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Bard's Tale The Bard's Tale IV Pre-Release Thread [RELEASED, GO TO NEW THREAD]


Feb 16, 2011
Probably should sent them an email
For what it's worth, the key arrived ~1 hour ago without any further input.
Either their system is a bit slow at times, or they fixed an issue on their side.


Oct 3, 2012
Wtf is this shit? Both reviews... it's almost as if they are from the same source and just made a 180° flip. I don't trust either of these shit review sites. And I really mean that, because there are lots of fake-review websites whose only purpose is to grab some key phrases from other reviews (or betas or videos), put it together in a somehow coherent text, and publish their "own" review based on that information (without even playing the game). Both of these websites I have never heard of and smell like that. They may really stem from the same "network". Fuck this shit!
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