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The next Elder Scrolls game mechanics

The Jester

Mar 1, 2020
Just shut the fuck up and buy his games, nerds.

He was in the chess club.

You sure about that?

Are you a heretic who says that God himself is lying?


Oct 19, 2018


Jan 22, 2019
- There will be no more guilds. Only one guild - Heroes of Tamriel. Anyone can join but only few become true heroes.

Everyone will be able to become a hero with their friends and family, by amassing hero-points, in the new, all-in-one guild with advanced online functionality and daily radiant quests!
Hire me Todd I got ur back.


Dec 28, 2018
RPG Wokedex
Your starting weapon will be a sword that shoots fireballs.

Equipment will be comprised of 2 items: weapon and armor.

All equipment in the game will scale linearly, like an 8-bit JRPG. Armor +1. Armor +2. Armor +3...

Differences between equipment types (ebony armor, glass armor) will be purely aesthetic.


Dec 9, 2011
I think you people underestimate their fanbase love for fun funzy Fallout 4 style perks. They also like character building, just as long as it's not very indepth. That's why all these open world games have all these RPG light elements. So some sort of combo of Skyrim and F4 would probably happen.


Aug 4, 2007
Was the case in Oblivion and one of the reasons I stopped playing. Bandits in full glass or daedric armor every at every crossroad, what the hell.

It was one of the reasons I never played Oblivion unmodded.


Oct 1, 2018
You will be given control of your own castle/fortress 30 minutes into the game as a reward for doing something really basic, and that will allow them to shoehorn in FO4's base-building with the player home to end all player homes.

You'll get totally badass weapons and armor from the start of the game, but with terrible stats. Then instead of finding weapons and armor as loot, you'll find magical shards that you can use to upgrade those badass weapons and armor as many times as you want. You'll also be able to buy magical shards as micro-transactions. These magical shards will be the sole form of progression, and you'll inexplicably get them for doing mundane actions like picking flowers and selling junk to vendors. Michael Kirkbride will be brought in for an afternoon to shit out some explanation for why the shards exist and how they work, and so players will defend the mechanic.


Todd Howard? Let me tell you about Todd Howard.

One time in mid 2012 I was so down in the dumps I was drinking myself into a liver killing stupor every day and if I wasn't drinking I was passed out in a ditch somewhere in the Bowery, NYC. Classes were going terribly, I was about to be evicted, the girl left me, it was all over. The bartender was hesitant to keep opening the bottles, but I insisted and even threatened becoming violent on multiple occasions. It was the nadir of my whole existence.

Then the door flew open with authority, such force in fact it crushed an old lady playing video poker right next to it. A tall shadow was cast but a short man was behind it. It was hard to see who it was at first with the city lights and all but from the gasp of the patrons and the sound of a pool ball accidentally being knocked over to the ground it was someone that was a big deal. There were many stools but he chose the one next to mine. I drunkenly lifted myself off the table and looked up and there he was... Todd Howard.

He took off his scarf, removed his travel cloak, and with a whistle his manservant scurried over to place a phonebook on the seat and offer his back as a human stepladder. Todd seated himself appropriately and sized me up. I never felt so small. He looked to the bartender and ordered, "Two Mike's Hard Lemonades. One for me, one for the sorry son of a bitch next to me." I was insulted so I slurred out, "ButthatsagirlsdrinkTodd." He laughed, took a sip, then coolly said, "Yeah, and the only bitch here is you." I was stricken, I was besmirched, I was verbally violated. I could only stumble out, "What do you know?" He stabbed back at me, "I know I made the best goddamn RPG of the year, of this decade and possibly of all time." I tried to mount a retort, "Youuu never worked on... [hic] Darklands..." but it was weak, it lacked conviction and Todd knew it. Based on how he kept sipping his fruity drink he let the embarrassment sink in for me before going on, "Look at you. Sitting here, reeking of urine, nowhere to go, nowhere to sleep, you lost it all. Just a year ago you had hopes and dreams and what? You let them get to you?"

Todd knew of my history, he knew why I hit rock bottom. I was defeated and shamed in the 1980s arcade game Joust only two days ago and it lead to all this. My high score was beaten, taken over by a balding Asian man who had the quickest fingers in the East Coast. Todd continued, "You know what I did when they told me Daggerfall was too big? That there was nowhere to go after Morrowind? How the radiant AI was too ambitious and would never work? Huh? Look at me you poor miserable bastard." He slapped me on the face, the entire bar looked on, it woke me out of my intoxicated daze and I was ready to throw hands. I stopped, Todd Howard already tensed and in a Greco-Roman stance that told me he was no ordinary developer. "I said, "who's the loser now." He dared me to try, I swung a left hook even Mr. Magoo could see coming. Todd smirked as though he was waiting his whole life for it and easily sidestepped and effortlessly performed a takedown that must have been of Sambo origin. Crashed and on my back, the deafening silence only broken by the distant groans of the old lady from earlier pleading for medical assistance. He stood over me, how could a man so short cast such a mighty shroud? Rather than gloat, he simply extended an open palm forward. "Get up." I accepted his invitation, being pulled back to my feet in one fluid motion.

"It's not about how we look when we win, but how we get up when we lose." He sounded like my high school soccer coach, was Todd Howard a shapeshifter? I didn't know, I couldn't dwell too much on it with the broken hip he had just given me. His manservant came over and wiped my face of dirt with a handkerchief before Todd Howard threw a wad of bottlecaps at the bartender for payment then looked me over. "I was like you once, kid." He reached into his pocket and produced a copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. "I don't do this very often... this was meant for some Make-A-Wish kid I was en route to meet but... what the hell. You got spirit." He thrust it out to me, I couldn't help but notice it was the PS3 version. I didn't even own a PS3 but I took it anyways. Satisfied, a smirk came to his face and he went to leave. At the door he stopped and looked back...

"You went down like a trash mob. Your name is Generic Giant Spider now."

He threw the door back open, killing the old lady who was at that point writhing on the ground, and off he went into the night. But holding that box, I felt power, I felt hope, I felt a new purpose forged for me. I am who I am thanks to Todd Howard. I owe him my life. I also owe him $20 because I pawned that consolized piece of shit game right after to buy cab fare.


Feb 11, 2016
Belgrade, Removekebabland
- Return of an attributes system, attributes are decided at character creation and represent your character potential, how much and how quickly he can advance in related skills. Attributes are for the most part immutable and the only way of increasing them is by receiving Daedric boons through quests. Receiving those boons has consequences for the main story and the character standing in the world.

- Skills have a hard cap determined by your attributes and a soft cap determined by your characters access to trainers and facilities. Mastering the highest levels of a skill (90+) is only possible for characters that pass heroic tests in the form of quests: taking possession of rare artifacts, finding and convincing the most reclusive teachers, hunting a legendary beast, procuring the most rarest and expensive ingredients, etc.

- The guild system is much more involved: guilds only take the most promising apprentices, e.g. the Mages Guild won't take characters with low Intellect and Willpower. Some guilds care for the fame/infamy of the character. A knightly order won't take a know Thieves Guild associate. There are ways for a character to gain access to some specific guild services in non conventional ways: bribes, clandestine contacts, reward from a specific quest, etc.

- Return of spellmaking and item enchanting.

- No world-cities transition, everything happens in one big open world.

Holy shit, this is the single most :fabulously optimistic: post I've seen on this website, and that's including the "TRUMP CAN STILL WIN!!!!1111" ones.

I envy and admire your spirit, sir. :salute:
May 6, 2009
Glass Fields, Ruins of Old Iran
- some redguard technique to compensate for no shouts, maybe weapon stances

- a ramming attack where heavy armor lets you tackle enemies (present in fo4 and was probably inspired by Skyrim mods). Make way for the thicc bois

- unique romances instead of a pool of eligible spouses with generic spouse dialogue; LGBT ones disabled in muslim countries without explanation

- crafting skills (enchanting, smithing, alchemy, etc) will not be separate, if you have the materials and associated perks you can make it. Which would be an improvement, because as of now if you don't go all out with the grind/cheese and make ridiculous OP stuff you might as well not bother, because loot is going to be just as good or better and you'd have skill points to spare.

- hardcore mode where everything kills you and dies in one hit; killcams will still be active because once again the guy that programmed those in will not playtest the game to see what happens when everything can be a finisher

- Fallout 3/4 aliens cameo to reveal that they were the Dwemer all along


The Magnificent
Jul 7, 2017
Make the Codex Great Again!
If they're smart they'll bring the complexity back, but keep it under the hood. Present the player with a few archetypes that automagically level. That way normies and journalists don't have to fuss with the underlying systems. But have an advanced option that opens everything up. Modders could then add custom builds, for players who want more variety but still don't want to fiddle with attributes, skills, etc. There's no reason everyone can't be happy.


Aug 10, 2005
Todd's target audience is people who just want to "100%" the game with the same character.

As opposed to what - "100%"-ing a modern bethesda game several times over? Why would anyone want that?


Jan 20, 2013
Lat O'J' Long O'J'
Ladders, Ladders and more Ladders...they have spent 10 years finally figuring out how to make climbable ladders, so of course the new Dragons will be...Snakes...

Skyrim ][ - Snakes and Ladders.


Game Analist
Apr 18, 2016
Nothing will be more complicated than what we've seen in Skyrim. Not one single system. If anything there will be less skills and perks e.g. pickpocket can be integrated into sneak. You're in for an unpleasant surprise if you think they've "learned their lesson" from Skyrim or Fallout 4/76.

Todd's target audience is people who just want to "100%" the game with the same character.

every single bethesda game lets you become a living unstoppable god and why you ever thought otherwise is completely baffling to me.

Hobo Elf

Feb 17, 2009
Platypus Planet
There will now be only one attribute in the game, and it'll be given a dull name like Power.

All skills and spells won't have any damage values of their own anymore. Instead they will simply do X damage multiplied by Power. The higher level the spell, the bigger the multiplier.

It won't matter if you use a Sword with high Power or a Staff, they'll all be equal for the magical or physical skill output. The only difference is that they'll give you a different larp.

Higher level areas will be gated off by Power. If you don't have enough of it then enemies in that area will simply be impossible.

There won't be levels anymore. Your Power will determine your scaling, and it'll be calculated based on the average power level of your equipped items.

All perks you gain will be from doing quests. This means that each time you roll up a new character you're forced to do the same quests over and over again, though some perks can be earned via trainers using gold.

Perks will again be little buffs that scale similarly to spells using Power as a value that gets multiplied to give you X amount more health, mana, stamina, or increase the multiplier values of your physical and magical damage scaling.

You won't need to grind Enchantment to 100 anymore to make it useful, but the enchantment values will be based on the inherent Power value of an item and the soul will be the multiplier.

There won't be any racials anymore.

Is this sterile enough?


Jun 7, 2020
Higher level areas will be gated off by Power. If you don't have enough of it then enemies in that area will simply be impossible.

Too restrictive.
You can go anywhere from the get-go, they will just be different skin of enemy depending of your own power.
Just like skyrim.


Feb 21, 2018
What I want

* No level scaling
* Races having big advantages and equally big drawbacks as well as flavor perks and abilities. NPCs with racial bias.
* Restrictive classes/guilds you so you won't be able to become a master at everything. Smaller guilds like a Necromancers guild that will be hostile to Mages guild. Non-combat oriented builds.
* More ways to role-play my character
* Cities with more than 5 people
* Mod support

What we'll most likely get

* Skyrim but warm
* Mod support

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