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How Is Larian's BG3 Treating the Lore? And Returning Characters? BG3 Spoiler Herein.


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Mar 23, 2022
Even treating lore like scripture is not necessarily a good thing, either. Writing good lore takes way more effort and forethought than most writers are capable of or want to do. Writing is a skill that you never stop learning. Eventually, many writers will desire to revise past work in good faith. Even Tolkien himself once wrote that he didn't appreciate the finality of publishing (take a look at how his worldbuilding underwent many revisions before publishing).

We admit the writing in BG isn't that great. There are mods that exist specifically to expand and improve it, like the BG NPC Project. What Larian is doing to returning characters isn't appreciated by fans of those characters. Ultimately, this is a product that uses the brand name to attract returning players too. Using the worst interpretations of characters isn't a good way to win fans over.

This is the drawback of writing sequels to crpgs that give a plethora of choices. Firstly, WotC is gonna arbitrarily pick what events are canon and their choices are gonna be stupid (e.g. deciding those awful BG novels are canon over the actual games). Secondly, trying to account for choices in sequels just increases the workload and isn't going to satisfy everyone anyway. ME2 and ME3 only accounted for a fraction of choices. BG4 accounting for choices in BG3 would be an absolute nightmare to design.

Canon is an inherently tricky proposition to apply to fiction and defies how fiction has been conventionally thought of before the legal invention of intellectual property. Mythology doesn't have a canon because it was shared through oral storytelling that changed with the telling. Long-running IPs have inescapable continuity problems because it's simply impossible for human beings to keep track of the sheer volume of internal chronology and rules, to say nothing of deliberate retcons. It's a headache.


Jun 30, 2021
Their is no canon. The only thing approaching canon is that they kept the name of Charname from the books. The whole "following the books" narrative is horseshit.

If they were following the books then, among other things:

1. Jaheira would be dead.
2. Minsc would have a full head of red hair, and wasn't even in the original party (he showed up as a cameo in the 2nd book at a bar, and not a very flattering one if I recall correctly).
3. Viconia wouldn't even EXIST as she wasn't in the books at all.
4. God knows what else as I mentally blocked it out.

Fact is, LARIAN made these choices for these character. They pissed on the ashes of Baldur's Gate. Not WOTC*.

Don't even get me started on the Balduran deal. Something that's not supported by any sort of canon and smells like some scaley's** gross fanfiction.

*Though WOTC's absolutely horrible official ending for Charname just goes to show how little regard that everyone in power here has for those that came before them.

**probably not the correct term, but I really don't want to know what the correct term is for squid fucking fetishes.
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Jul 12, 2008

This is the abyss Nietzsche was warning people about. Except that the problem isn't caused by fighting monsters.

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