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dungeon crawler

  1. Chronicles of Vaeltaja: In Search of the Great Wanderer

    Finally I'm proud to present this retro-inspired crpg I've been working on for some time. If you love those old golden era pc-games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry, Ishar, The Bard's Tale and Lands of Lore, this just might be a game for you. It is a party-based dungeon crawler...
  2. Dungeoneers has released on Steam.

    After 10+ years of development, 7 years of open testing on the web, 1 year in Steam Early Access, and 8,500,000+ dragons killed, Dungeoneers has now released on Steam. You can also play from a browser at dungeoneers.com - the game is server-based, so if you link your accounts you can go back...
  3. Rincewind

    Incline GRIDMONGER — a new cRPG mapping tool

    Hey guys, I've just unleashed a dungeon mapping tool I've been working on for the past couple of years. It's intended to aid manual mapping via an efficient keyboard-driven (and attractive!) interface. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you "bbbbut there's Grid Cartographer bro, why did u bother...
  4. Wunderbar

    Baroque (Sega Saturn / PSX)

    Fan translation dropped not so long ago Link to an xdelta patch (requires Baroque - Yuganda Mousou (Japan) (Track 1).bin file which can be easily googled).
  5. Chris Koźmik

    Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees

    Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees (a sequel to Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown :D) in development. Website: https://www.silverlemurgames.com/legendsofamberland2/ So, some of you were waiting for this. I'm happy to announce that development of LoA II starts officially...
  6. Chris Koźmik

    Dungeon Crawlers Jam 2022

    Dungeon Crawlers Jam 2022 is being organized by dungeoncrawlers.org. Just like the last year. Dungeon Crawler Jam 2022 is a game development challenge to make a first person grid based dungeon crawler game in just 7 days from April 8 to April 15. Details...
  7. cyborgboy95

    Darkest Dungeon-Like Hellslave - Demonic Dungeon Crawling RPG

    https://hellslavegame.com https://af.gog.com/game/hellslave?as=1649904300 [/spoiler]
  8. Mon-Yu, a new blobber from Experience Inc. coming in 2023

    Localized by AKSYS GAMES (same publisher in the west for Undernauts). According to their video description it will be more related to Wizardry than Undernauts. Though they are using a more "cute" character design. It would be available for PC and the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Undernauts was...
  9. ithiro

    Check out my roguelite first-person dungeon crawler!

    Hee hoo! I'm Ithiro, and for over a year I've been working on this passion project of mine together with my best friends: Devil Spire. It's a hardcore first-person pseudo-3D roguelite action RPG dungeon crawler stylized after retro PC games, inspired by classics like King's Field and Heretic...
  10. Moaning_Clock

    Indie Sonucido: The Mage - A turn-based Dungeon Crawler

  11. Wysardry

    Easy tool for Dungeon Crawler Jam?

    As mentioned in this thread, dungeoncrawlers.org is starting a 7 day Dungeon Crawler Jam in April. Does anyone know of an easy tool to create a grid based RPG viewed in first person with 90 degree turning in under a week? March 31st is currently 2 months and 6 days away, so I probably wouldn't...
  12. Chris Koźmik

    Dungeon Crawlers Jam 2021

    zooperdan from dungeoncrawlers.org is organizing a Dungeon Crawlers Jam (7 days) between 1st and 8th April 2021. At the moment there are 39 participants (and raising). EDIT: There are 633 participants now. There are some modest rewards :) Details: https://itch.io/jam/dcjam2021 EDIT (results)...
  13. snarlynarwhal

    Dwerve, a Zelda-like Action Tower-Defense RPG is on Kickstarter

    Hi everyone, I'm Percy Legendre from Half Human Games, the small team behind Dwerve, a Zelda-like action tower-defense RPG where you play as a dwarven tinkerer that uses turrets and traps to fight. Dwerve launched on Kickstarter last week so I have been trying to tell more people about it...
  14. pakoito

    Incline Gloomhaven/Frosthaven

    The Top #1 boardgame in BGG is something right up the Codex' alley. It's a turn based dungeon crawler with puzzle-y mechanics. Described as "D&D in a box" it is set in a fantasy world with decent lore and poor writing. Between the base game, the expansion, the official community content, and...
  15. MichelMohr

    Monsters Belong in Prison (VR Dungeon Crawler)

    Monsters Belong in Prison is a VR dungeon crawler with pixel art low poly graphics, gesture spellcasting with a wand and an emphasis on environmental exploration. I'm developing this game on my own, with a little bit of help from freelancers for organic models/sprites such as the characters...
  16. moonshades

    Moonshades: an old-school dungeon crawler RPG

    Hello! Let me show you my indie game. While working in a full-time job (not in the game industry), I'm also an indie developer and gamer. Making Moonshades is the culmination of a long-felt desire since I was a child. Moonshades is a dungeon crawler role-playing game to restore the immersive...
  17. KickStarter Viking Vengeance

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vikingvengeance/viking-vengeance/ Viking Vengeance is a narrative-driven rogue-lite dungeon crawler in which you use the power of the Gods to stop the Templar Oppression. Inspired by Norse Mythology the game takes place in an Alternate...
  18. LESS T_T

    Vaporum: Lockdown - steampunk dungeon crawler prequel

    https://fatbot-games.com https://af.gog.com/game/vaporum_lockdown?as=1649904300
  19. Indie Morgana - a cutesy-Lovecraftian pixel blobber

    I ran across this game on another forum. There's nearly no information beyond a gameplay video: The graphics are well done and charming, it seems to have stats and stat effects (even a sanity stat), pressure plates, all the usual stuff. This FB page seems to be the only online presence it...
  20. Crassus

    Bael Fire - indie dungeon crawler

    hi everyone, my name is Rafael Barioni. I'm an indie developer, I'm creating a dungeoncrawl style game that has a playable demo, how about I'll take a look? I'll leave the link and a video. thanks, I await feedback site: BaelFire
  21. MrRichard999

    Moonspeak Might & Magic Book Two for the SNES is now in English!

    ANNOUNCING A PROJECT IN NEED OF TESTING! This project originally was an accident stumbled upon when looking at YouTube videos of Might and Magic game plays. I noticed a whole different version was made in Japan vs. the original only released on PCs and in Europe for the SNES. The...
  22. Eye of the Beholder - Homage (Fatbot Games Fan Video)

    Hello guys! During the winter holidays, we created a small visual homage to a game we like a lot in our team (Fatbot Games). Of course, Dungeon Master is Dungeon Master, but Eye of the Beholder was always just behind. And for some team members, it was also the first contact with the world of...
  23. vlzvl

    The Darkness Below: a retro CRPG in the making

    Hey guys, i'm vlzvl and i'm creating a dungeon crawler game titled The Darkness Below. The game itself its on early stages of development and i am focusing at the moment into appropriate graphics and game mechanics, not stories, world or levels. As you will find from the images, i am a serious...
  24. Wayward Son

    In Progress Let's Die In Wizardry V... Blind

    Howdy people of the Codex! I'm planning on doing this in the same way that someone in the 80s would have done it, barring extreme circumstances. This means: No Save-States, No Internet (To Look Up Maps and Such), Making My Own Map, etc. Without further ado, here's: Update 01: I'm Gonna Need Some...
  25. Iznaliu

    Decline Is "dungeon crawler" the new "roguelike"?

    As of lately, I've noticed a lot of games that are not even RPGs are calling themselves "dungeon crawlers" because they have dungeons in them. Regardless of what you think of it, has anyone else noticed this trend and what do they think of it?

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