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Giving Caesar 3 a whirl, amusing n00b mistakes


Aug 28, 2008
Nirvana for mice


Dec 15, 2019
imo if the guy is working on it, he should create new mechanics instead of doing qol


Aug 10, 2018
imo if the guy is working on it, he should create new mechanics instead of doing qol

There are multiple projects in the work here, with different goals and multiple people on it. Some want to keep it pure and some want to expand the game. But what kind of additions would you want to see?


Dec 15, 2019
Hard to say, isntit? Different people want different things. Stream of kafka from the toilet:

1. Prodcution should not be able to source workers city wide from 1 shack or even without a shack. You need to build a Soviet style idustrial mini city with schools and all.
Availability of workers should depend on distance, road distance, not bird distance. Increasing/decreasing available workes with pay like in Emperor should not be possible.

2. Population high density should have a strong desirability hit, nasty neighbours and all. You should not be able to build 8x2 quad housing loops, get 16 4x4 tile houses on the inside and services around and plug empty spaces around with moar housing. And lift that thing to the highest quality housing before villas... It just should not work.

3. Production output should depend stronlgy on distance to where it is used. Or maybe not. But production buildings should not produce and transport goods to destiantion at the same time.
Basically I remember having to build a buffering storage once in Pharaoh. I built mines far away from port and as long as the carrier got to jeweler and back before the next batch of uncut stones was ready, prodcution output remained at max. So I had this just-in-time delivery going to the jeweler who delivered his produces to the storage yard even further away, which was basically close enough to port now as not to matter.
So the idea is to make production building just produce and some other building do the carrying, AND make the batches that can be carried smaller so that you need more carriers. Balancing act.

4. All city parts should be interconnected. No separate loops. Road block should maybe not exist, but the game should show where a service worker would turn and how far he would walk.
The thought behind this is to prevent the mentally easy way of just plastering loops everywhere. In Pharaoh there is a culture building that has T shaped roads build-in that you cant change. That was fun figuring out how to build that one into a closed loop...

5. Certain buildings should need certain amount of workers from certain quality housing. Cant get workers for temple or schools from shacks etc.

6. Money income should be harder to come by, trade is just too powerful but I dont know how to fix this point.


Dec 15, 2019
7. Maybe a pointless idea but trade needs a different, second currency. LIke gold. Cities should only trade goods-for-goods. But you can also always trade for gold but at a much worse exchcange rate.
So say, you want wheat but have jewels. You cant just sell jewels at huge universal currency prices to a city that buys jewels and then import wheat on the cheap from somewhere.
So when there is no city that does this trade straight up, you have to sell jewels for gold at a much worse exchange. Or, the goal of this fix, build a production that can make wheat-for-newproduction trade possible.

8. More complex production chains. LIke bricks need straw and clay in Pharaoh. More of that. Especially for high level housing.


Dec 15, 2019
Its not gonna get implemented anyway, why bother.

9. Shacks or low level housing should spread disease and crime globally. Basically randomly spawn a thief or spreader somewhere on the map, on a road.
The idea is, that if you build a shack village to supply workers to stone mines or any dirty work (since higher level people wont work there), you need an apothecary to prevent plague.
But the apothecary needs workers from high level housing, so you cannot really isolate your shacks. Your doc and apothecary walker have to be close enough to the shacks to cover them AND close enough to high level housing to get a doc working.
Same would go for police but with lesser quality housing required for pigs than docs.

10. Maybe make the housing upgrades manual. Ie you have made the requirements available to houses and they are ready to upgrade but they dont do it automatically. You have to pay for it, in some way, resources or money or seomthing.


Dec 15, 2019
Well, Augustus has 'global worker pool' as the very first feature, so chances for MASSIVE restrictions on the sandbox being implemented are 0.
Its also a lot of work.

Also, its probably only gonna make sense when/if they parse Pharaoh, Emperor resources so that more stuff is available.
Cnat make henna in Ceasar.
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Dec 15, 2019
I dreamed up another idea for the money/trade problem.
Basically, we introduce a second tax rate. One is already in the game.
Its a base rate all cities ask for. The second, lets call it an
economic tax or etax,would be imaginary leveraged on products.
The higher your etax is, the more income you get and it is high income,
BUT this reduces the amount of exports you can sell!

RIght now the nr of goods you can sell is just limited by the
remote city, if its buys 12 pottery, you sell 12. WIth etax the amount
of exports you can sell depends on your etax.

Now the income from etax is mostly linear and only slightly
flattens at very hihg rates.
The income from export rises quickly early wehn your super expensive
products become cheaper, then rises modestly and then rises quickly
again when your products are super cheap - eg your are CHYNA.

THese non linear curves works against each other though!
Eg, you set etax to max and can only export 2 out of 12 pottery a year.
AND they depend not only on each other but also on city variable and world.
Its a multivariable system, that reduces ingame to a singel scalar - the etax!
So as a player you want to find an optimum and adjust it based on circumstance.

YOu now have the option to try to run a city of taxes!
You also as a player can judge how to set the etax without doing math, just
by rule of thumb and land close to optimal values.

So for example, you start a city and have low pop and no trade.
You up the etax as far as happiness allows (just as in the base game),
but as soon as you trade you have to reevalute that number.
ANd you have to consider what you are importing since you are doing
goods-for-goods, how much of that you need and also what you are exportin.
Eg if you export wheat, higher etax is preferable, while exporting jewels-for-gold
would be better of with a higher trade volume.

PS note: there is an option to not to limit your number of export (eg 2/12 pottery) with hihg
etax but to lower the price you get for your products. Its not realistic or logical.
And has no flair but it is more streamlined numerically.


Dec 15, 2019
I tried but it requires registration so I just ctrl-w out of there lul.

There is also a note on the roadmap for Augustus where it says they want to rebalance the money/trade thing so they are on the jerb already.


Jul 5, 2013
Julius 1.5.0

General improvements
  • Julius now runs on Android
UI improvements
  • Add right-click image to some enemies which were missing images
  • Number of unemployed people has been added to the senate tooltip and Chief advisor
  • Setting hotkeys for construction of common buildings is now possible
  • Setting a hotkey for quickly selecting the building under cursor for construction
  • Changing trade status (import/export) for resources can now be done from the Empire map
  • Some more in-game messages have a button to the relevant advisor
Configuration options
Language improvements
  • Use localized filenames for mission saved games. For example, Citizen.sav will now be called Bürger.sav in the German version of the game
  • Users running the Korean or Chinese version of the game can now save files using Korean/Chinese characters
  • Add Italian, Polish and Swedish translations for the configuration screen
  • Add support for the Simplified Chinese version of the game
  • Tweaks to make texts in more verbose languages fit in their dialogs
UI/Gameplay fixes
  • Fix aqueduct tile turning into gatehouse image on a certain aqueduct configuration
  • Fix graphic glitch in road tile caused by plaza
  • Fix visual bugs when visual feedback is active
  • Fix Religion being shown as Health on chief advisor
  • Fix warehouses/granaries getting linked during delete/undo
  • Fix combat short and long music being swapped
  • Fix population advisor showing the wrong end date for the history graph
  • Fix not being able to delete files with non-ascii characters on Windows
  • Fix education advisor always saying that people want more libraries
  • Fix displayed price for clear land being double the actual amount
  • Fix right-clicking the buttons on the sidebar going to the wrong help page
  • Fix game speed being way too fast on the higher speed settings on >60Hz monitors
  • Fix columns on damage overlay being too tall
  • Fix minimap not immediately jumping to the right location when "go to problem" button is used
  • Fix minimap not immediately updating when placing a building
Technical fixes
  • Vita: fix music-related crash/freeze (#474)
  • Fix crash/memory corruption on difficulty dialog
  • Slight tweaks to touch support on Vita/Switch


Jul 5, 2013
Julius 1.5.1

Technical fixes
  • Android: crash when starting Julius when the Caesar 3 directory had not yet been set has been fixed
  • When supplying a display scale on the command line, the correct scaling mode is now applied, resulting in less pixelated graphics
General improvements
  • Mission victory and intro videos now scale up to fullscreen


Jul 5, 2013
Augustus 2.0.0 - Religion update


Augustus 2.0 Changelog


  • In case of multiple barracks in the city, they will all have weapons delivered to
  • Sentries will now fight enemies encountered on the way to towers
    (Quartermasters will fight too).
  • Wharves and shipyards are classified as food production instead of industry for
    labour priority purposes.
  • Roads now treat ramps like roads for the purposes of determining orientation.
  • Allow indefinite play of campaign mission: after extending your mandate for a
    few years, the player will be asked again to accept the promotion or extend the
  • Certain buildings now require levies: additional monthly upkeep in denarii.
    Buildings affected (prices listed for Hard and Very Hard difficulty):
    Towers(2dn/mo), small temples(4dn/mo), oracle(4dn/mo), large
    temples(4dn/mo), Lighthouse(30dn/mo), Forts(20dn/mo), Grand
    Temples(100dn/mo), pantheon(100dn/mo).
  • Traders now use camel graphics on maps with southern climate.
  • Soldiers on Forts now require food. Food is supplied through a new
    building, Supply post. A supply post sends a walker to collect food
    from granaries. Lack of food causes morale penalties and slows down
    recruitment. Multiple types of food provide a morale bonus. Only one Supply
    post can be built on a map.
  • Reduced morale gain granted by the Military academy building. This morale
    (and more) can now be gained by supplying diverse food at the Supply post .
  • Granaries now have a quartermaster permission button, allowing to control what
    supply post uses.
    2020 The Project Augustus Team 20Project Augustus: Version 2.0.0 User guide
  • Change to Mercury blessing: Now completes workshop production and fully
    supplies them with resources.
  • Change to Neptune blessing: Now lasts 12 months instead of until January.
    Trade price bonus reduced to 50%.
  • Change to Venus blessing: Now also makes citizens over 25 younger by 3 years
    and provides a temporary boost to labor if fixed worker percentage option is set.
  • Change to the blessing system: Gods will provide you with blessings even if they
    have blessed you before. Chance of getting a blessing reduced. Progress to
    blessings can be tracked on the religion advisor screen. Chance of getting a
    blessing is increased with a god's mood and festivals.
  • Changed migrants', Warehouse workers’, and cart pushers' portraits to use more
    fitting ones.
  • Added support for building rotation, add rotate building options. Works for
    gatehouses, Warehouses, Forts and hippodrome, as well as new Paths.
  • The Senate window and the chief advisor window now display the exact number
    of unemployed citizens.
  • Added support for loading outside images, to be used for new content.
  • Roadblock graphic is now an external .png file.
  • Added console, along with some cheats.
  • Added new permissions to Roadblocks: labor seekers, tax collectors.
  • Added a tab to the population advisor, showing the count of all the housing
    types in the city and their requirements.
  • Added a number of new aesthetics buildings (gardens, statues, etc.) for more
    visual variety, desirability effect is the same as statues of respective sizes.
  • Added monuments: buildings that take resources and special buildings to
    complete and grant bonuses to your town when complete.
  • Monuments added: Five Grand Temples; one to each of the gods, a Pantheon
    dedicated to all the gods and a Lighthouse.
  • Added new buildings used in monument construction: the Work camp and
    Engineer’s Guild.
  • Added building upgrades for Grand Temples and the Pantheon. Select and pay
    for one of two upgrades that empower priests in your city.
  • Missionaries and Immigrants will now use previously unused voice lines.
  • Added a “Delete all read messages” button to the Message Log.
  • Added tooltips to the mothballing button and Granary/Warehouse permissions.
  • Added “Roads” overlay. Shows Roads, Plazas, Gardens and Roadblocks.
  • Water can now be added on elevations in the map editor.
    Desirability overlay now shows effect on buildings built next to the water or on
    the high ground.
  • New pause menu with options when pressing ESC.
  • City construction kit now has an arrow allowing you to go back to the main
  • Added levy overlay, showing buildings requiring levy payments.

  • Fixed Warehouses/Granaries getting linked storage options in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect music to be played during combat.
  • Mothballed buildings that catch fire will now burn down.
  • Fixed issue with Warehouse delivering the resources to each other in some cases.
  • Fixed population advisor history graph showing the wrong date.
  • Zoom now works again in the map editor.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed fulfilling imperial requests without sending resources
    by using disabled Warehouse.
  • Roadblocks now block Granary exits.
  • Fixed bath house construction image being aligned improperly.
  • Fixed visual bug of sentry walking under instead of on a bridge.
  • Market boys and caravan followers no longer disappear when the market
    lady/caravan leader steps on the bridge.
  • Desirability bonus granted by houses being next to the water is now updated
    when the house changes its size.

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Jan 9, 2017
Julius = C3 for modern systems + UI enhancements
Augustus = changes in core gameplay


Jul 5, 2013
Augustus 2.0.1


  • Fix warehousemen delivering food to the wrong granaries
  • Properly show the warning popup if the mods are not installed
  • Remove the old Neptune grand temple bonus
  • Fix memory corruption caused by Neptune Grand Temple
  • Fix loading of saves not working properly on big endian machines
  • Don't allow to place unavailable buildings with hotkeys in the tutorial
  • Fix mods loading causing crash on Linux


Jul 5, 2013
Julius 1.6.0

General improvements
  • Minimap of the scenario can be displayed when selecting a map to play
  • Bridge cost is shown before building the bridge
  • Roads lead into the access ramps to indicate that access ramps are part of the road network
  • Undo is disabled after certain houses upgrade to prevent visual corruption
  • Granary info window shows cart status when it's getting food from another granary
  • Construction: plaza shows as green when over a road with people on it. Previously it was red but the player could still place it
  • Construction: fountain shows as red when over a building or other non-clear tile. It still indicates whether that tile has reservoir access
  • Android release is available on Google Play
Configuration options
  • New option: display scale
  • New option: cursor scale
  • Note: both options were already available as command-line arguments
  • Removed option: "Fix Emperor change and survival time" - the option wasn't in line with the project's goals
  • Fix entertainer corrupting building memory in certain cases
  • Fix screen that stayed black after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on Windows
  • Fix people on bridges not having a portrait on right-click
  • Fix crash on Vita when no music is installed
  • Fix being able to place disabled buildings in tutorial missions using their hotkey
  • Fix "Disable right click to drag map" also disabling scrolling on touch devices
  • Fix some Android devices showing the window with wrong colors
  • Fix small bug with visual feedback on delete
  • Fix cursor corrupting on certain Windows 10 versions
  • Fix intro video playback causing skipped videos and unexpected audio on slow devices
  • Fix top menu items overlapping with the city funds for more verbose languages
  • Fix press effect not showing for image buttons
  • Fix 'right-click to close window' not working when mouse cursor was over a button
  • Fix visual bug when undoing deleted houses
  • Fix incorrect scaling mode applied when using a custom display scale, which resulted in pixelated graphics
  • Fix freeze on Vita and Switch when opening the keyboard input window
Technical improvements
  • Upgraded SDL to 2.0.14
  • Android: upgraded build tools and SDK version
  • Performance improvements for editor and top menu
  • Performance improvements related to file handling on Vita and Switch


Aug 20, 2013
Georgia, Asia
Codex 2013
Julius = C3 for modern systems + UI enhancements
Augustus = changes in core gameplay
Augustus plays a lot more like Pharaoh and Emperor. It's got plenty of QOL improvements that make the game a lot more pleasant than its original iteration IMO. Global labor pool and roadblocks completely change how you plan and build cities.

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