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I have a counter-proposal (Crispy vs. Kalin TO THE DEATH)

Your choice in this poll could be historic

  • I choose the Scenario listed as Option 1 in the first post of this thread (De-mod Crispy)

  • I choose the Scenario listed as Option 2 in the first post of this thread (Kalin stays in GD)

Results are only viewable after voting.

King Crispy

Too bad I have no queen.
Staff Member
Feb 16, 2008
Future Wasteland
Strap Yourselves In
If any of you think I'm actually going to embarrass myself again by playing some game competitively to determine my fate then you're dumber than I was to have accepted that UT match challenge from Menckenstein (and attempting to rig it) all those years ago. Fuck that shit.

HOWEVER, what I will propose instead is a good old fashioned democratic vote.

To wit:

This poll will be, if approved specifically and in writing by DarkUnderlord in the form of a post indicating his approval within this very thread, the deciding fate of either/both Crispy and/or Kalin. The result will be, again, if agreed upon, permanent and irrevocable. Conditions for the poll being valid and its results being applicable are as follows:

- As stated, DarkUnderlord himself has to agree to abide by this poll's results and the consequences of its outcome as listed in the two Scenarios described below. He or one of his fellow Administrators will be responsible for executing the consequences of whichever Scenario receives the most poll votes.

- The participants in this decision -- namely Kalin and I -- both, naturally, have to agree to it. I, of course, obviously, agree inherently by having typed all this stupid shit out and making the poll up in the first place. Kalin can post somewhere in GD saying he agrees (or disagrees) since he's not allowed to post anywhere else. Heh.

- If EITHER DarkUnderlord or Kalin do NOT agree, then the poll and its described Scenarios and the consequences attached to those are deemed invalid and inapplicable. As an alternative, since DarkUnderlord is the administrator of this site, and such, has authority over everything that occurs and matters here, he (DarkUnderlord) could compel Kalin to abide by this poll, its Scenario(s), and the results of the consequences of the results of the poll. I think that would be funny, but it's clearly up to him. Bearing in mind the aforementioned alternative, rejection to this poll and its Scenarios by either Kalin or DarkUnderlord instantly nullifies any current or planned further action against Crispy, whether in the form of de-modding, being forced to compete in some silly online match, or any other activities clearly designed to take advantage of both his advanced years and indisputable strength of character. The matter will be settled without further action or recourse whatsoever.

- I demand that at least 200 votes be tallied before any 'winner' is declared. This should be sufficient to weather the initial storm of angry Never Crispys and offset the unavoidable CDS effect (Crispy Derangement Syndrome). I declare, here and now, if this condition is not met -- if at least 200 votes are never cast in the first place -- then the results of the poll, its Scenarios, and the consequences of them contained herein are deemed invalid and inapplicable. There is no possibility of me relenting on this condition so consider it settled and permanent.

Now then,

Here are the two Scenarios for which you will be voting in the poll:

Option 1: If the votes of the poll favor this choice, then Crispy will have his moderator title stripped (for the second time), his access to the Administration forums shall be revoked, and any other functions or privileges previously enjoyed by him via his status as a Codex moderator will be hereby removed. It is also stipulated, as a secondary Consequence, that he shall also be bequeathed a *NEW*, *CUSTOM TITLE*, to be designed by DarkUnderlord or whomever he wishes to delegate the task (provided it is followed to the letter) that reads "Ex-Sheriff". This is also non-negotiable. If it is required such that my current custom title ("Undisputed Queen of Faggotry") be removed in favor of this new custom title due to limitations in Xenforo's code or for whatever reason, then so be it. Lastly, it is deemed as a third Consequence of this choice that Kalin shall have his Shoutbox posting rights fully restored and that he and all other Kalinites shall be made standard, normal-status posters again with no further or lasting effects, stigmas, or negative connotations attached (other than what has already been described in this Option) in futuro.

Option 2: if the votes of the poll favor this choice, then Kalin must forever hereafter remain restricted to the General Discussion section of Forums on RPG Codex, without access to Shoutbox at all, and must retain his current custom title of "I Have Disgusting Opinions" for all time. It is stipulated as a part of this Option that if Kalin attempts to create, in the future, any alternate account(s) on Codex (an "alt" / "alts") for the purpose of attempting to circumvent this fate, his new alt(s) shall be immediately banned and removed by Codex Administration, and his current, original account ("Kalin") shall receive a new tag, the customary one of "Dumbfuck". This "Dumbfuck" tag does NOT have to be assigned to Kalin simply by having Option 2 prevail in this poll; again, it is only a stipulation of him attempting to, at any point in the future, get out of the fate democratically voted upon by his peers herein.

I am taking a screenshot of this post and its poll and attaching it to prevent any tampering with either the post or the poll itself. There are only two choices, and only one result can occur (unless, of course, each Option receives exactly 100 votes and the poll is locked at that point in which case nothing at all will happen... I guess?)


Here is the TL;DR edition for the 85 IQ crowd amongst us:

Vote for Option 1 if you want Crispy de-modded and Kalin released

Vote for Option 2 if you want Kalin trapped in GD forever and possibly Dumbfucked


Feel free to cast your vote now, and may the best man win. I miss you, Phelot.


(Edit by Crispy to clarify the consequences in Option 1)
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Kitchen Utensil

Crispy, you seem to be begging to be de-modded. Also quite attention-whorey. One could say kinda faggy in a way. Wouldn't you agree?

Cool name

Oct 14, 2012
voted to demod crispy bc in the OP of this thread he rejects gamerocracy and is trying to make this democracy instead, which is unbecoming of a moderator. Of course, this also means my true belief is that this poll should mean nothing regardless of its result, and it should instead be settled via a video game duel in true gamerocratic tradition.

democracy had its chance but it is a discredited ideology. power to the players, as they say at GameStop.


Jun 28, 2020



DU won't agree to anything that includes the possibility of Kalin walking free without doing horse therapy.


Cognito Elite Material
Apr 15, 2010
Steve gets a Kidney but I don't even get a tag.
I looked around the Star Stable wiki and it seems to have a race feature:


"Players can also compete in the races through a high score board, where they can attempt to improve their time without receiving any rewards."

Crispy and Kalin could be blocked from using their accounts until each produces a video of their best time, at which point the contest will be decided in the winner's favor.

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