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The Witcher W3EE - Overhaul mod to TW3 that fixed everything that was wrong with vanilla game.


You're all shills
Jan 2, 2016
Eastern block
There is no mod which can transform TW3 from a single player MMO to something palatable.

Best you can do is hide the MMO UI and revert the color palette to the original one.


Apr 18, 2016
So now that I got nothing better to do, I decided to replay Witcher 3 with this mod. Honestly, this mod is starting to grow on me. Alchemy is fun thing to do, attack bending allows me to get behind shielded opponents, every sign has good variety of crowd control and the mod made me utilize all the things you can do in combat rather than do something specific.
I guess one thing I do hate with latest version is just how quickly you can kill people, I ended up lowering amount of damage I deal because I ended up nearly one shotting even Novigrad city guards. On one hand, I like it, but on other, I feel like instant kill mode should be earned from high adrenaline, Rend move or better sword than uncommon tier one.

Funnily, one thing I do like to do is to have sword with chilling effect, then combine it with aard to add another chilling effect so enemy is frozen for few seconds. Extremely satisfying on normal enemies as well as bosses when they don't get to lay down hurt for a moment.

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