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Incline Path of the Abyss - Single-Player, Grid-Based First-Person Dungeon Crawler RPG With A Nice Art Style And Real-Time Combat


News Cyborg
Aug 24, 2019






Path of the Abyss is a single-player, grid-based dungeon exploration RPG.
You explore dungeons expressed in black-and-white pen drawings with your freely customized character and aim for the deepest level.

* Notice *​

The English version will be released later than the Japanese version.
Release date to be determined.

* Features *​

・First-person RPG
・Real-time combatl
・Free character building
・Various mysteries and loot lying in the dungeon

* Combat *​

Combat progresses in real time.
Each character can utilize the skills they have acquired to strengthen their allies, hinder monster attacks, and use a variety of other means to advance in battle.
Since the monster's behavior can be ascertained in advance, it is also important to select the skills to be used accordingly.

Skills that can be used in battle must be set in advance on the "formation panel," which consists of nine panels.
The type and position of the skills set on the formation panel will greatly affect the outcome of the battle.
Since the formation panel is shared by the party, the main feature of the game is how to make the most of the limited number of panels.

* Character Build *​

.A character can be built with 8 abilities, 5 basic parameters, skills, and equipment.
Equipment may also have special abilities, which can greatly change a character's abilities.

* Party Build *​

The various skills possessed by the characters are set in the formation panel to build the party.
The various skills have synergistic effects and are built to assist each other's abilities.

* Exploration *​

.In Path of the Abyss, you explore a world consisting of one vast dungeon and several sub-dungeons.
Solve the various mysteries of the dungeon and strengthen your character to reach the deepest depths of the dungeon.

* Story *​

.A small ruin in East Weltorden, which has been stolen many times and eventually decayed without attracting anyone's attention, has been the site of many horrific monster sightings.
Those who dismissed the sightings as idle gossip and went there to test their mettle never came back.
The lord of East Weltenden sent a survey team to investigate the ruins, but the results were cruel.

Rumors of the ruins soon spread throughout the land, and many skilled adventurers began to visit the area.
You are no exception to this.


Oct 16, 2015
Might be interested when the color DLC is released.

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