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elder scrolls

  1. Lemming42

    Anime Elder Scrolls FULL PACIFIST RUN (NO KILLS) (Arena/Daggerfall/Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim)

    Inspired by some discussion about the flexibility (or lack thereof) of the Elder Scrolls games in another thread recently, I thought I'd try to go through all the main games in the series with no kills. THE RULES: - No causing damage to another creature or NPC, whether through physical attacks...
  2. whydoibother

    Elder Scrolls TES Skyrim: A quick 20 hour restrospective

    Friendly reminder to take two days off, buy a six pack of Monster, and watch this monocled review I am just worried it says Act 1, so it might not be full single 20 hour video.
  3. Cryomancer

    Elder Scrolls How would Skyrim have been without the Decline caused by consoles?

    Here is how I think : Attributes will be part of the game. And impact the gameplay way more. Vampires will take sun damage as Daggerfall, Morrowind and late stages on Oblivion Cities will gonna be open like on morrowind hence levitation/mark/recal and other spells would exist You would't be...
  4. The next Elder Scrolls game mechanics

    Describe them. Here are some thoughts. - the main focus will be the three coloured rainbow (RGB) with other colours present in tge background - you will no longer be able to select an attribute pount upon leveling. It will be done automatically based on the skills youve been using - perks will...
  5. Arryosha

    Daggerfall "governing attributes" question

    I am looking for information on the relationship between attributes and skills in Daggerfall. I have seen this question asked many times on other forums, but no one seems to have an answer. I am hoping against hope that someone here happens to know. The the only thing the Daggerfall manual...
  6. Feargus Jewhart

    Why does Codex hate Oblivion so much?

    Oblivion is a classic. There is so much to do and such a big world that it is very liberating. With no real classes, you can do almost anything given enough time and training. The flora and fauna of Cyrodil is diverse and interesting. The graphics, at the time were quite impressive. I admit I...
  7. Oblivion first time modded or vanilla

    Yes, i am gonna play Oblivion. First time ever. Only ES game i've played was Morrowind. So wanna see the rest. I know what kind of shit is Oblivion, read it tons of times everywhere. I also compiled a huge modlist both for graphics and gameplay. For visual side they make the game prettier than...
  8. KickStarter The Wayward Realms - upcoming Daggerfall-like RPG from original Elder Scrolls developers - Kickstarter Live

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/oncelostgames/the-wayward-realms https://www.waywardrealms.com
  9. Steedless

    About the Big Total Conversion Mods like Skywind/Skyblivion

    I don't get the appeal of them. What's the point in porting a game to a newer version of the same flawed engine? It seems like a big waste of time and energy, especially so when Elder Scrolls VI eventually comes out, all just for the sake of novelty.
  10. Moonrise

    Modding TES Arena (and Battlespire?)

    After 25 years, Arena now has a mod in earnest--something more substantial than UI tweaks. I've been poking around in the dark, and this is the first fruit worth sharing. Description from the Nexus: Shrouded Past is an alternate start mod for The Elder Scrolls: Arena. It's designed to provide a...
  11. Jenkem

    Amazon lists placeholder Bethesda Softworks title for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    https://gematsu.com/2019/02/amazon-lists-placeholder-bethesda-softworks-title-for-ps4-xbox-one-and-pc how excited are Fluent and TemplarGR right now?
  12. HarveyBirdman

    TES Lore Thread

    The Codex does not have a thread dedicated to TES lore. I'm extremely disappointed, legitimately shocked, and frankly saddened that nobody here has thought to discuss TES lore in depth. Why disappointed? Because quality discussion has a home here, and this particular quality discussion has not...
  13. TemplarGR

    Elder Scrolls The appeal of Skyrim

    I was asked recently what i was that i really liked about Skyrim. Apparently many people misunderstand Skyrim here on this forum. I really think it is unfair that many people don't consider it an RPG, or consider it garbage. So i decided to start a new thread stating what i believe is the real...
  14. Iznaliu

    What do you think TES6 will look like?

    It is almost a definite fact that Bethesda wants to create a sequel to Skyrim, given how well that game sold; we have heard that they are working on it from a few sources, but we know little more than that given the amount of conflicting rumours around the place. It is also likely that they will...
  15. buru5

    HALT!! Daggerfall Thread!

    I noticed there hasn't been an active dedicated Daggerfall thread in awhile so I took it upon myself to make one for the greatest Bethesda game of all time. Just started a new game a few days ago and have been streaming it to a very small audience. This is my first time playing seriously in...
  16. Iznaliu

    If you could help design TES6; what would you do?

    Let's imagine you were hired by Bethesda as a consultant to help work on the mechanics of TES6 because "some external inspiration is needed" (i.e. they are in development hell) You cannot be fired short of killing Todd Howard, and your suggestions will be given weight but are still subject to...

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