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Wasteland Wasteland 2 reception discussion

Wasteland 2 in comparison to Fallout 1&2...

  • Sucks! It is nowhere near as good as Fallout 1&2!

    Votes: 26 17.4%
  • Some things it does better, but some things it does worse, so I cant decide which is better.

    Votes: 22 14.8%
  • W2 is overall a better game.

    Votes: 5 3.4%
  • Fallout 1&2 are better, but I don't think W2 sucks.

    Votes: 67 45.0%
  • You are not sea!!!

    Votes: 29 19.5%

  • Total voters


Apr 14, 2009
The game is good however it doesn't deliver an experience as tight as Fallout(s).

However I'm glad that the game was made and I look forward to Wasteland 3. It would be a shame not to be done.

And it never will. Fallout was exploration based while wasteland 2 is quest based. I felt like playing a MMO, where you go to an area and collect 10 wolf pelts or whatever. While in FO it all felt natural and I was interested in what I will find and to see what characters I will meet.

A free roaming exploration game with FO2 type city quests would be awesome. but I don't see it happening any time soon as Inxile is busy with a blobber and Obsi would not do it in a hundred years... Going to city and wasting 20-50 guys is not really that fun and entertaining as is skill based exploration.

You have a point but hopes tend to die hard.

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