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The Ghost mode - overhaul mod for The Witcher 3 - alternative to W3EE


Mar 28, 2014
I wouldn't call it an RPG either.

Weird. I thought game has a lot of interesting C&C something crucial to any RPG.
May 4, 2017
Okay, I've been trying this mod all around and I enjoy it. But the biggest issue is related to the xperience (notice the pun). I would like to know if someone has experimented with ghost mod enough to tell me how to:

1) get the full xp every time time you kill a creature, instead of punishing the players for having killed a certain amount of monsters and getting 1 xp [so, always full xp]
1.1) Get the maximum xp for the quests, no matter what your level is

2) Remove the level scaling from all the monsters and making it fixated. So if I start level 1 downer will be level 1, but if I get to level 2, only the littlest amount of downers will be level 2, and not that if I level up every fucking downer will be my same level.

2.1) Is it possible to set a certain threeshold level for all the monsters (including bosses), that they won't surpass, but still get full xp?

3) What is the meaning of the two following options?

> options for fixed quest and combat experience were added.

Does it mean that Wghost decided what amount of xp should I get if I enable them to make it coherent with her vision on how much xp I should receive, or that I will get the maximum experience without penalty?

> Disable quest levels: disables quest levels (none are shown in the journal) and related exp penalties.
???Mh? What does that mean????????

So can I activate these two options at once or..?
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Dec 5, 2010
^3) seems to fix your 1).

As for 2) you could turn off enemy upscaling if you don't want lower level enemies to scale up to you. Neither is a decent solution (ideally a drowner in white orchard should be about the same as a drowner in toussaint), although some balancing fixes to enemy upscaling could get it closer.
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Nov 9, 2015
so just tried, it is better then EE imo

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