all houses/gardens/statues/temples.
  • Fixed multiple possible memory corruption errors
  • Fixed entry/exit flag moving on reload
  • Placated Crudelios
  • Fixed entry/exit flags being minable in the campaign maps
  • Fixed native area shrinking
  • Fixed being able to build multiple of the same monument
  • Fixed gladiator statue complaining about lack of road access
  • Fixed sentries sometimes improperly showing up when right clicking next to a tower
  • Fixed buildings sometimes using improper spawn points when built next to a roadblock
  • Fixed natives getting stuck on garden gates
  • Fixed cart pushers sometimes getting stuck when their target gets deleted
  • Fixed caravanserai suppliers stocking up less food than intended
  • Fix a rare case when houses would become corrupted and crash the game
  • Fixed Neptune bonus not working with a modified model file
  • Fixed cartpusher sometimes getting stuck on invalid tiles
  • Fix replay map button sometimes not working
  • Fixed triumphal arch allowing more road access than it should
  • Fixed wrong mouse warping when right click dragging
  • Fixed waterside building being placeable where they wouldn't work
  • Fixed foreman using wrong phrases
  • Fixed elevation rocks appearing where they shouldn't
  • Fixed numberic input keyboard ignoring minus
  • Fixed work camp haulers walking on water
  • Fixed cases where hotkeys stopped working
  • Game paused banner now displays the proper hotkey
  • Fixed gates placed on plazas not working
  • Fixed mothballed supply post fully satisfying food needs without consuming food
  • Fix music not playing properly on Vita
  • Fixed some timing issues with mpg video playback
  • Fixed trees/rocks changing graphics when starting a map
  • Fixed the improper tavern count being displayed
  • Fixed destroyed palisade gates reducing peace rating.
  • Fixed the display of triumphal arches on Roads overlay.
  • Fixed potential crash when parsing malformed original assets.
  • Fixed a bug where palaces didn’t for ask access to gods once evolved.
  • Fixed some texts not translated in the audio options.


Campaign Reconquered (update 29.12.2023)​

Requires latest Augustus 4.0 or the unstable to play. Extract into your C3 folder and find maps in your saved games.Try and not skip any maps, both peacefull and military paths are fused into one. If you have trouble beating a mission, lower the game difficulty and try to pull through instead of skipping.

Designed for playing with Global Labor pool, infinate animal spawning OFF, up to all grand temples allowed, very hard game difficulty and preferably no saves.

Welcome to the Campaign Reconquered project, this is a rework of the original campaign made for the Augustus mod. It uses Augustus specific tools to provide a fresh experience, all 20 maps are redone with custom events and an AI Caesar voice that narrates instructions on all maps.

Take good care to read all custom messages as they explain new mechanics and events/objectives. Each map after the first two tutorial missions will feature edicts, which are mission specific modifiers. This will hopefully make each map memorable and different from the other.

Effort has been put into making the maps preserve some key features of the original maps, but often times lot has been changed. Especially late and mid campaign maps that are very boring and flat in the vanilla.

Improved historical accuracy is also a feature but it’s not followed to a letter, still a major improvement over vanilla. Custom empire maps, cities and objectives are part of the campaign. Some missions offer branching choices for increased replayability.

A major feature is that there is no need for "labor sponging" in the campaign, if you stick to the goals there will not be a need to create artificial jobs to keep the unemployment under control. Instead most maps feature large quotas of goods with lower prices to facilitate natural progression.
Expect maps and the campaign to be harder overall than vanilla, especially when it comes to terrain. It’s not a sandbox experience but it’s not as hard as most VH custom maps you can find on this site. That being said if you want to only use 9x9’s and don’t want to build innovative housing block solutions, then this campaign is not for you. The maps are specifically made to hinder block designs that rely on massive open swaths of land. Furthermore, I do not wish you to use forced walkers on the maps. Ultimately do what you want but if you want to show me some respect for the work that has been put into it, then go in and expect to learn proper unique blocks based on the ultimate 22x6 layout.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding the
project here or on my discord server here - https://discord.gg/HGT8Mk4Xvv.

For educational purposes feel free to check out my tips videos that will help you prepare for what’s in the campaign: Tips and tricks playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyQEC5oKPEw&list=PLApIM4z_oSQnQxdrkznu2EGVvgA6w9V1T

The work on this project involved 2 months of creation/testing. People involved in the project:
CommissarMarek - Leader/Creator
Fairbuy - Editor and Artist
samuelRFHD - Chief Balance Advisor
Eraserhead - Chief Terrain Advisor
Supercheese, samuelRFHD - Event text consultants
Bane Williams - AI Engineer
Testers: Calyx Redenblack, destinationwalker, Eggmountains, Turgon, Scorpius Indicus, MSTVD, rockp3nguin, Cloud8888, UberWaffe. Road66, Lord_Alesito, Remial.
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