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The Sims 4 and Skyrim are the same game



Time Mage
Apr 30, 2020
I'm very into cock and ball torture
Skyrim is the worst rpg I ever played, only because I do not consider Final Fantasy XV an rpg.
That game does literally not have attributes. All your stats are Health/Stamina/Mana/Armor/Weapon Damage.
Also its the rpg with the lamest and most uninspired magic I ever played. Spellcrafting is gone, enchanting went from powerhouse to +3% thunder damage, destruction is a bad joke and half of the noncombat spells get resisted due to level scaling.
To top it off it lost Oblivions only virtue, the way superior sidequest writing. I am convinced everyone on this board who enjoys Skyrim and doesnt have some mental deficiencies uses it as a porn game with loverslab or something like that.


Jun 13, 2019
I am convinced everyone on this board who enjoys Skyrim and doesnt have some mental deficiencies uses it as a porn game with loverslab or something like that.

I legit think people that got Skyrim for consoles (especialy Switch version) are mentaly retards because how you played such shitty game without at least 30 mods to change gameplay of that shit.


Nov 5, 2007
And the 3rd game in both series is better.


Jan 22, 2019
I can't imagine playing Skyrim without Requiem, SoT and 100+ more gameplay mods, for more than 10 minutes without getting bored to death. Even then, Sims 4 has more varied environments than Skyrim's uninteresting copy-paste dungeons.
Nov 23, 2017
(Makes even less sense Skyrim didn't do it) Like, just having the ability to do something like telling your character to stand in place and practice swinging their sword around; and during that time you can fuck around with the game's speed so you don't have to sit there and watch that shit in real-time.
You can pay the trainers. You can also attack training dummies to level relevant skills.

Yeah, but that's also not really the same either. That's still just working the same as if you went into the wild or something and fought enemies. I'm saying it'd be better if it also had training like in The Sims, or like Punch Club. Training where you aren't stuck in real-time manually swinging your weapon around, or just swimming around, running, and jumping around the map. If you did take that kind of gameplay loop The Sims has, and you had to manual raise all the skills in real-time it'd get pretty boring.

I do think taking that The Sims loop would be a really interesting thing for an Elder Scrolls (or just a RPG) to do. I mean, just little things like needing to eat and sleep would already massively change how you might approach a dungeon. Would definitely change how you think about going on long journeys between towns...unless they were so close together that didn't matter. Eating alone could do things like forcing the player into a position where they might have to steal, which could then mean you're in a position where you've got to kill some shop owner or town guard.

The speechcraft wheel in Oblivion did feel like a really bad simple take on how speech works in The Sims...which I've always kind of thought would be an interesting way to do speech in a RPG since the abstract nature of it means you can infuse it with all kinds of stat related things, and could have different languages for the character to learn.
The speechcraft wheel in Oblivion was the kind of idea that makes you want to see the author of it brutally murdered with a claw hammer.

As a basic idea I wouldn't say it's a bad idea. It's just not execute well at all. But if it'd been done exactly like The Sims, or somewhat similar, with the same amount of options, and with stats governing all your different types of interaction...it could have maybe been interesting. But yeah, it's a fairly stupid and simplistic system Oblivion has.


Feb 14, 2017

vota DC

Aug 23, 2016
- virtually identical skill system
- open world
- theme park slant - in skyrim you're picking up guilds, in sims it's aspirations, you can mix them as you like and everything is accessable from the start
- some ephasis on collectibles - in skyrim it's artifacts scattered in the world, in sims it's career rewards, in both cases these have little effect on the gameplay and exist just to give you something to do
- dollhouse aspect - in skyrim it's emphasized by house dlc and mod support, which I consider to be a core element of TES games design
- mod support!
Also both have the most elaborated Loverslab mods!

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