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  1. grimace

    Anime Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia -- Megami Tensei / Etrian Odyssey inspired

    https://twitter.com/potemki11/status/1702140945100116469 https://store.steampowered.com/app/2248430/Touhou_Artificial_Dream_in_Arcadia/
  2. CryptRat

    Adventurer Academy - Heroes of the New Dawn - a school setting traditional blobber made with RPG Maker

    First thing first, there's a demo included, so you can give the game a try before buying it for $10 : https://lordofpotatos.itch.io/adventurer-academy-heroes-of-the-new-dawn. I played the demo for about 1h30, the game seems cool enough. I did not reach the end of the demo so for sure there's...
  3. Tower of Nibiru - Turn-based Dungeon Crawler

    I'm an amateur 3d artist and game developer working on a solo project (Tower of Nibiru) that will hopefully be my first commercial release. It's still in early development, but it's starting to look and feel like a real game, so I figured I'd start posting my plans and progress here. Features...
  4. Vaeltaja

    Chronicles of Vaeltaja: In Search of the Great Wanderer - colorful open world grid-based blobber - now on Early Access

    [/spoiler] EDIT: Made some edits in the description found in the spoiler tags and changed new screenshots.
  5. Blobber "Kowloon High-School Chronicle" on Steam

    The remaster of the PS2 game is available for PC
  6. Darth Canoli

    Grimoire V2 Short Review (or is it V3?)

    I thought it was V2 but Game version is 3.something. I'm not going to babble about the game roots or the history of the game's development or whatever else, it has been covered already and it's not my thing anyway. What I'm going to do is to list what I like and what I dislike, nothing more and...
  7. Gold Box Is Eye of the Beholder a blobber?

    Eye of the Beholder series has real time combat like Baldurs Gate 2 and is not turn based like regular blobs. Is Eyes of the Beholder series a blobber or something else?
  8. sigard

    Wizardry .

  9. Mon-Yu, a new blobber from Experience Inc. coming in 2023

    Localized by AKSYS GAMES (same publisher in the west for Undernauts). According to their video description it will be more related to Wizardry than Undernauts. Though they are using a more "cute" character design. It would be available for PC and the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Undernauts was...
  10. cyborgboy95

    Potato Flowers in Full Bloom - A first-person Dungeon Crawler with battle in third-person

    The game has a free demo on Steam btw, check it out!
  11. Thac0

    Squeenix New Crawler "Dungeon Encounters" by Square Enix, budget lower than the rpgcodex server costs

  12. Thac0

    Incline Butthurt Dungeon: Thac0's Ultimate Blobber List

    Preamble: The codex currently lacks a unified blobber recommendation list. Various lists exist, but none of them are curated. The aim of this thread is to categorise those of those blobbers that matter: Those that are worth playing. I did not play everything on this list, the goal of the list is...
  13. Cryomancer

    Did first person died on RPG's?

    On late 80s/90s : Wizardry games Might & Magic games Ravenloft : Strahd s possession + Stone Prophet Ultima Underworld TES 1&2 : Arena & Daggerfall Menzoberranzan Dungeon Hack System Shock. Eye of the Beholder DeathKeep We also got great first person RPG's on 00s and 2010s(not dungeon...
  14. Recommend me a fantasy RPG like this please?

    I'm looking for an RPG that's open world, or partially open-world like the old blobber games, where you go on adventures and have fun quests to complete, and quality writing like in old RPGs (Infinity Engine, Krondor, Might and Magic etc.), at least dialogue-wise - I don't mind what the plot is...
  15. Stormcrowfleet

    Arcante - Blobber RPG

    https://lucafavano.com/unreal-engine-arcante.html https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256807363/movie480_vp9.webm?t=1604335698 I just saw this lying around. Blobber real time RPG. I haven't seen much and I haven't played it so I can't comment. Anybody knew of this?
  16. Chris Koźmik

    List of all Blobbers on Steam

    Finally, I figured out how to set a proper combo of filters to list only Blobbers on Steam :) I have used "Party-Based RPG" and "First-Person" tags to adhere to the most widely accepted definition of a Blobber, also added "Dungeon Crawler" tag to filter out one odd entry (all Blobbers on Steam...
  17. Magic and Metal Zero, game jam Wizardrylike

    (I lost access to my old account, so don't judge me too harshly that this my post #1) My sibling managed to make this nice little prologue-style blobber in only 3-4 weeks. They don't really want to spread it around, but I think it's cool enough that this community might appreciate it. Games...
  18. Zerth

    Atlus Bugaboo Strange Journey Redux

    Well, I got into SMT Strange Journey totally expecting some noticeable differences in design direction than SMT IV, since this was one of the latter titles where Kaneko had a quite major involvement besides being an artistic lead (although this only holds true for the core game rather than...
  19. Helly

    Looking for the name of a comedy blobber from 10 years ago

    Thread title says it all. I don't remember much about it except that I heard about it on the 'dex. I don't think there are many humorous blobbers out there, but I could find nothing but trash on google. It was western (as in not japanese) with fixed characters... and that's basically all I remember
  20. CryptRat

    Gates Of Integrity - free The Bard's Tale clone

    https://tarjan.itch.io/gates-of-integrity I just started to explore the second dungeon. The game is very much like The Bard's Tale, and maybe even more like The Devil Whiskey since visually it also looks like it, including using real time outside combat (and classic phased-base combat), if...
  21. samuraigaiden

    Wizardry What is the best mainline Wizardry game?

    Legacy of Llylgamyn is underrated AF. It rebalances and perfects the system from the first game, while adding new weapons and enemies. It's easily the best game in the original trilogy.
  22. Bruma Hobo

    Best blobbers of the last decade

    Let's vote for the best blobbers of the 10's folks. This poll is about pure blobbers, and no hybrids are allowed. This means that all games must have first person blob exploration, and first person blob combat (this excludes games like Lords of Xulima or Realms of Arkania HD), and must have...
  23. DawnrazorDCLXVI

    The Quest 2

    For those who have played the first game, it is one of my favorite gameplay experiences, along with Undercroft, despite being iOS. I thought it was newsworthy: http://linux.redshift.hu/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3862 There are even screenies. :D
  24. flabbyjack

    Recommend me a cRPG blobber like Mordor/Demise

    First, let me say I am not a huge fan of the first-person tile based blobber games, although I have played several... Might & Magic X, Legend of Grimrock I/II, one of the Wizardry titles. But we have a problem! None of the titles I am aware of quite scratches that blobber itch that I have...

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