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The STEAM Sales and Releases Thread


Oct 5, 2012
Codex 2014
Dark and Darker, "An Unforgiving Hardcore First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure". I was very intrigued by systems they describe but very disappointed to learn this is free-to-play co-op only game.


An Unforgiving Hardcore First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure.
Unfathomable fortunes await the brave and the foolish willing to delve into the devastated depths of an ancient citadel. Band together with your friends and use your courage, wits, and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, defeat gruesome monsters, while staying one step ahead of the other devious treasure-hunters. Once you’ve plundered your riches, now comes the hard part, getting out alive. Find the hidden escape routes before the ever-expanding darkness reclaims your riches and your corpse to her irresistible hoard.


Irresistibly Classic
Dark and Darker aims to capture the wonder and awe of classic fantasy adventure games. We stand on the shoulders of giants and strive to pay respects to the traditions of the genre. We hearken back to the old worlds where danger lurks around each corner, but where courage and adventure are rewarded with untold riches.

Choose a role, party up!
Team up with friends and assemble a party to increase your chances of survival. Choose from a wide array of timeless fantasy roles and build the perfect three-person squad. Play as a brawny barbarian holding the frontlines while your sharp-eyed ranger friend fires arrows from afar and your merry bard sustains morale with a lively tune.


Unforgivingly Hardcore
Dark and Darker is a world of high risks and high returns. Explore a mystical underground fortress where the dangers are unrelenting and even the smallest misstep can result in death. Sound judgement reaps huge rewards, but death carries a heavy penalty with the loss of all your loot.

A focus on First-Person Combat
Dark and Darker strives for high immersion. Adventurers must use their eyes and ears like you would in the real world. Players must target, track, and aim against the countless challenges they encounter. We supply a wide array of close combat weapons that each have unique patterns to learn and master. Strikes to the head and back do critical damage. Knowing how to properly wield each weapon gives the player an edge to survive in this harsh world.


Old Magic
Magic is a powerful but unwieldy force in the world of Dark and Darker. Mastery requires long incantations, special skills, the right channeling equipment, and a tactical eye. Spells must be timed and aimed for maximum effect. For the magically uninclined, tinkering, knowledge of special equipment, and a little foresight can help level the field.

Comfort in the Shadows
The darkness is your friend in this unrelenting setting. Turn off lights and use the darkness to hide from foes or set up ambushes. If the tides of battles take a turn for the worse, blending into the darkness can lead to a stealthy retreat.


Discover hidden portals to delve deeper and deeper underground and uncover the most hideous monsters and invaluable artifacts. All the riches you collect are for naught if you can’t make it out alive. Find a rare exit before the dark swarm comes to collect your soul.


Future Fragments
Jun 19, 2015
Any rules against posting your own game in here? It's not on sale yet, but it will be sometime after launch.


Future Fragments
Jun 19, 2015
Looks like it's ok to link our own stuff then, so in the spirit of Steam Next Fest (although we were in the previous one, not this one);
There's a free demo of a full level of our game.
It's a NSFW game though, so warning in advance, and if you're in Germany, you won't be able to view it at all due to AgeID laws there.


Zionist Agent
Mar 9, 2019
Insert Title Here


Philosoraptor in Residence
Sep 30, 2009
Combatfag: Gold box / Pathfinder
Codex 2012 MCA Project: Eternity Divinity: Original Sin 2
Have any of you fine gentlemen actually tried pressing the Install button on the free copy of Ark, because that's the best laugh I've got on Steam this year! :D

I guess you're not used to being told that it's just too big to fit... :smug:

That file size is truly gross, what the actual fuck?


Apr 17, 2020
Just tried Warlordocracy, it seems cool albeit super clunky (yes I'm aware of Brigand: Oaxaca) but the pathing makes it nearly unplayable. Movement seems to be 8-directional but the player control character will apparently go to great lengths to travel the most inefficient route (and walking speed is sloooow), and if you have more than one party member they will continue to move forever at the destination you move to as if they can't figure out how to get around another character to get into their position.

I also got an error message when trying to save that said you can't save the game after failing a main mission objective. I had actually saved, then got killed in combat, then reloaded, and this happened. I really hope that this and the pathing get fixed, but I'm guessing there are probably a shitton more bugs since I only played for 10 minutes and encountered these massive issues... who knows what other turds are lurking throughout the rest of the game.


Oct 5, 2012
Codex 2014
For some reason Slave Zero (1999 anime-inspired 3rd person mecha shooter by Infogrames) gets a 2.5D side-scroller spin-off. Slave Zero X:


From the top of Megacity S1-9, the Sovereign Khan rules with fists of iron and flesh. Beneath the city’s rotting foundations, a vengeful warrior embarks on a journey to murder him. 4 years prior to the events of Slave Zero, Slave Zero X brings new life to a world where horrific, living machines known as Slaves are primed to become the latest tools of war in humanity’s long and bloody history. A secret band of warriors known as The Guardians hope to stop these biomecha from being unleashed upon the world, but one swordsman among their ranks has a different idea: use the enemy’s own weapon against them. By merging with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, Shou will become a furious Devil in pursuit of killing a false God.
  • KILLER COMBOS: Use swift swordplay, explosive ordinance, and stylish combos against an army of meat and metal.
  • DEATH FROM ABOVE: Air juggling, dashes, and frequent target switching allow for you to take down foes of any size while wall-jumping and platforming can help you outmaneuver your enemies.
  • FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE: Conquer mini-bosses, set pieces, and climactic 1-on-1 encounters that offer intense challenges against unforgettable villains.
  • STRENGTH IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL: Use the Training Room to hone precise and powerful moves to string together devastating attack sequences.
  • BATTLE TO THE BEAT: A 90s-inspired soundtrack features heavy Drum’n’Bass and funky industrial music that adds to the thrill of combat.
  • FEAST YOUR EYES: A unique visual aesthetic combines nostalgic 2D sprites with an advanced lighting system and stylized 3D environments.


May 25, 2016
Selaco seems like a huge incline, GZDoom, great shooting, interactive world and overall it looks like a game with a lot of effort put into it: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1592280/Selaco/
Metal: Hellsinger is great and the music is nice, but the performance is absolutely terrible: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1061910/Metal_Hellsinger/
Midnight Fight Express looks like a 3D sequel to Hotline Miami: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1390410/Midnight_Fight_Express/
SIGNALIS is exactly what I expected it to be, but it's somewhat empty, short and tries to copy Resident Evil / Silent Hill too much: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1262350/SIGNALIS/
Diluvian Ultra is kind of bad. Combat is really meh. I'd suggest staying away from it for now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1306970/Diluvian_Ultra/

I'll try to report in a few days if there will be something else worth mentioning.


May 5, 2012
90's style arcade beat em up with up to 6 player co-op.

Always down for a traditional point and click adventure

Another Redout installment dropped

Didn't realize Zorro was trendy enough to get a vidya game probably shit but thought it weird enough to highlight.
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May 5, 2012
Assuming everyone already has Alice Madness returns you can still get all the games they made worth trying since Grimm is still on GOG.


Mar 31, 2011
Bunch of Steam Fest Demos I tried so far:

Dreams in the Witch House: Pixel Point&Click, LMB to interact/use, RMB to look/inspect. Takes place in 1929 in Arkham Massachusetts, as a new student at Miskatonic university you rent an apartment in an old lodging house in town. There is a Sanity mechanic, certain actions decrease or increase it. It seems to be somewhat of a Survival RPG mixed with a P&C Adventure. You have Stats like Health, Sanity, Math or Occult and there are various ways to increase or decrease them. There are conditions, you can get Tired, Feverish, Injured, Cold etc. through certain actions or due to conditions outside, which affect your character. Time continues while you're exploring the world and jumps between Morning/Noon/Afternoon/Dusk/Evening/Night. There seem to be various ways to accomplish tasks, for instance one of your early goals is to get a Student card so you can borrow books. You can either buy a photo from a local photo studio and purchase one that costs like $4 together or get creative. A student lost hers the next day, you can find it, then either get a finders fee and maybe follow up on studying with her or cut out your photo from an old family photo and glue it on her student ID. There was also a point where your light bulb blew, you can either ask the landlady for another or wait for the right time to sneak into her room to steal one etc. Hard to tell how much the Survival aspect can make you screw up your playthrough. He was Starving, Feverish and Tired at the end there, but the game still continued with the story at the respective point and the Demo ended soon after.



Detained: Too Good for School: A Chinese? Beat'em'Up about some big-titted Animu chick wanting to get revenge on a gang for killing her brother. Eh. Normal/Heavy Attack, Dodge/Run, you collect money to buy Powerups by destroying objects. Lots of Combo and Special Moves to Unlock with XP like Double Jump/Aerial Attack. There's also weapons to equip with different move sets. You can juggle enemies. The movement feels a bit awkward. There seems to be an entire Management system to it where you can probably Upgrade your apartment, go on Raids at specific times etc. but the Demo is over quickly. It lets you Freeroam at the end of it though.


Jerry Wanker: Kinda Meh so far and hard to tell where it's heading with the short Demo. Art style is Okay but a lot of other things leave a lot to be desired, including interface, interaction, some Engrish text, Meh humor so far etc. You can tell it was made by a bunch of Russians and Eastern Yuros in a not necessarily favorable way. Only two interactions (Use and Look). It's not "Leisure Suit Larry", even though it desperately tries to be.

Ghost Song: Metroid-ish game where you inhabit a Robosuit called a "Dead Suit". Jump&Run, Shoot Arm Cannon with X, Aim with Left Trigger but it overheats after a short period, B is Melee to use while that happens. There are some sort of bugs and ghoul-like creatures that come in different variants with big arms or spikes doing different attacks and ghostly apparitions on the alien planet you're exploring that drop Nanogel you can use to Levelup your Skills when killed. There are Save points and Health packs you can pick up and use and you collect suit Modules from dead robots to improve your Damage and abilities. If you die or save you get returned to a Save point and the enemies (aside from defeated bosses) reappear. You drop all the collected Nanogel and have to fight your way back to it, if you die again they're lost. Pleasant enough painterly graphics, but it didn't blow me away. It's okay if you're looking for something like it. The Demo is rather expansive with a bunch of hidden bosses and weapon upgrades and other stuff to do, so you'll definitely get a good impression of what it's like playing it.



Loopmancer: High production values Cyberpunk Platformer taking place in "Dragon City" in 2046 where you play police detective Xiang Zixu (I think also by a Chinese developer), who loops back to life in his apartment if he happens to die. I didn't particularly like it, very hand-holdy and Tutorial-heavy Demo that skips vital story moments and interrupts gameplay with more and more Tutorial screens at the beginning. You have a gun, a melee weapon and throwables you can use to get through a level that's mostly linear and can only be traversed left or right and climbable shit. There's lots of hooks and terminals and some grates you have to use to go up or down though. You buy new weapons and upgrade them with "e-Coins" that drop from destroyable crates and enemies, you lose them if you die. The one thing where the game could stand out, combat is somewhat simplistic and not very satisfying either, you usually just melee enemies to death without them being able to do much most of the time. When the enemies get you it usually feels lame like getting overwhelmed or they used some sort of super ability you weren't able to dodge properly or you just ran out of health items towards the end of the level, since the game only gives you a limited number of them (2 by default). If you do die you have to restart the level from the beginning and it's slightly different, a not very fun and tedious mechanic. There's only one level in the Demo. Some of the artwork is pretty cool.



Wishlisted: Nothing really, a few things even flew off of it. Most interesting were Dreams in the Witch House and Ghost Song so far and they come close. There's not much that particularly stands out this time, but I still got a bunch of things on the list to try and some categories to go through.
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Oct 5, 2012
Codex 2014
From some reason Alice: Madness Returns is delisted from Steam again. https://store.steampowered.com/app/19680/Alice_Madness_Returns/

Not only Alice, every game Spicy Horse (McGee's studio at the time) made has been delisted.


Apparently they were accidentally delisted while delisting only Akaneiro.



Mar 31, 2011
The Spirit and the Mouse: Cute 3D Puzzle Platformer trying to channel a "Ratatouille"-like atmosphere. You play a Mouse in a quaint French town called Sainte-et-Claire possessed by an Electric Spirit Guardian that has to help humans now. Although there's not much "platforming" as such in the classic sense, since you can't jump but climb ledges and travel through electricity outlets etc. to solve Puzzles. You also collect Energy from glowing objects around you by zapping them and can use it to power certain things. You have to look for "Kibblins", small Electrical creatures to bring Power back to areas of the city. There are some Mini-quests you have to solve to help the Electrical creatures, so they agree to go back where they're supposed to and reactivate the electricity. As you travel around you create Shortcuts to traverse the level faster through electrical outlets you unlock or objects you manipulate.


Moons of Darsalon: Like a shitty zany Lemmings where you have to Micromanage the Lemmings every move. Their reactions are funny tho. Metacommentary the characters make are also kinda funny. After Level4 you get to shoot and remodel terrain. After Level5 you get to place ground yourself. Then Jet pack action. Surprisingly fun.


Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition: Never played the Original this is supposed to be a Remake for (Abe's Exoddus) so can't compare. Kinda shit that the Demo starts with a Trailer showing off the plaudits of Game Churnalists. Cool character design, very Tutorial and Action/Explosion-heavy at the beginning with lots of Popup Tutorials and blue Tutorial Terminals everywhere. Feels like playing a Michael Bay movie in parts: Sprint, run and jump to the right while things explode all around you and you're being shot at. Cutscenes are alright, not so sure about some of the voice-overs. Lots of Automatic Checkpoints and Popup Achievements when you just pick up stuff telling you about Silver, Gold or Platinum something. You progress by usually running to the right, jump or double-jump at times and loot containers. You extinguish fire by throwing water bottles, start fires by throwing brew bottles at fire and can extend it that way. During certain sections you have to wait behind a (chest high) wall till the machine gunners Pause their shooting, then run out and continue to the next bit. You can use Left Trigger to Astral project ("Chant") and look around a bit, you use the same ability to open some doors and possess enemies later and make them kill each other, stun them or explode them. Second Level seems more calm than the first, you Sneak by a lot of enemies with LB or set them on fire. Not sure what exactly, but something about the 3D presentation seems a bit off. Controls could also be more intuitive. Especially some of them like switching between and throwing different bottles by holding the Y button and moving the Left Stick up and down for instance. Disarming mines is kind of frustrating, since the timing is very tight and if you miss you have to Restart from Checkpoint. I don't really like the "Saving Mudokons" mechanic, even though I managed to save all 200 in the end. The Demo ends after 2 Levels. It made me think about (re)playing the old games again though instead of this.



Destroy All Humans! 2: Reprobed: An Open World Human disintegration/extermination Simulator taking place in "San Francisco"/Bay City in the 60s. You play Crypto-138, the most recent clone of an alien who has an unnatural interest in human females and disintegrate KGB agents and other riff-Raff after Russia blew up the Alien mother-ship. I quite enjoy the humor and it doesn't feel low budget like some of the Indies. You can Psychokinetically ragdoll and throw around humans, extract human brains or start forced dance parties. You can glide around on the ground using an energy skateboard and get a jetpack to fly through the air very early on. You can disguise yourself as a hooman and also read their minds with a Cortex Scan. If you stay in a body for too long you become kind of... off walking around like a Zombie ragdoll with a weird droopy face, and people will react in a surprised hostile manner to you. You can fly around in your flying saucer death-raying things or collecting hoomans for biological harvest and gene blending to upgrade your abilities. There's something weird going on with the texture/terrain loading especially in Cutscenes and the AI seems a bit off/a bit Cyberpunk-ish at times. There's times when NPCs just run into traffic to get run over and once entire lanes of cars in 3 directions built up for several blocks because some van got stuck in the middle of the road, some other times there were unexplainable agglomerations of NPCs in a Blob or close-by etc. You'll mostly be dealing with and murdering Hippies and KGB agents in the Demo. Made me want to try the Remake of the first game first and will probably pick it up next Sale. I'm guessing the reason these seem to have at least somewhat compelling characters and are moderately funny might have something to do with them being Remakes/graphical overhauls of games developed in 2005/06 respectively. There also seems to be a big booba KGB agent sidekick chick you can also see in the title screen in the latter part of the game called Natalya Ivanova we wouldn't find if the game was made today.



Library of Babel: Art style and feel of the game reminds me of Primordia a lot. You are playing a robot called Ludovik in a future technological society, the game is a Mix between Adventure and Stealth Platformer with mostly separate sections. You are a "Seeker" unit apparently on a mission to investigate some cult. You can run/walk/crawl and jump, he grabs on to ledges if you jump towards them. Your robotic mount has some sort of help and dialogue functions. During Stealth sections you gather a bunch of Crystals that let you respawn at close-by terminals you activate as Checkpoints if you screw up. You have to crawl and hide behind things like boxes or sacks to get past guards unseen, they glow green when you're "safe". It's kind of bullshit that they randomly turn around sometimes, usually in the least convenient moment, but the game gives you an abundance of crystals to retry and plenty of Checkpoints. There's also hidden passages with boxes and stuff in them. It's hard to tell what to think of it, the game seems intriguing, I like the art style, but the Demo is barely half an hour long, skips over the bits of exposition that would explain where you are and what you are doing there when they send you to meet the Matriarch and instead teleports you to a Stealth section, which abruptly ends in the middle.



Anyway, Platformers to the Rescue for at least providing some cool and varied experiences.
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